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Bra Fitting Guide - check in the mirror

Trust Your Bust – The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide

Have you ever gone to be measured for a new bra, been seemingly happy at time of purchase, then get it home only to find that it is totally uncomfortable and you never wear it again? I have. There is a drawer which contains a number of bras, still in their bags, tags on – hoping that one day I will somehow magically fit into them. I don’t now, and I probably never will. If only I knew then what I know now. If only I had taken the time to find out how a bra should fit. Well dear reader, if you have gotten this far then you are one step closer to boob comfort and bra freedom. I salute you. Read on for the ultimate bra fitting guide.

P.S – If you are interested in finding out how to measure yourself for a new bra, or even what kind of bra would suit your boob shape best – then why not check out How to Measure Your Own Bra Size, or Boob Shapes and Bra Styles.

Bra Fitting Guide – The Checks

Once you have established your estimated bra size, found a bra shape that will work with your bust, it is time to try a few out. Just like a professional fitter, you do not buy a bra solely on the size you have measured. You need to try it on, and check a number of finer details to make sure this bra is the one for you. Here is a simple check list for things to look out for, and avoid when choosing a bra for you:

1. How does the band fit at the back?

When you look at your bra, the band at the back should sit perfectly horizontal – just like when you took your back measurement. If it is arching and riding up at the back, try going down a band size as it may be a little big. Try popping two fingers under the band and giving it a little tug. The bra should feel secure, but not tight. You should be able to get your fingers in. If it feels tight or it’s digging in at the sides, try a band up to find something comfortable for you.

Remember sister sizes! Did you know that if you change your band size your cup size automatically changes? Go up a size in the band, you’ll need to drop down a size in the cup and vice versa to ensure the best fit.

2. How do the cups fit?

The cups should sit flat to your chest and look nice and full without any unwanted bulges. If you see any bulging boobs either over the top of the cup or out of the sides, then perhaps try a cup size larger. If the cups have a gap at the top by the straps, or have baggy and loose fabric, then try a cup size smaller. Again, don’t get caught out by sister sizes – change your cup, change your band!

You could also have a quick check of my boob shapes and bras blog (Coming Soon) to make sure you are trying the right style for you.

3. How do the wires fit?

If you are trying on an underwired bra, the wires should sit flat on your skin between your breasts. They should also sit nicely around and under your breast at the sides. If you have any of the following, then band or cup changes could help your fit…

What you don’t want:
• Boob escaping under the bra
• Bra not touching your breast bone
• Red marks at the centre, wires digging in
• Wires crossing in the middle
• Wires digging under arms
• Wires digging into breasts at the side

4. How do the straps fit?

Your straps should feel secure and comfortable. A good rule of thumb you should be able to pop 2 fingers underneath the strap comfortably. If they stay up on their own without digging in or leaving a mark you can’t go far wrong.

Final Checks

If you have done all of the bra fitting guide checks above and you find a bra that fits you well, it is always worthwhile having one last check. Look back at yourself in the mirror and make sure you are happy with your purchase. It fits well, you know that, but are you comfortable? Do you like the way it looks on you and are you confident this is the one for you? After all, you’ll be wearing it for a long time…

So now you know how to check for a good fitting bra, why not treat yourself and go bra shopping.

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