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7 Swimsuits to Prepare You For Summer

With summer approaching, we’re all starting to think about booking holidays and getting ready for the beach. Summer is all about fun, excitement and sun. With that in mind, we look at 7 different styles of swimsuits that should get you in the mood for your summer holiday.

1. Floral

This is a favourite theme that comes back year after year. From big, bright, tropical flowers to ditsy, pastel prints, flowers never go out of style. Bikinis are a particularly great way to wear this trend because if you don’t like a lot of pattern, you can keep it to either the top or bottoms. Find a colour that suits your skin tone and wear it with confidence.

Sparkling Strawberry floral bikini

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2. Monokini

If you are slightly self conscious about your tummy area, a monokini is a fantastic way to cover up. It works by connecting the top and bottoms by a strip in the middle which looks fun and modern. Although they offer more coverage, they still look super sexy as they give the same impression as a cut-out style swimsuit but with extra detail. They also come in so many different styles that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sparkling Strawberry monokini

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3. Nautical

Nautical is another style that returns every year. It’s perfect for summer because it makes us think of the sea and sand. This is a cute, retro style that suits all ages and body types. If you’re tummy conscious, choose a high waisted bikini or swimsuit. For slim girls wanting to add curves, there are bottoms with peplums to give the illusion of bigger hips. The best thing about the nautical design is that it never goes out of style. These designs will be suitable for any holiday as they are so fun and versatile.

Sparkling Strawberry nautical swimsuit

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4. High neck

This style of top is hot right now and has a sporty vibe. Don’t be deceived into thinking a high neck is not sexy. The fishnet or mesh details mean that they give a hint of flesh without showing too much. Whether you choose to go with multiple straps, metallic fabric or a zip up front, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons in this fashion-forward style.

Sparkling Strawberry high neck bikini

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5. Sleeved

Sometimes it’s good to break tradition and a sleeved bikini will look amazing next to tanned skin. If you’re conscious of your arms, this could be a great way to cover up without having to compromise on style. The crocheted arms also mean you won’t get too hot so you can relax by the pool all day. This style will also transition straight from the beach to the shops. Simply throw on some bottoms or a maxi skirt and you have a stunning outfit without even having to change.

Sparkling Strawberry sleeved bikini

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6. Vintage & Retro

This is one trend that never goes out of style, because it is already inspired by past eras. Taking looks from 50s pinups and Hollywood glamour, these swimsuits will have you feeling like a movie star. The designs are perfect for curvy figures as they accentuate the curves and give great tummy support. Accessorise with cat-eye sunglasses and sky high wedges for the perfect poolside outfit.

Sparkling Strawberry vintage style swimsuit

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7. Mix & Match

Instead of buying a swimwear set, why not create your own style by buying multiple separates that you can wear together? This will allow you to have lots of different bikini choices so you can have a new look every day of your holiday! It also means you can have a unique bikini that suits and fits you perfectly. Lots of women struggle having either a bust or hips that differ in size, making bikini shopping a frustrating task. With these separates, you can buy different sizes in shapes that flatter your figure. What’s not to love?

Sparkling Strawberry mix and match bikinis

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What swimwear will you be wearing this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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Gemma is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry who loves vintage glamour and lace details.

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