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10 Best Lingerie Scenes From Films

Lingerie can be sexy, pretty, exciting, alluring and a major confidence booster for the wearer. What it most definitely is, is nice to look at. Plenty of film directors seem to agree with this, with more than a few film scenes focusing on a character giving us the opportunity to see what’s lying underneath their outfit. But what should you be watching to catch an eyeful of some of the best on-screen lingerie scenes? We take a look . . .

1. Joanne Whalley and Bridget Fonda in ‘Scandal’

The scene in question in Scandal – a film about the 1963 “Profumo Affair” that rocked the Conservative Government and contributed to a General Election defeat. Joanne Whalley and Bridget Fonda play Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies: two of the people at the centre of the scandal. This scene is one done with a great deal of taste and shows the two women clothing themselves in suspenders and garter belts, corsets and waspies, before finishing off their looks with short dresses and a few swipes of metallic lipstick.

Watch this link here to get an overview of the scene.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

2. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek in ‘Bandidas’

In this saucy scene Salma Hayek teaches her fellow bandida Penelope Cruz how exactly you should kiss a man to make sure he remembers you. Dressed in hot pink, busty corsets with bejewelled shoulder attachments, bouncy white frilly knickers and long gloves, this scene is a colourful display of some very pretty lingerie.

Image of Bandidas

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

3. Tim Curry in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has plenty of scenes that stick in the mind but that doesn’t make Tim Curry’s appearances in various lingerie styles any less memorable. Favouring fishnet stockings, elbow length gloves and tight, sparkly corsets, these lingerie scenes are ones to remember.

Image of Tim Curry in lingerie scenes

Image courtesy of orlandosentinel.com

4. Bad Moms

For a laugh out loud scene for many mums out there look no further than this scene in which the bra of choice for Mila Kunis’s characters is mocked by the other ‘bad moms’. Sometimes comfort takes precedence when you’re making bra choices, especially if you’re as busy as a single mum, but their comes a certain point when it’s time to put the nursing bra in the bin.

Image of Mila Kunis in Bad Moms

Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

5. Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge’

This film about a famous cabaret is fit to burst with ladies skipping about in various states of undress, with Nicole Kidman often being the focus of the camera in different styles of suspenders, basques, corsets and stockings.

Image from Moulin Rouge lingerie scene

6. St.Trinian’s

At St.Trinian’s school the Posh Totty clique are fond of floating around the school building, with immaculate hair and makeup and little else. In this scene Colin Firth’s character hides away in the dressing room of the three girls as they apply makeup clothed in a fantastic array of beautiful underwear. The lingerie featured in this scene ranges from french knickers to stocking and suspenders, balconette bras to maribou edged chiffon robes. Keep your eyes peeled for some lingerie inspiration.

Image of the Posh Totty girls

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

7. Emma Stone in ‘Easy A’

Emma Stone plays the lead role in Easy A, a film about a girl whose reputation is on the line after a lie about losing her virginity backfires dramatically. To fight back the bullies she counters their insults by wearing steadily more risque outfits, including a corset to school.

Image of Emma Stone lingerie scene

8. Kim Cattrall in ‘Live Nude Girls’

Live Nude Girls is a comedy film focusing on a sleepover as a bachelorette party held for Kim Cattrall’s character, Jamie. In this particularly funny scene, a half-naked Kim Cattrall is dragged along the floor holding onto her partners legs, wearing only a high-waisted pink satin all-in-one with fitted cups and a thong at the rear.

Image of Kim Cattrall

9. Mia Amber Davis in ‘Road Trip’

Plus-size model Mia Amber Davis wows in this scene where she seduces Kyle, played by DJ Qualls. Wearing nothing more than a leopard print lingerie set, she co-ordinates it with a matching headband.

Image of scene from Road Trip

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

10. Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’

Angelina Jolie has had her fair-share of near-naked scenes in films over the years but the scene in Mr and Mrs Smith, where she seduces a hit before successfully taking him out, meant she appeared on screen in a latex corset, hidden underneath a long trench coat.

Image of Angelina Jolie as Mrs Smith in lingerie scene

Image courtesy of uncovered.com

What lingerie scenes from films have stuck in your mind? Let us know in the comments.                                                         

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