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Princess Lingerie

The Best Princess Lingerie To Make Your Special Wishes Come True

Imagination is a wonderful thing. With the right cogs whirring away between the ears, you can dream up any scenario in your head. And when it comes to lingerie, that’s a very handy tool. For instance, most of us like being treated like a princess – a bit of finery, a bit of romance, a pretty outfit and a fairy tale story. Well fear not, you can now choose some princess lingerie and immerse yourself in your fairy tale fantasy. It’s up to you how much you reveal.

Fantasy Princess Lingerie

There are some wonderful princess lingerie looks available to role play your favourite fairy tale scenario. You could evoke the fun underwater world of the Little Mermaid in an Underwater Princess lingerie ensemble. Remember the discussion in the American Pie movie 1999  when Jim says “Did you see ‘The Little Mermaid’ on TV yesterday? Ariel, she’s so hot!” Chris “Oz” Ostreicher replies “She’s a mermaid dude” to which Jim concludes “Yeah, but not when she’s on land, Oz” Or maybe you’d preferr to play it cool in an Ice Queen Princess lingerie set in blue.

How about channelling some sultry Arabian nights? or even a native American theme with a naughty twist? I wonder whether Pocahontas would approve? There are so many favourites to choose from, but these lingerie sets all have an emphasis on being sexy and fun.

You could have a go at taming your favourite beast, in a lovely golden coloured French-themed look. Note the cute rose detail.

Of course, if you’re the kind of girl that’s likely to fall for a naughty witch’s poisoned apple shenanigans, then how about this Snow White inspired set for a princess lingerie look to nearly die for?

And talking of being tricked into a very deep sleep, then Sleeping Beauty might have worn something like this beautiful Sleepless Princess bra set. That would have done the trick – inspiring love’s true kiss.

Sometimes a little more covering can produce a super sexy result (not too much of course!). An Oasis Princess outfit suits those who want to show off that tremendous torso and is a great surprise outfit for a partner at the end of a long, hard day.

Cinderella won’t need her Fairy Godmother tonight and this gorgeous blue lace lingerie set won’t turn into rags at midnight – unless Prince Charming looses his cool and is a little too hast in helping her out of it.

Evil Queens

If you want to revel in your wickedness and explore the world of the fairy princess nemesis, then there are some great outfits available. Why be a princess, when you can be a queen? Reveal your evil side in one of our fairy tale villain lingerie sets. The Forest Witch lingerie set is truly naughty and not for the faint hearted. You will certainly capture your huntsman’s heart – it really is one of the fairest sets of them all!

This Queen of Hearts may look innocent – however watch your head, she has a real mean side to her. Anyone who can wack a hedgehog with a flamingo will not forgive you for eating her tarts, nor dallying with Snow White.

About the Author Isla Torsten

Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.