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A to Z Enhancing Your Assets - Superwoman

The A to Z of Quickly Enhancing Your Assets

There aren’t many people in this world who are absolutely perfect – and frankly, anyone who claims to be can be filed under either ‘A’ for annoying or ‘F’ for faking it. However, the tips and tricks that we can all use to make the best of what we’re born with are as easy as A, B, C. Who needs natural beauty when you can be a clever cutie with smart lingerie choices? You don’t need to be Superwoman. Just put a bit of thought into how to express your most gorgeous and sexy self and the results will cause more than a few ripples. Here’s a handy A to Z to inspire you.


No, I’m not quoting Father Ted, I’m talking about your beautiful behind, your ravishing rump. Adorn your bottom with the right pair of panties and sometimes, the rest takes care of itself. Sexy thongs or g-strings will bring out the sex-kitten in you, or perhaps you should be more playful with boy shorts, or a cute bow detail. The mysterious coverage of a pair of retro panties can also set pulses racing. How about taking your derriere to the next level with this useful bum baring advice.


Wearing the right bra for your body shape is important. Make sure you get measured properly, then use this handy guide to pick the best bra for your boob shape.


Cami tops and camisoles make cute and sexy under and outerwear. And whether you are full figured, or more petit, that hint of ‘what lies beneath’, as the beautiful material gently falls over your tremendous torso, can really do the trick.


Sometimes you just have to go all out. If you really want to bear all, then why leave it to lingerie – how about an amazingly daring dress?


The right shape under your clothing can make a world of difference to your figure. I’ve mentioned bras already, but the right bra or basque for your boob shape is essential. Think about lingerie that may nip in and accentuate your waist – maybe a gorgeous corset would do the job? If you want to hide some lines and bulges, you should consider shapewear, or perhaps a great thong or g-string if you’re wearing thin trousers and don’t want that VPL.


Still one of the sexiest materials out there. And it’s not just about the stockings, you can get fishnet dresses, bodystockings and many other lingerie items. The only question is ‘how far do you want to go?’


Sometimes a g-string is a useful item banishing knicker lines under thin clothing. However, alongside its pal, the thong, it can also be a red-hot addition to the bedroom. G-strings are far from boring designs, there really are a plethora to choose from.


Kylie really ‘spun’ these essential sexy items back into the mainstream. They’re fun, they’re available in every colour under the sun and hot pants will always get a reaction.


Maybe you really want to stand out and flaunt your very individual style? You could perhaps go for something incredibly colourful, like hot pink or magenta lingerie, or perhaps pick an item of clubwear that only the most outrageous would consider. A truly scandalous dress may be right up your street.


No, I’m not suggesting a skydiving course – lingerie or clubwear jumpsuits are a very different kettle of fish and a lot sexier too. Skin-tight, metallic, lace up or cutaway. There are plenty to choose from.


Choose kinky boots or kinky lingerie or both. Kinky boots are really an old stalwart, aren’t they? But they still work their magic marvellously well. Plus, an amazing pair of knee or thigh-high boots can make you feel like an Amazonian queen. Kinky lingerie awakens your playful side – and your partner’s too. Choose someting strappy, transparent or wet look.


Leopard print lingerie is always fun  and available in so many different items. From bustiers and petticoats to bikinis or gloves, you can flaunt your inner wild cat so easily!


Don’t be scared of this very clever and very sexy fabric. Usually, mesh will reveal a bit of what’s going on underneath, but when it’s made into bras, panties, babydolls and even dresses, it can be super sexy.


It’s an oldie but a goodie. The negligee is still going strong for a reason – it’s cute, sexy, classic and comfortable.


If you’re enhancing your assets poolside, then don’t discount a good old-fashioned one-piece. There are some cute and sexy one pieces, bodysuits and monokinis available that give tantalising glimpses of your fine figure, without doing a full reveal on your torso. Take a look at some other great swimsuit suggestions here…

P) PJs

Think about your PJs or sleepwear, some may say ‘what sleepwear’? And of course, you may choose to forgo it. But if you want to make a different kind of impact between the sheets, then maybe investigate some sexy sleepwear – something a little more thrilling than your comfy PJs.


Yes, you are in charge and with the right lingerie and clothing choices you can be queen of your own romantic landscape. You can of course have a bit of fun and find an actual queen outfit. How about a sexy queen of hearts – you probably won’t be surprised to learn there are a lot of these to choose from!


Tantalise and tease with a promising glimse of hidden treasures. From low cut dresses to strappy or transparent cut-out dresses; reveal a little or a lot – you decide.


A side slit dress is a tried and tested attention grabber, especially with a long dress that otherwise covers you. Side slit dresses create mystery, with just enough revealed to inspire the imagination. Latest styles include mesh covered slits, chain linked slits and slits that extend far beyond the traditional side slit.


While your bottom and boobs may be considered the big sellers, don’t forget your gorgeous thighs. Adorned correctly, they can be an amazing and sultry asset. Investigate stockings, or maybe thigh high boots. Perhaps you could go for a thigh-skimming lingerie dress? Here’s a handy guide on how to wear those stocking and suspenders.


Fun, fun, fun. With the right partner, dressing up can be alluring, inspiring and hugely entertaining. And uniforms always look fabulous. Policewoman, Nurse, or French Maid – a wonderful world of uniforms awaits.


Vintage style is always a winner and quite often has a beautiful way of accentuating your body shape. Investigate retro swimwear (bottoms look great in high-waisted bikini briefs) or perhaps a classic, retro lingerie set?


This material is definitely one for the lingerie wearer who wants to sizzle. Wet look material is used for all types of lingerie. It’s suggestive of PVC or leather and clings to the body. If you really want to show off those assets, there’s a wet look lingerie set for you.


By day, you may be a goodie two shoes, but let’s focus a bit on the night. There are some very raunchy lingerie options out there. If you want to introduce the truly wild into your love life and not only enhance your assets, but your relationship, then why not try life in the lingerie fast lane? Bodystockings, crotchless panties, caged mini-dresses and a whole load of erotic and exotic playwear and extremely naughty accessories are available if you wish to investigate!


You are truly the best judge of what enhances your assets. After all, YOU know them best. Do what feels comfortable, but don’t be afraid to take a step into something a little new – you may well love it!


Lingerie design takes inspiration from the animal, vegetable and mineral. I don’t recall seeing lingerie or costumes based on Aardvark but Beaver– yes! Zebra too; from zebra print bodystockings and body suits through to zebra fancy dress outfits. So, be brave, experiment and try out new things. There’s so many more ways to enhance your assets than you might have imagined.

About the Author Isla Torsten

Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.

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