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A Beach Babes Guide To The Best Swimwear Trends This Summer

We may still be feeling a little raw after our beastly winter and summer may feel like a thing of fantasy rather than actual reality – but as the clocks go forward and spring bursts into bloom, we’ll soon be day dreaming about that all-amazing summer holiday and studying this year’s swimwear trends. Who knows, we may even get a little sun at home too (or is that just wishful thinking?).

Arctic blizzards be blowed – if you’re looking to turn heads in stunning swimwear this summer – then better get preparing. 2018’s swimwear trends are here, and this year is set to be a knockout. We’ve compiled the best bits, to show you how you can wow poolside this season…

Belted Babe

As far as swimwear trends go, this one is a corker – there is possibly nothing more flattering than a belt. Waist-cinchingly fabulous, they look good on almost any figure. From thin draw string ties, to soft twists or a thick contrasting belt, they are designed to pull you in and draw attention to that womanly waist. From slinky one-piece swimsuits to sexy bikinis and even retro styles, there is really something for everyone.

Solid & Striped

Bold and distinct patterns continue to dazzle this year with spectacular stripes and contrasting colours. There’s a hint of the ‘All American Babe’ with the reds, whites and blues forming a popular choice for many too. Easy to dress up, or dress down, this style looks fantastic whether you are lounging poolside or catching up with friends at a beach café. Chic, classy and utterly fabulous.

Textured Touch

Over recent years we have seen many more textures come to the fashion forefront for swimwear with velvets, matt textures and ribbed fabrics all playing their part. This year, texture has taken off even more, with much more play (attention) on the detailing. From netted styles, luscious lace and even the most intricate crochet detailing, this textured touch gives an almost romantic and nostalgic feel to swimwear.

Tie Me Down

Knots, ties and twists are a key frontal fashion statement this season. It’s not just about small and strappy bikinis anymore however, frontal ties, knots and twists form a much bolder feature. From flattering twists and knots that pull you in at the waist, to feminine frills and bows on a tropical bikini, you can really go to town and get knotted this summer.

Tropical Twist

If there was ever a time to ripen your bananas and pop a cherry on your suit – it’s now. Summer prints, fruit suits and any thing tropical is an absolute favourite this season. Flamingoes (Flamingos), lemons, rainforests – you name it, there is a little Tropicana everywhere you look. Swimwear doesn’t have to be serious, have a little fun and bring the sunshine with you.

Romantic Ruffles

There is a touch of the romantic this year with feminine details such as ruffles, frills and appliqué. Extremely whimsical in nature, and totally beguiling, you can really captivate poolside with these enchanting ruffles. It is definitely the style to find your prince charming in.

Hey Cheeky

This season, there has never a been better time to show a bit more booty as swimwear becomes all-the-more revealing. Whether you prefer one-piece swimsuits over bikinis and tankinis, it still doesn’t mean we have to cover up. Oh no, scooping necks, plunging backs and revealing sides are all key fashion statements with swimsuits and monokinis. As for bikinis, straps and thongs have never been more popular. Time to have a little fun, be confident – and get cheeky!

Sporty Spice

If frills and flamingos aren’t your thing, fear not – sporty swimwear is a gamechanger this season, mixing the fitted and functional styles of previous years with the sex-goddess “Call on Me” video-esque styles straight out of the 80’s. High leg bottoms, and high halter neck (sports bra-like) tops proving firm fashion favourites. However, I would personally say that these sporty tops probably need to come with their own Boob Warning – best for ladies with a smaller cup-size. If you’re bearing a bigger boob, perhaps choose the one-pieces or tankinis instead?

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