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An image showing a Santa hat

7 Unique Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas That Aren’t Sexy Santa

Christmas is swiftly approaching and with it the rise of many red suits with a white fur trim. As your event calendar builds up with festive fancy dress parties and merry get togethers, it can be difficult not to repeat your costumes. It’s even more difficult to attend a Christmas costume soirée and avoiding falling back into the generic sexy Santa outfit. So, if you fancy a bit of change this year with your seasonal dress up, follow our Christmas fancy dress ideas for festive inspiration and stand out amongst the crowd.

You can find all of the below Christmas fancy dress costumes here.

1. A Sexy Elf

An image showing an elf costume

A sexy elfin costume is the second most popular choice after Santa outfits. With green and red velvet and a hint of faux fur or ribbons, this costume is perfect to channel your mischievous and playful side.  Choose between elf costumes with hoods or hats and faux fur or bells to help you jingle all the way.

2. A Polar Bear

An image of a polar bear costume

Perfect for a Winter Wonderland party, a polar bear costume helps fight off the chills. On top of that, you no longer have to worry about somebody wearing the same costume as you, as the polar bear is truly unique. Coming in a cosy dress with a hood the polar bear costume is an adorable alternative.

3. A Candy Cane

An image showing a candy cane costume

Another big contender from Santa’s workshop is the candy cane. As a light-hearted and funny costume idea, the candy cane is easy to pull off and screams Christmas cheer. Available as a hooded dress or a top and shorts, this one will make you stand out amongst the sea of sexy Santas.

4. A Penguin

An image showing a penguin costume

Paired well with the polar bear costume, the penguin costume is great for some frosty fancy dress throughout all of winter, not just Christmas time. The super cute penguin costume features black and white velvet with pink satin bows and additional mittens, just in case it gets extra chilly.

5. A Snowman

An image of someone in a snowman costume

Whether you have a white Christmas or not, a snowman costume never goes amiss. Available as a dress, a romper or even a bikini, there’s a snowman costume for Christmas parties of all formalities. Each costume is even accompanied with a hat with your very own carrot nose.

6. A Reindeer

An image of a reindeer romper

If you opt to be Dasher or Dancer or Prancer or Vixen, or even Rudolph himself, a reindeer romper is a cute and festive alternative to Santa. It’s also one that your group of friends can do together, each choosing to be one of Santa’s eight reindeers!

7. A Christmas Angel

An image of an angel costume

Last but not least on the list of Christmas fancy dress, is a Christmas fairy or angel. This can incorporate tinsel and wings to create an innocent and sweet look for any Christmas party, no matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year.

Which one of these Christmas fancy dress ideas is your favourite? And are there any good ones we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author Jess Kadel

Jess is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry who likes to dabble in eccentric fancy dress and hunting down the perfect seasonal costumes.

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