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Bride adjusting her stockings

The Best Bridal Stockings Or Tights For Your Wedding Day

So, you’re getting married? Congratulations! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be busy planning the best day of your life: fiancé – check, venue – check, dress – check… but you’re so mindful of the big stuff, the little stuff is easily forgotten, like what bridal stockings to put on those fine legs of yours for example!

Making a good impression…

In reality, what goes under that gorgeous gown of yours is just as important as what goes on top. I mean, not everyone is going to see it. But that one most important person, the love of your life, certainly will. And you want to make a good impression on your wedding night, don’t you? If you’re interested in buying bridal lingerie – why not check out How to Shop for Luxurious Wedding Lingerie on a Budget – because this time my dear reader, I’m here to talk legs. Luscious, long, lovely legs.

Bridal Stockings & Tights…

You don’t just have a choice of bare leg / nude tight for your wedding stockings. As always with everything lingerie – there is a whole world of choice out there for you, if you know where to look – and Sparkling Strawberry is a pretty good place to start! Whilst you’re screen-shopping, think about your dress; how can you complement the whole look, the colour, the level of detail, the style? There really is so much to consider! Remember, these aren’t any old stockings and tights, these are bridal stockings and tights!

bride in stockings

OK, so now I have managed to panic you (sorry, not sorry), let’s look at what’s on offer to hopefully help you along your leggy way…

Wedding Tights

There are so many pros and cons between whether you choose a tight or a stocking, but it really comes down to personal choice. If you’re still unsure, why not take a minute or two to read – Stockings or Tights – How To Choose The Best Nylons For You – see if it can’t help to make your mind up.

Tights are easy to use and comfy too, a great choice if you are going to be in them for a long time, and your wedding day certainly ticks that box.


Sheer Plain Bridal Tights

If you’re searching for something delicate and bridal, but something that is more function than ‘fru-fru’, then you can’t go too far wrong with a pair of Sheer Plain Tights from Ballerina. These are available in both white and ivory to match your colour scheme and will work delicately with your outfit to make sure your dress is the star of the show, not your pins.


White Bridal Tights

If you are looking for something a little more special, why not add some detail? These White Bridal Tights from Ballerina feature a beautiful vintage print to the thigh and up the back of the calf.


Embroidered White Bridal Tights

Whilst these Embroidered White Tights from Ballerina have a more elegant floral print to the thigh area and up the side. Both styles are utterly feminine and completely fabulous, its all about personal preference for the detailing.

Tights or Stockings – why not both?

If you love the comfort of a tight, but want the sexiness of bridal stockings, why not go for a bit of both?

Faux stocking tights

Embroidered White Wedding Tights

These Faux Stockings Floral Lace Tights from Ballerina are available in both white and ivory. They’re an elegant, sheer, bridal tight with a lovely subtle floral lace print in a pant effect and around the thighs as a false stocking effect too. This wannabe hold up definitely won’t fall down.

Bridal Stockings

Is there a more glamourous way to wrap up a leg on a wedding day than with a beautiful bridal stocking? Leg lengthening (not literally obvs), totally tantalising and super sexy, there is nothing like the revealing of a perfect pin in a stocking to get your newly-wed’s pulse racing on the wedding night.

But, there are options – oh so many options. From hold ups to stockings with garters, or suspender stockings, choices are limitless when it comes to style, function and finish.

The Hold Up

If you like a hold up, and you have the type of legs where the hold up – holds up – they are brilliantly practical and super simple to wear. Especially underneath your wedding dress, when let’s face it – going to the toilet isn’t exactly easy – a hold up stocking can really make your ‘comfort breaks’ a little easier without the need for any suspender fiddling, or tight tautening. If you haven’t tried a hold up before, don’t make your first time your wedding day, buy a pair to try beforehand.


Lace Top Patterned Bridal Thigh Highs

These Lace Top Patterned Thigh Highs from Ballerina are super sexy. Available in white and ivory, these 20 denier hold ups feature an imprinted criss-cross pattern with polka dots, swirl detail and broken line running down to the ankle.


Brocade Patterned Bridal Sheer Hold Ups

Meanwhile these Brocade Patterned Sheer Hold Ups from Ballerina have a little more detail to them. Again, these bridal stockings are available in ivory or white, the brocade printed hold ups have a dotted back seam running down the back of your leg, with a stunning white lace floral trim. All finished off with a silver thread, for a little sparkle.

Faux suspender

Faux Suspender Fishnet Print Bridal Hold Ups

If you like the idea of suspenders, but prefer the practicality of a hold up, why not try out these Faux Suspender Fishnet Print Hold Ups from Ballerina? Elegant and sheer, these hold ups have a faux suspender print, with a diamond pattern down the leg for a fishnet effect. Complete with a beautiful lace trim and available in white or ivory.

The Suspender Stocking

For me, the suspender stocking is practically perfect. It has all the sexiness of a stocking, with the security of the suspender attached to ensure everything stays just where it should be. Practical Tip: Unless you’re thinking of going commando on your wedding day (cheeky), pop your panties over the top (not underneath) your suspender so that you can go to the loo more easily!

Pure white

White Sheer Suspender Belt Bridal Stockings

These White Sheer Suspender Belt Stockings from Gabriella are elegant and simple. Finished beautifully with a looped pattern around the suspender to compliment the plain design. They do the job and look beautiful too.


Verona Sheer White Garter Wedding Stockings

For something a little sassier, why not try these Verona Sheer White Garter Stockings from Dreamgirl? These sheer thigh high stockings feature a lace top finished off with matching attached garter belt.

Plain and Lace Tops

If you’re all about tradition, or love the twang of a suspender, then surely a lace top stocking is a perfect choice for you? These stockings need a suspender belt or corset to fasten to the top of the stocking, or they’ll be down round your ankles before you can sing ‘Here comes the bride’. If you’re unsure how to attach your suspender, look no further – read How to Wear Stockings and Suspenders for a simple how to guide for a perfect fit.


Opaque Top White Stockings

A simple choice of stocking for any bridal outfit is this Opaque Top White Stockings from Obsessive. Dressed up with a garter belt and a hint of blue, you would look every bit the bride.


Lace Top Sheer White Bridal Stockings

Or these Lace Top Sheer White Bridal Stockings from Obsessive keep the simple sheer fabric, but with an added floral lace top for a touch of luxury. A beautifully classic bridal look.


White Fishnet Lace Top Wedding Stockings

Great to wear in the summer months for a little leg decoration without being overly hot. If you love fishnet, or you’re after something a little more modern, it’s time to try these White Fishnet Lace Top Bridal Stockings from Gabriella.


Lace Top Wedding Bell Stockings

Or for all out luxury, try these Lace Top Wedding Bell Stockings from Leg Avenue. Sexy sheer material is embellished with a woven wedding bell and ribbon pattern, finished with rhinestones.

Now for the finishing touches.

Don’t forget the garter… something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

Blue Satin Leg Garter Set

Happy Wedding! x

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