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Date Night: A Christmas Themed Date Night

It’s the time of year for manic late night Christmas shopping, remembering your wrapping techniques and negotiating plans with work, friends and family. In all this festive fun (and chaos) it can be easy to lose track of how much time you’re spending with your partner, especially when they have their own plans, too. Fortunately, there’s plenty to see and do in the season of goodwill, so once you’ve finally managed to find some time together we’ve got ideas for the best ways to spend your time together for the perfect Christmas themed date.

Christmas themed movie marathon

There’s an extensive selection of Christmas themed movies to watch around Christmas, whether you prefer watching the classics, want to scare yourself silly with Christmas inspired horror films or watch the same set of adventure films back to back every year. Whatever you choose to watch, make sure you put the fairy lights on and cuddle up for warmth. Swap the popcorn for mince pies and mulled wine and get cosy.

Image of couple watching christmas themed film

Go ice skating

Let’s face it; everyone is awful at ice skating and that’s part of why it’s so fun. Use this opportunity to link arms or hold hands with your date as you loop around the rink to the merry sounds of Christmas themed songs blasting from the ice rink speakers. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and some warm gloves to make sure being cold doesn’t distract from the fun you’re having and reward yourselves with kisses each time you make it around the rink without falling over.

Visit the Christmas market

No Christmas is complete without a trip to the Christmas markets! Head to the bigger ones if you’re interested in spending a whole day there but if you just want to gaze at some of the treats on display then visit a market in a smaller town so that you can comfortably walk hand in hand without having to dodge any crowds. You could even challenge each other to find a decoration for your Christmas tree, that will help you to remember the occasion in future years.

Image of couple at christmas market

See a Christmas themed show

There are an abundance of plays, operas, concerts, pantomimes and ballets to watch around Christmas to suit every taste which is why this is such a good date night idea. No matter the type of show you’re thinking about taking your date to, there’s bound to be something suitable for both of you. As a recommendation, seeing The Nutcracker around Christmas is both festive and romantic, so if you can get tickets to that you’ll have scored extra date night points.

Go light spotting

For whatever reason, there’s always one street or area in the suburbs of a city where the residents go all out when it comes to Christmas lights. For a fun way to spend an evening where you don’t have the energy to do much else, taking a drive or a stroll around these areas is a good way to get festive with no budget and little effort. It can also be a way to do some exploration in a part of your hometown that you don’t usually venture into, so get some cups of something warm and some festive music on and have a mini adventure.

Image of couple on walk

Go and see a festive film

Every year there’s a new festive film, or a big family film that’s guaranteed to have you leaving the cinema with a smile on your face and warm fuzzy feelings. A simple date, but easy to organise, this means you can use your date as an opportunity for you both to relax away from the festive hubbub with the newest blockbuster.

Christmas themed dress up

Well, someone had to say it . . .whether you were planning on joining in on a Santa run, or just really want to engage your partner under some mistletoe, investing in a festive inspired outfit is a sure way to impress. A night in is definitely needed in this hectic time, so why not make it a night under the sheets?

Image of women in christmas themed outfit

What are your Christmas themed date nigh plans going to be? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author Leigh Horan

Leigh is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry with a penchant for fancy dress and a love of all things lacy.

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