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What’s The Best Lingerie For Your Body Shape?

What’s The Best Lingerie For Your Body Shape? [Infographic]

Dressing to your body shape can be frustrating when you’ve yet to work out what style and cut suits you best. Our infographic takes a look at the different types of lingerie that best suit the great range of women’s body shapes to best direct your eyes the next time you fancy some new underwear.

body shape infographic

What’s The Best Lingerie For Your Body Shape? – Transcript

Understanding your body shape is key to investing in the right lingerie for you, whether you’re looking for everyday wear or something exciting for the boudoir!


An ‘apple’ shape typically refers to someone whose waistline is their widest measurement, with hips and bust narrower by comparison. 

Structure it

If you have larger breasts, a style with side boning at the breasts or underwire underneath for necessary support.

‘V’ Shaped

Bodysuits with deep v-necks are the ideal solution. V cut knickers are another option, lengthening the gap between the bottom of your bra to the beginning of your knickers.

Eyes Here, Please!

Finally, wear bras with a lot of visual interest, such as ruffled bras, ones with lots of decoration, such as lace and embroidery, or ones with interesting strap designs.


People who identify themselves as having pear-shaped bodies will typically have narrow shoulders and broad hips.

Balancing act

Wearing bandeau bras will help to widen your upper torso, meaning the difference between your upper and lower body will seem less distinct.

Bikinis And Briefs

Brief style underwear are flattering for those with more generous hips.

Magic eye

High-waisted styles will help to make legs look longer, and thus make you look leaner.

Ooh la la!

When it comes to the bedroom, a babydoll is the perfect flirtatious way to flatter your larger lower section, whilst the bra shape to the top of the outfit accentuates your chest.


A simple straight up, straight down body type. People with a banana physique don’t have much variation in their measurements between the shoulder, waist or hip.

Very Retro

Longline bras or bralettes are longer in the waist, extending one to two inches further down the waist than other bra types.

Magic eye

The extra material on a longline bra is not only attractive, but also helps to fill out your shape without using a padded bra.

Long And Lean

Wearing low-rise, high-cut knickers will accentuate your long legs, whilst softer edges on these will help to add shape.

Add Curvature

Knickers with ruffles on the hips will help to make it appear as if your hips curve outwards, if that’s a look you wish to achieve.

Maximise Your Assets

Of course, padded bras are also a good choice, provided the padding isn’t too heavy and it flatters your shape, instead of making you an entirely new one.


Hourglasses are a classic, Hollywood starlet type shape, easy to identify by their small waist and equally proportioned bust and hips. 

Pin-Up Style

Add a bit of sexiness to your outfit with a suspender belt that matches your underwear set. This will keep attention on your tiny waist, and creates a classically sexy style.

Comfort First

Those with an hourglass shape tend to have a larger bust, in which case you should avoid styles that don’t support this, such as strapless or backless bras.

A Shape To Suit All

Plunge bras will make the most of your assets. Balconette or minimiser bras can help to give off the appearance of a smaller chest if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve.

Lingerie To Suit Every Body Shape

Whatever your shape, finding lingerie that you feel comfortable in is the most important step towards feeling sexy. Trying new shapes and cuts is the best way towards finding the styles that suit your body and lifestyle best.

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