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Halloween Costume Ideas

An Inspiring Guide to the Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Now the Summer days are over and the nights are drawing in, it is really starting to feel like Autumn. Halloween looms ever closer and – whether or not you like a little trick or treating – there is always time for some fun when it comes to Halloween costumes. Maybe you have a Halloween party already booked, or perhaps you are just looking for a little seasonal fun between the sheets… either way, it is time to get your thinking hat on, check out the best Halloween costume ideas for 2018 and find that perfect outfit for you.

So what are the key trends of the year? And how can you WOW this Halloween?

Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes

Movies are always a great source of inspiration when it comes to Halloween, whether past or present. Who can forget the iconic flicks of yesteryear such as the Addams Family, Star Wars, or Ghostbusters? But if you fancy being a little more up to date with your regalia, then look to this year’s mega block busters for inspiration.

Crime Crusader Superhero Costume

When it comes to costumes, surely no one can beat Wonder Woman – the combination of that all-powerful femme fatal combined with a thigh high boots and a heaving cleavage is the ultimate sexy getup for Halloween.

Wonder Woman Outfit

And of course there are the anti-heros and villains. Suicide Squad was huge last year and the inspired costume spin-offs are still really popular in 2017. Harley Quinn outfits, both home made and off-the-shelf look like being around for a good while yet.

DG 10687

If super human status just isn’t your thing, then why not look to something a little more regal? You’ll certainly be ‘Belle’ of the ball when it comes to this type of get up – unless you fancied a bit of ‘Beast’ that is…

Beauty and the Beast

There was also one other movie that cannot be denied a position in the Halloween hall of fame this year. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is yet another swashbuckling adventure bringing all things ‘piratey’ and ‘swashbuckly’ back into ghoulish fashion this season. Whether you consider yourself a wench of the high seas, an enchanting musketeer or a fully-fledged sexy swashbuckler – look no further…

Sexy Pirate Costumes

TV Series Sirens

It’s not just about movies though, is it? These days some of the box set series available at home are just as big as any blockbuster you would see at the cinema…

Lady of Thrones Costume

Whether you want to be a noble lady from Game of Thrones, an evil witch from Once Upon a Time, or an 80’s babe in a leotard from Glow, there are tonnes of costume choices available to you.

Vampire costumes for women

Classic Clowns

Some love them, some hate them – but whatever your personal standpoint, the clown is becoming as synonymous with Halloween as ghosts and ghouls. Even the movie ‘It’ portrays the clown as anything but those friendly characters we remember at the circus. When it comes to clown costumes, they can be everything from funny, to scary – and even sexy! With the new costumes from Leg Avenue, there is certainly no ‘clowning around’– sexy definitely beats silly, all available from Sparkling Strawberry…

Circus Clown Costumes


Mermaids have been a recurring theme in legends, folk lore and fairy tales around the world for over 1000 years. Still a feature of film and TV series today, they are a fantastic choice for Halloween and a great excuse to transform yourself into a sexy sea goddess or Little Mermaid.

Mermaid Costumes

Fairytale Characters

If you want a costume that is super sexy, but easily recognisable for this Halloween, then look no further than your classic fairytale and storybook characters for inspiration. From the purity of a princess, to evil masterminds, even a bit of Mad Hatter – there are some fantastic choices available…

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Classic Spooky Halloween Costumes

But it wouldn’t be Halloween without a witch or a devil popping up in the midst, would it? From the wicked witch and her cauldron to the Halloween bride, the vamped-up vampire or even the devil in a catsuit – you can really have some fun with these amazing costumes, all available from Sparkling Strawberry…

Spooky Halloween Costumes

Halloween Cats

Cats are a great Halloween costume choice as they are not only witches familiars, but also linked to folk lore and super heroes. From cute and fluffy Cheshire Cat costumes to super sexy black Catwoman jump suits your feline side can fit in to any Halloween Party.

Sexy Black Cat Costumes

Slutty Halloween Costumes

Halloween has become one of those occasions when it’s ok to go out dressed as slutty as you like. Uniforms are the most popular slutty Halloween costumes but you can also find lots of short and sexy versions of any of the classic fancy dress themes, including all of those mentioned above. If you’ve not done this before, try a French Maid Costume. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get so be warned, one you start there’ll be no stopping you!

Slutty Costumes

So, hopefully now you have some idea on what Halloween Costume you’re going for this year. And if you’ve got something to add for our best Halloween costume ideas then please let us know.

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