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Lingerie Colour palette - red and pink

Why You Need To Have Colourful Lingerie In Your Life

Have you ever stopped to look at your lingerie drawer? I mean really look at it. What does your lingerie colour choices say about you? Is it a sea of black, white and beige – or does it shine out in a multitude of hues? There is a world of colour waiting for you if you only dared. From pale pastels to neon brights, a whole new colourful world of lingerie is waiting to be revealed…

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with simplistic colours. Nude lingerie is practical and easy going. Black is sultry and powerful, and white has an air of innocence, with a hint of being open to suggestion. But there are so many other colours of lingerie out there. Maybe it is time to step away from the grey and find your colourful side.

Red Lingerie

Red lingerie is passionate and energetic, and people who wear red tend to be confident, passionate and highly driven. It exudes sexy temptress in the bedroom, or powerful wonder woman in the board room. Even if the red cannot be seen beneath your clothes, there will always be a little stride in your step when you ravish the red!

red lace strapply bra set

There are so many styles to flaunt your devilish wears in this colour, and Sparkling Strawberry have a vast array to tempt your torso. From the sultry Red Bra and Bow Panty Set to the ravishing Red Lace Strappy Bra Set – you really can become a sexy Lady in Red!

Pink Lingerie

The romantic colour of everything frilly, feminine and fanciful: pink lingerie denotes someone who has a more romantic and affectionate side to their personality. It is sensuous, but with a gentle touch. It quietly whispers, “come and get me” but the wearer would more likely be led to bed than do the leading.

Pink Champagne Plunge Teddy With Skirt

There are different types of pink to enjoy too. From pastel shades of rose and champagne to bolder shades of fuchsia and hot pink, you can decide for yourself how daring you want to be. Sparkling Strawberry have a mixture of tones and styles. Feeling perky? Then why not try something like the Hot Pink Satin Bra Lingerie Set with sumptuous satin and cheeky cut outs. Or for something more romantic, there’s always the Pink Lace Bra and Garter Set.

Blue Lingerie

From a flash of a garter under a blushing bride’s wedding dress, the colour blue has been synonymous with lingerie as the garter itself. There are so many wonderful shades of blue lingerie to enjoy and different hues of blue can mean so many things to many people. After all, it surrounds us in everything we do, from the blue of the sky (when the clouds part at least) to the forever-fashionable blue jeans. Pastel shades are serene and peaceful, yet brighter shades of royal and electric blues are much more bold and brazen.


Sparkling Strawberry has a wondeful array of lingerie for the more bold and brazen amongst us, so why not explore shades of Peacock, Royal or Celestial Blue to embellish your wears in this vibrant colour.

Blue Floral Lace Bra and Thong

Green Lingerie

Did you know that medieval brides used to wear green as a sign of fertility and fruitfulness? Its an easy on the eye colour that suggests an easy going nature for the wearer too. But with names of shades such as Absynthe, Envy, Emerald and Neon in the lingerie catalogue, I doubt there will be anything easy going when it comes to your love life with these uplifting shades.

AbsintheGreen Bra and Garterbelt Set

Green Lingerie can definitely be used to tease and seduce or be worn just to show a fun side to your lingerie. There are some wonderful creations out there should you fancy a go with the green. For something more easy wearing – an Absinthe Green Bra and Garterbelt set would work wonders. To enliven the green eyed monster with your partner – why not try a Black and Green Sweetheart Babydoll?

Ultimately, when it comes to lingerie, your colour choices are endless. From pastels to vibrant colours, white to black – you can enjoy all of the colours of the rainbow. You can really have some fun finding out your favourites.

The only question that remains to be asked is… what are you going to do about that lingerie drawer now?

About the Author Maggie Emstone

Maggie doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you enhance your assets. A serial underwear shopper, with several top drawers to prove it, Maggie is a positive fountain of knowledge when it comes to your undies…

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