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Date Night: How To Incorporate Costumes In The Bedroom

As our lives become ever busier it can be hard to find time to tick everything off on our ‘To Do’ lists, but one thing that can’t be missed out is spending special time with your significant other. Incorporating a regular Date Night into your plans is a good way to ensure you have a guaranteed amount of private time with your partner, whether this is every week, or if you can only squeeze it in just once a month. If you’re planning something more intimate, then you may be looking to spice up your regular bedroom activities in order to make it a night to remember. If this is the case then we think finding out ways to incorporate costumes into your bedroom antics is a good place to start.

Introducing costumes

Using costumes in the bedroom means involving role play in your repertoire of bedtime activities which, for some, can seem a little daunting. The first problem with incorporating role play in the bedroom, if it’s something you haven’t discussed with your partner before, is bringing up the topic. There is a concern that your partner may feel offended, as if you need something more than them to get excited. As we all know, this isn’t the case, but it’s wise to bring the idea up in a delicate way.

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Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex therapist believes that bringing up your fantasy as a compliment is the best option. One way is by telling your partner you had a fantastic dream that involved them . . . and then insert your ‘dream’ scene here, letting them know how amazing they were, and with plenty of detail so they’ll know exactly what to do. If that doesn’t pique their interest enough then stating out how much you would love to try out such a scenario and how you have always wanted to try a bit of acting in the bedroom should be enough!

Role play and costumes

Once you and your partner have decided on incorporating role play in the bedroom then it’s time to decide on your costumes. There are a range of costumes available to suit everyone’s tastes, just make sure the outfit fits into your story line! Perhaps you’re a fan of uniform, in which case a policeman with handcuffs would be a good choice, or a fireman who’s strong enough to swing you onto the bed. Another choice could be the traditional schoolgirl look, or a boss and secretary.

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If you’re trying role play for the first time then it’s wise to stick to a simple plot with rather obvious characters, but if you’re feeling adventurous you could try something a little more unusual. If you or your partner are a fan of westerns then you could easily incorporate this into your date night, or if either of you have a crush on a character from a famous film, then dressing up as this character could be the perfect treat for your partner.

Just relax!

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The most important thing is to make sure you and your significant other are having a good time. Make sure you’re both comfortable with whats going on and if you break character for a quick giggle then there’s no harm done! Simply recover and carry on. By trying something new with your partner you’ll find you feel even closer and have a little secret to exchange knowing smiles about.

Happy role-playing! Let us know your favourite costumes in the comments. 

About the Author Leigh Horan

Leigh is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry with a penchant for fancy dress and a love of all things lacy.

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