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How to wash your lingerie - washing machine

Caring for Your Lingerie

Whether you are washing your weekly wears, scrubbing your sports bra or cleaning your hanky-panky panties… There is no need to get your knickers in a twist when it comes to caring for your lingerie. Us lingerie lovers are used to a silk ribbon, luscious lace or crystal embellishment here or there, but just how to we make sure that our delicate drawers are kept looking luscious for longer?

Get an Eyeful

First things first, before you consider cleaning, check out the manufacturer’s laundry label. If it says hand wash only, don’t be tempted to fling it into the washing machine with your granny pants. Follow the instructions, and you shouldn’t go too wrong.

A bit of Touchy Feely

If in doubt, unless it’s those knackered period pants – the caring mantra for 90% of your lingerie should be – hand wash, hand wash, hand wash! You’ve spent that little bit extra on finding those uber-sexy undies, so spend a little bit of extra time to give your garments the care they deserve to stay looking fresh. All supermarkets have a great range of mild handwashing detergents available – perfect for lingerie – so pop one in your basket on your next shop.

Caring for Your Lingerie - Hand Wash

The Art of Handwashing

Unlike the washing tactics of yesteryear using boiling water, harsh soaps and gargantuan washing boards, handwashing your lingerie needs to be a gentler affair:

  1. Lukewarm Soaking – Fill the sink with some lukewarm water, pop in your lingerie and leave to soak for half an hour to an hour. This will not only start the cleaning process, but will help to spring any elastic back into shape too.
  2. Dose of Detergent – After soaking, pop in a dose of detergent and rub the fabric together to clean. Gentle is the word here, don’t overdo it.
  3. Run Clear – When you’re all clean, rinse your lingerie in cool water until the water runs clear and all suds have gone.
  4. Don’t Twist, Pat – Gently dry your lingerie by popping the garment inside a soft towel and pat dry to remove excess moisture, do not be tempted to twist or squeeze the water out or you might end up with a misshapen mess.
  5. Lay Flat – Once you’ve removed all the water, open the towel and leave your lingerie to dry on a flat surface.

The Dare Nots

If you truly love your lingerie, there are some serious no-no’s that must be avoided.

  • Don’t think you know your lingerie better than the manufacturer, if it says dry clean – dry clean!
  • Don’t be tempted to use machine detergents to do your handwashing, or even more “everyday” handwash detergents, as they are too harsh for your lingerie and can weaken the elastic.
  • Even for the most time poor amongst us, never be tempted to throw your lingerie into the dryer, it can ruin the elastic and more importantly ruin the garment.

Nobody’s Perfect

OK, ok… with all this in mind, we all know how to care for our wonderful wears, but being honest with ourselves for just one minute – we all know that there are occasions when we don’t have the time, or inclination to look after our lingerie as well as we should. Ideally, always handwash, but if you do find yourself throwing corset to the wind and chucking it into the drum – pop it in a mesh bag, or a knotted pillow case with like colours to give it the best chance. Run a cool wash, with a gentle detergent, preferably on a delicate cycle.

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