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Woman wearing striped Christmas Stockings

The Best Christmas Stockings And Tights For Festive Legs

It’s Christmas time, the decorations are up, and Santa and his elves are busily preparing presents for under the tree. But if you are more interested in some salacious Christmas stockings and cute Christmas tights than the garishly over-sized ones hanging by the fire – you’re in for a real treat.

For the ultimate in seasonal sexiness, festive stockings are a must, and Sparkling Strawberry’s collection of hosiery is the ultimate complement to your winter wears. From elfish to audacious, saucy to down-right sexy – your choice of perfect pantyhose is pretty much endless.

Whether you are looking to complement an outfit for the office Christmas party, or offering yourself up on a Christmas sexy platter to the all-important person in your life, have fun choosing your own style of stockings and tights.

Season’s Greetings

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little fun would it, and this ho-ho-hoisery is simply splendid to add a bit of colour. Dress up as one of Santa’s cheeky elves with some Buckle Topped Striped Stockings, look good enough to eat with the Candy Cane Christmas Tights or adorn your legs with risqué Rudolf Reindeer tights, all from Leg Avenue.

Buckle Top Green White Striped Stockings


Candy Cane Striped Christmas Tights


Rudolf Reindeer Striped Tights

Ravishing Reds

It just isn’t Christmas without a splash of red, and what better way to say ‘sexy Mrs Claus’ than to don some ravishingly red stockings? As a perfect complement with your LBD, why not try the Sheer Red and White Trim Christmas Stockings from Livia Corsetti for a simple seasonal touch, or spice it up with the Red Opaque Snowflake Christmas Tights by Leg Avenue? To show off to Mr Claus behind closed doors, Dreamgirl’s Red Fur Trimmed Garter stockings are a must.

Red Fur Trimmed Garter Stockings


Sheer Red White Trim Stockings


Red Opaque Snowflake Tights

Black as Soot

Whatever the weather, there is nothing that says ‘sexy’ more than a black stocking to wrap your luscious legs. With a touch of festive embellishment here or there, you can really make your pins ding-a-ling this season. The Naughty Back Seam Garter Stockings by Dreamgirl provides the ultimate stairway to heaven with their raunchy red ribbon bow detail running all the way up to your derriere. Meanwhile the Red Ribbon Bow Stockings and Red Embroidered Lace Top Stockings by Ballerina provide a gorgeously glamourous addition to any outfit for some serious festive flirtation.

Naughty Back Seam Garter Stockings


Red Ribbon Bow Stockings


Red Embroidered Lace Top Stockings

Bells and Whistles

Just like the fairy on the tree, when it comes to Christmas stockings, the ultimate adornment has to be the accessory at the top. From bows to belts, fur trim to bells, there is so much decoration to choose from. A simple bow can flirtatiously finish any stocking, like the White Stockings with Red Bow from Leg Avenue. Your partner shouldn’t need any help finding the north pole between your legs, but a little jingle bell action with these Lace Top Jingle Bell Stockings from Coquette could certainly help to get them there faster. Meanwhile there is nothing quite like a buckle top to lend itself to a 50 Shades of Christmas, like these Buckle Top Net Stockings from Leg Avenue.

White Stockings Red Bow


Lace Top Jingle Bell Stockings


Buckle Top Net Stockings


Just don’t mix these naughty but nice stockings with the ones by the fire – it could lend itself to a pretty interesting Christmas with the family!

Happy Holidays and Sexy Stockings!

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