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Woman wearing mask

7 Accessories You Can’t Forget When Dressing Up

Are you the type of person that just loves dressing up? Donning a costume can be fun, empowering, and spice up your bedroom antics. But, a costume without accessories is like a roast dinner without all the trimmings – just not good enough! We look at all the best bits you need to complete your outfit and items that can enhance your everyday lingerie.


Whether you’re going for sexy schoolgirl or a fairy-tale princess, every outfit needs a pair of stockings or tights to complete it. There are so many different styles, so choose one that compliments your costume in colour and design. Police outfits look great with fishnet stockings while many outfits have matching socks to finish the look. But, dressing up doesn’t always have to mean wearing a full costume. Pop on a pair of stockings with your favourite lingerie set for a sexy bedroom look.

Woman wearing bunny costume

Masks for dressing up

There’s nothing sexier than the mystery of a mask. Whether you want to just hint at hiding with a small lace mask, or go for full coverage with a faux leather hood, there’s a style for everyone’s taste. For something extra naughty, why not surprise your partner with a blindfold mask? Masquerade style masks are also beautiful and have the bonus of being easy to remove, so they tend to be more comfortable.


To add a touch of glamour to your outfit, wear some false eyelashes. You don’t have to choose a basic black or natural looking set. Costuming is all about making a statement. Eyelashes are now available in different colours, lengths, shapes and some even have jewels. This is a great way to enhance your makeup and add the wow-factor to your look.


A pair of sexy gloves will add decadence and class to your costume. You’ll be spoilt for choice as to which ones to choose. They come in a large range of fabrics such as satin, net and lace. You can choose whether you want them to reach your wrists, elbows or upper arms. If you are conscious about your arms or want to add a bit of mystery to your outfit, gloves are a fantastic idea. More is more with dressing up – the more you put on, the more you get to take off!

Woman wearing satin gloves


Hats and headbands can often be the iconic item of your costume. You wouldn’t see a cat without pointy ears or a pirate without a hat. Sometimes all you need is the headgear to identify what the costume is. The right hat or headpiece can make your costume go from average to amazing! Whether you choose a mini top hat, a big bow or a feathered headpiece, play around with styles that suit you and go with the best.


We wear jewellery every day, so why should our costumes be any different? The right jewels can enhance your outfit and give it an added touch of sparkle. Jewellery looks particularly good with lavish costumes such as historical costumes with corsets and flapper girl dresses. However, you can dress up any look by adding some glitz. Chokers and necklaces make a great statement.


For the ultimate transformation, a wig is a perfect answer. Long, short, curly, straight, natural or brightly coloured, a new wig will make you feel like a new woman. Just imagine dressing as Alice in Wonderland without the long blonde locks. It wouldn’t be the same! Wigs are so loved in cosplay because they are the icing on top of the costume cake.

Image of woman dressing up in wig

What’s your favourite costume accessory? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author Gemma Curtis

Gemma is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry who loves vintage glamour and lace details.

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