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Underwear as outerwear

5 Underwear Products That Can Be Used As Outerwear

The underwear as outerwear trend is a style that never seems to go out of season and always popular with celebrities such as Rihanna, Cardi B and Lady Gaga. Wearing underwear on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean showing off your knickers. Even a hint of lace, sheer fabric or satin can spice up your outfit. If done properly, this trend will look sexy and classy. Here are five items from your underwear drawer that you can show off without feeling like a flasher.

1. Bralet

Rihanna wearing a bralet

Bralets or long-line bras can look beautiful worn as a top (as long as they aren’t sheer). Celebrities like Rita Ora and Rihanna love this look, and it is extremely versatile. For daytime, choose a sporty style that can be worn with jeans or joggers and a cool bomber jacket. Bralets also look amazing under sheer shirts and dresses- you can show them off without showing too much skin. Styles in lace or satin are more appropriate for evening and look beautiful teamed with pencil skirts for a feminine, sultry look. Worn under suits, they look androgynous yet seductive.

2. Lace body

Demi Lovato wearing a lace body

The thought of wearing a lace body as outerwear might not necessarily be the first thing to pop to mind when picking an outfit. They are see-through by nature and are quite revealing when worn alone. However, you don’t have to wear a lace body simply as a top. Try wearing one under a dress or strappy top so that it peeks out. This will create a look that is pretty with a hint of sexiness. Think about adding a plain bra underneath if the body really is too sheer! Demi Lovato adds femininity to her suit with this lace body. If you’re a bit more daring, pair a lace body with some fitted trousers or a skirt for a statement evening outfit.

3. Camisole

Kylie Jenner wearing a satin dress

Satin and silk camisole tops and dresses are always hugely popular. Kate Moss and Madonna famously wore sheer slip dresses in the 90s, starting the trend. It’s now come back around and is again a favourite look of many stars. Camisoles aren’t just suited to being evening attire, they look great with a plain t-shirt underneath and can be toughened up with some ripped skinny jeans and a leather biker jacket. Team a silky slip dress with a choker and some strappy heels for a killer evening look.

4. Fishnets

Lady Gaga wearing fishnets

If you want to add some sex appeal to your outfit without drawing too much attention, fishnet tights could be the perfect option. They show some leg while still giving coverage. Fishnets look particularly glamorous under pencil dresses and skirts. Lady Gaga loves fishnet and wears tights under denim shorts and stage costumes or dresses made from it. Alternatively, you could wear a fishnet style top over a bralet. This is a more grungey look and works well with leather, denim and checks.

5. Corset

Gigi Hadid wearing a corset

Corsets are seriously sexy to wear as outerwear, any outfit will ooze confidence. They sculpt the body, creating a tiny waist and accentuating the bust. Models Bella and Gigi Hadid are fans of corset tops and dresses and like to wear monochrome or nude colours. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a corset on its own, why not place it over a shirt and wear with tailored trousers and high heels? Dresses with built-in corsets will give maximum support and enhance your figure.

What’s your favourite underwear item to show off as outerwear? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

About the Author Gemma Curtis

Gemma is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry who loves vintage glamour and lace details.