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8 Swimwear Styles of 2017 You Need to Try for Your Winter Break

When winter comes around, chances are the last thing you’re thinking of is sporting a bikini around a beach. However, there’s no better time to escape the cold and the woolly jumpers by taking a holiday during the winter months. So, taking inspiration from Miami swim week back in July, we look at 8 new year swimwear styles of 2017 for your winter break.

1. Cut out sides


First and foremost, spotted all over the catwalk were one-pieces with strategically placed cut outs.  This type of swimwear is ideal for those who want to look stylish, without showing too much of their body. Fashion stylist Ali Call in an interview with Bustle states ‘cut-outs, which were prevalent at Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang, continue to reign supreme, and the swimwear market is fully capitalising on this trend with both symmetrical and asymmetrical cut-out versions available this season.’

Find this swimsuit here.

2. High neck bikinis


Next on the list is a bikini with a high neckline. The high neck bikini has overthrown the typical triangle bikini and made a prevalent appearance during swim week. While this style may look a little more conservative than the triangle bikini, there’s still a lot of room for vibrant patterns or colours to show off your personal style.

Find this bikini here.

3. Metallics


Like last year, metallic swimwear is still very popular and does not have to be gold, silver, or bronze. For a little variety, opt for metallic with a hint of colour, for example a tinge of lavender or pink will remain stylish throughout springtime. We have lots of coloured metallic swimwear available, so you can be sure to find a shade to suit your skin tone.

Find this bikini here.

4. Tassels

While they may not be the most practical addition to your swimwear, tassels add a playful look to any bikini or swimsuit. Thus, why they were all over the catwalk last summer. Fashionisers.com adds that ‘If you like having additional ornaments on your summer 2017 swimwear, wearing the garments not just to swim in but to enjoy walking about as well, then you might want to consider adding in some tassels and a whole lot of party fun.’

Find this flirty number here.

5. Ruffles


Similarly to tassels, ruffles are one of the achievable and easy 2017 swimwear styles. They create a retro and playful look, they are also a clever way of concealing any lumps and bumps you may not be comfortable with. The ruffles can consist of a small detail around the neck or a fully ruffled bikini bottom. Wear by toning down with block colours or create an even more fun and feminine look by opting for bright prints.

Find this bikini here.

6. Super strappy


Sixth on the list is the super strappy bikini or swimsuit as swim week saw designers incorporating multiple straps mainly into their bikini tops and bottoms. While this trend is super fun and easy to achieve, beware of all the many tan lines you could get if you forget to put sun tan lotion on.

You can find the above bikini here.

7. High Waisted Bikinis


As well as the high neck bikini, the high waisted bikini is also on trend this year. This is a fun way of channelling a classy and vintage look, while also covering up any problem areas you’re not happy with. Get creative this year by finding high waisted bikinis with abstract prints or floral patterns.

Find this bikini here.

8. Plunging Swimsuits


Last but not least on the list of 2017 swimwear styles is of course the plunging swimsuit, which has become a staple in swimwear fashion. This year the necklines got lower, from above the waist to below the bellybutton and it seems if you want to take the plunge, the deeper the better. Fashionisers.com claims ‘it is one of the sexiest summer 2017 swimsuit trends on the runways these days and will certainly be all the rage at the beach.’

Find this swimsuit here.

As well as the above swimwear styles, don’t be afraid to experiment with other beach accessories. For example we have a variety of beach dresses and fishnet dresses to give you some glamour while on holiday!

Which of these 2017 swimwear styles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


About the Author Jess Kadel

Jess is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry who likes to dabble in eccentric fancy dress and hunting down the perfect seasonal costumes.

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