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teacher or student roleplay outfit

The Best Bedroom Roleplay Ideas For Naughty Girls

Have you ever imagined yourself as the lead of a movie or wanted to be someone else for a day? Come on, we’ve all been there. From an early age we have been dressing up, playing up and racing round in pretend games of superheroes, doctors and nurses or mums and dads. Well, that was just innocent fun. It’s time to drop the innocent bit and see what other type of fun we can get up to and which bedroom roleplay ideas excite you.

Role play is an amazing way to re-enact your wildest dreams and flirt with your fantasies. It’s a bit of fun, where you and your partner (and others if you like) can let your hair down and turn yourselves on with some seriously sex-related bedroom roleplay entertainment. It only has one limiting factor – your imagination.

What turns you on?

If you’re new to the world of sexual fantasies, then start slow. Think about what turns you on, what are your most private kinky thoughts? Where do they happen, what is the scenario, and how and where can you bring those to life? Perhaps you are the newbie in the office finding out just how ‘big’ your boss is… or perhaps the nurse’s examination is just a little bit higher than it should be. Whatever your happy ending might be, I guarantee your partner will have their own fantasy flirtations too, so why not share them together?

naughty schoolgirl

Drawing blanks?

It isn’t always easy coming up with a roleplay idea that you both like, or you might not know where to start. If you’re drawing blanks when it comes to ideas, there are plenty of timeless themes that seem to be ever popular. From naughty school girls to captivating coppers, there are so many sexy scenarios that you can deep dive right into. Here are my top 10 bedroom roleplay ideas to really turn you on…

1. At the Office

It’s late at the office. You close down your PC and make your move to leave but get called to the boardroom by your boss for a ‘quick word’. She’s hot. Too hot. You’ve dreamt of all the things that you could do to her but shouldn’t. She wants to run over some paperwork that you submitted earlier that day. Leaning over, she points out her expectations of the project at hand. Before you’ve had chance to highlight your extensive proposition, she is deep diving between your legs for a little side project of her own… Well she’s the boss – better do as you’re told.

Sexy Executive Bedroom Costume

Costume: Take control in the boardroom with this Sexy Executive Bedroom Costume Set by Dreamgirl – glasses and tie included – but all clothing optional!
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2. Saucy School Girl

Its afterschool and you’re stuck supervising detention. She’s here with her ridiculously short skirt waving her legs under the desk in front of you. You’re supposed to be marking coursework as she scribbles lines… “I must not be a bad girl” over again, but you just can’t help but stare as her legs open and close, teasing you with a wry smile on her face. “I think I need closer supervision” she says with her hand sliding between her legs. You know exactly what she means, but it’s so wrong… so wrong it’s almost right, right?

Sexy Schoolgirl Bedroom Costume

Costume: Things couldn’t get cheekier than this Sexy Schoolgirl Bedroom Costume from Mapale
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3. A-Maid-ing

You’re staying at a large country mansion hotel for your friend’s wedding. It’s late in the afternoon and you slip back to your room for a quick change. As you open the door, you’re surprised to find a salaciously clad maid bending over your bed puffing your pillows. This is too good an opportunity to miss, so you experience the best room service you’ve ever had.

Frisky French Maid Body Set

Costume: This Frisky French Maid Body Set by Chilirose is seductive, salacious and seriously sexy, there isn’t much left for the imagination!
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4. Night Nurse

You’re in hospital with a broken ankle. Leg raised in the air, you’re stuck in bed unable to move. Lights out, all is quiet on the ward, except for the sound of footsteps of that hot nurse you spotted earlier, doing her rounds. You’re turn, she slips to the side of your bed to do your observations, “well now, your heart is racing faster than it should be, do you feel your blood pulsing anywhere?” You can feel your blood pulsing somewhere alright. Ever attentive, she observes you much more closely, slipping her hand between the sheets for some serious night nursing…

Naughty Nurse Roleplay Teddy

Costume: This seductive Naughty Nurse Roleplay Teddy from Leg Avenue makes for a serious night nurse – just don’t forget your stethoscope!
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5. Perky Princess

Tale as old as time… this Beauty is stuck in her chamber of an enchanted castle, trapped by a Beast who is vicious and cruel. A brave knight, you have crept into her room to save her, but there she lies – scantily clad – asleep on her bed. You really should rescue her and get away from the beast before he comes in and finds you, but you just cannot resist. Kissing her body she rouses from her sleep to arouse something else. This story definitely has a happy ending.

Mademoiselle Princess Lingerie Set

Costume: Tame your beast in this Mademoiselle Princess Lingerie Set by Mapale, inspired by Beauty.
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6. You’re Busted!

It’s the middle of the night and you’re on the take. You’ve broken in. A passing police woman hears something suspicious and catches you red handed in the action. “Stop right there” she yells, bending you over and handcuffing you from behind. She takes complete control and shows you what a naughty robber you are… your punishment is very long and very hard.

Fishnet Cage Police Bodysuit Set

Costume: This erotic Fishnet Cage Police Bodysuit Set from Mapale is all you need to take complete control of your suspect!
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7. Feisty Felines

Impish and wild, its time you tamed this perfect pussy. As she crawls on all fours mewing at your feet, its time she did as she was told – a good little kitty. Who knows, if she behaves well, she may get a reward, but if she is naughty, then you’ll have no choice but to punish her too. Let’s see if this feisty feline is going to be naughty, or nice…

Sexy Kitten Fantasy Outfit

Costume: This Sexy Kitten Fantasy Outfit from Escante will make for a great feline fantasy.
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8. Superheroes

She’s everyone’s hero, but no one knows what lies beneath that slinky disguise. Just who is she? Time for some serious investigation. Your sexy siren superhero has flown by to say hi. Will your superhero be just as super in bed? What lies beneath that costume of hers? And will she show you her super powers? Who knows…

Crime Crusader Superhero Costume

Costume: This sexy metallic Crime Crusader Superhero Costume from Dreamgirl is inspired by all things ‘marvel’-ous.
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9. Flying High

Flying 37-thousand feet in the air isn’t much fun, but when the air steward is as hot as this one, it certainly has its bonuses. She bends over to serve your drink and whispers, “is there anything else I can do for you?” with a salacious smile on her face. You follow her to the rest room and find yourself joining as the newest member of the mile-high club. Now that’s first class!

Sexy Stewardess Suit

Costume: Offer the best in-flight service wearing this Sexy Stewardess Suit from Obsessive.
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10. At the Gym

You’ve just finished your workout. Hot and sweaty, you can’t wait for a shower. You run into the changing room to find a scantily dressed girl bent over the bench post gym workout. With her smooth skin glistening with sweat, she slowly turns to see you. “Sorry, am I in the wrong place?” she coyly asks, holding her hands over her wet t-shirt to hide her buxom breasts. Wrong place, right time… you head into the shower together to enjoy a post-gym workout under water.

Foul Play Referee Costume

Costume: This Foul Play Referee Costume by Dreamgirl is cutesy, innocent and completely scandalous, perfect for some team bonding!
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Hopefully some of these bedroom roleplay ideas have got your creative ‘juices flowing’… have fun fantasising!

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