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Alternative Valentine’s Date Ideas For The Modern Romantic

Valentine’s day is not for everyone. The shops are packed with cards, balloons, teddies and chocolates and some people do buy their loved ones expensive gifts or Valentines lingerie. But what about the people that think it’s a waste of time? If you’re one of those that rolls their eyes every 14th February, you’re not alone. We’ve put together some alternative date ideas for how you can spend time with your loved one this Valentines Day.

See live music

This doesn’t have to be a big pricey concert. Small local venues often have band nights or open mic nights where you’ll be able to see some really good unsigned artists. You might even end up finding a new favourite band. You can find listings by looking at your local newspaper website or on the venue sites. Skiddle is also a great site which has the facility to search for gigs, shows and events in your city of choice. A study conducted by Royal College of Music found that seeing live music lowers the body’s level of cortisol. This is a hormone that makes us feel stressed. So, seeing a band with your beau may just be the key to happiness!

couple at a concert

Visit an arcade

Now, you might be thinking ‘I’m not a child!’, but amusement arcades are a great place to have fun indoors. You can probably expect some sort of rain or bad weather on Valentine’s day, so it’s a good idea to choose an indoor activity. Healthy competition is good for building your relationship and getting to know each other better. An article on TheSurge explained that competitive couples often compete as a team and ‘can offer each other a tremendous amount of support and encouragement, not only in success, but in failure as well‘. Plus, it’s a chance for you to share your childhood stories and have a lovely nostalgic afternoon. A lot of arcades are situated in seaside resorts, so on the off-chance that the weather is nice, you can walk along the promenade and share a bag of chips. Cheap and cheerful!

arcade machine

Brunch date

Instead of the usual date ideas, why not go on a brunch date? Brunch has a more chilled vibe and gives you a chance to talk whilst enjoying some amazing breakfast/lunch foods. Many restaurants now offer brunch menus, including ‘bottomless brunch’ where you can eat and drink all you want for an agreed price. And the best part about brunch? It’s socially acceptable to drink prosecco midday! If you want to go for a more personalised option, you could make brunch in the comfort of your own home. Choose your favourite foods, get a nice tablecloth, lay it all out and dig in. For an even more casual morning, invite a couple of friends and make it a brunch double-date. BBC Good Food have loads of amazing recipes to help you create the perfect date.

brunch food

Murder mystery evening

For something a bit more outside the box, you could attend a murder mystery evening. It’s a chance to star in your very own ‘Whodunnit?’. These nights usually have a theme and you are sent a character and a brief story before the event. During the night, you are required to play your role and also try to figure out who committed the crime. You also usually have to dress up as per the theme. This could be a really fun way of socialising, as well as a chance to role play. It will also probably be the most interesting 3 course meal you’ve ever had!

murder mystery evening

These are just some suggestions for couples wanting to step away from the stereotypical picture of what couples are expected to do on Valentine’s Day. However, sometimes there really is nothing better than a bouquet of roses and a glass of wine.

How ill you be celebrating Valentine’s day? Let us know your date ideas in the comments below…

About the Author Gemma Curtis

Gemma is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry who loves vintage glamour and lace details.

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