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Wedding day lingerie - something blue

The Definitive Guide to Wedding Day Lingerie

Rum, tum-ti-tum, rum tum-ti-tum… the age-old ditty that is completely synonymous with walking down the aisle. It’s your wedding day. You’ve probably been planning the event for months, but dreaming about it for years. It is that one day when we want everything to be perfect – the gorgeous bridesmaids in sweetheart dresses, the flowers poised and plentiful, your partner waiting anxiously for your arrival looking ever-so dapper, and you – the picture of perfection. You have been preened and primed from top to toe. But a wedding day would not be complete without the wedding night, and your choice of undergarments is almost as important as the dress itself. Choosing the right wedding day lingerie is a fun part of your preparations and not one to be rushed at the end.

There is so much more to bridal lingerie than a cheeky flash of garter – although Sparkling Strawberry do offer a fantastic selection of those so fanciful frills. Choosing the right underwear for your big day is a big deal, there is so much to consider. Whatever you decide, you’re going to be wearing that luscious lingerie for quite some time. It’s important you’re happy with your final decision, both regarding how it makes you look, and feel.

Before we get into detail, let’s ask the big question…

What comes first – the dress or the lingerie?

The answer is quite simple – the dress. It’s always the dress. But your lingerie should be a close second, and never an afterthought. Just as your spouse-to-be is ‘the one’, take the time to find ‘the one’ wedding dress for you. Different shapes and styles look so different on each and every bride, so it is important to find that dress that makes you look and feel absolutely amazing.

Depending on your dress selection, you can then go on to find the perfect lingerie to suit your outfit. What kind of dress are you wearing? Do you want to accentuate your body, or hold in the wobbly bits? Do you need a strapless bra, or a bra at all? Do you want to wear tights, stockings and suspenders, or hold ups? Are you more interested in comfort, or style?

Choose a selection of lingerie potentials (leave on tags and protective stickers in case you need to return) and take them with you to your dress fitting. Then you can truly perfect your outfit from the inside out, making sure your final lingerie choice suits the shape and style of the dress, whilst making you look fantastic and ultimately doing their job for the big day.

Which wedding lingerie to choose

What kind of lingerie should I choose?

Your wedding day lingerie choices should always be dependent on the dress. Is your dress corseted and therefore you only need a knicker? Or do you need to consider a full set? Think about what you are comfortable wearing. There is no point choosing a basque and thong if you are normally a bra and panties kinda gal. You just won’t be comfortable, and you have more to worry about on the day than uncomfy undies.

Does it have to be white?

Of course not. Sure, the classic choice is to try to match your lingerie to your dress colour, but there are so many different options out there. Why not try to match your lingerie to your wedding accent colour, i.e. your bridesmaid dresses or wedding décor? You could also choose a shade of blue (something old, something new and all that). Or perhaps be all out naughty with a bright red knicker, although I wouldn’t suggest you do this with anything that has a chance of flashing!

Here are some things to think about when deciding on your lingerie…

wedding bra and knickers

Bras and Knickers

The most classic of choices is the simple bra and knicker set. It is what most us wear daily, and as such it is more than likely the most comfortable of choices to grace your gown. But bras and knickers can be so much more than the off-the-rack options from the high street. From the most elegant of embellishments, bountiful balconettes, or the more promiscuous peep-holes. Bras really do have it all. Whatever the selection though, it should be well fitted and secure. You don’t want to be flashing your boobs when you say your “I do’s”.

There is a whole world of knickers to beguile your bottom too. And with many dresses already corseted, sometimes a bottom is all you need. Sparkling Strawberry offer a fanciful selection of knickers to adorn your bouncy behind. From the more romantic floral lace shorties, to the all-out naughty crotchless thong or plain seamless knickers for a tight-fitting dress. You can be sure to tease your newlywed on the day, and entrance by night. One thing is for sure though, if you are not used to a thong, don’t be tempted to try it on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to worry about that bit of dental floss between your cheeks during your first dance.

Basques, Bustiers and Corsets

If there is ever a time you can basque in womanly glory and make your partner ‘corr’ at you in a corset, it’s your wedding day, and there are so many to choose from. Whether you are more interested in enhancing your figure, boosting your bust, or simply wearing something that will give you the ultimate reveal as your partner undresses you on your wedding night, these pieces of wonderment are the ultimate sexy alternatives to the classic two piece.

Most of these one-pieces come with suspenders attached, so it is worthwhile considering if you want to wear suspenders before you buy. Another hot tip: while basques, bustiers and corsets are great to enhance your shape, they may also change your shape (albeit slightly). So if you do want to wear one of these beauties – remember what I said about the fitting, and be sure to try it under your dress before the big day.

wedding stockings

Tights, Stockings and Hold-Ups

For a hot summer wedding, you may not want to wear anything on your legs, but we all know that sometimes having a thin layer on your feet can make your shoes that little bit more comfortable so it is always worthwhile considering. Whether you prefer to trot in tights, or slip into a stocking, the choice is ultimately yours, but do think about the wedding night before you decide. Tights, whilst comfortable, don’t exactly sing “sexy”. A stocking on the other hand can be a lot of fun to remove, especially if it isn’t you who is doing the removing. Whatever you choose, there is a vast array of choices available, from faux stocking floral lace tights, to vintage bow print hold ups, or embroidered lace or back seam stockings. The world is your oyster in ivory, cream or white. It’s potentially a good idea to also remember to bring a backup when it comes to your legs – you don’t want to be left with a ladder during the first dance do you?


If shape is a massive concern for you and it cannot be fixed with a corseted gown or a beautiful basque, then to shapewear you must go. But you don’t have to re-enact Bridget Jones on your wedding night as you try to remove the torso-hugging suit before your big romantic scene. Shapewear has thankfully moved on. It can be silky, lacy and ever-so-weddingy. Make sure you look hard to find a piece that is right for you if that is something you feel you need.


Well, I know I said that it wasn’t all about garters. But really – a hidden strap of tantalizingly teasing lace, perhaps with that flash of blue – once upon a time no wedding would be complete without one. So, if you favour tradition then a garter is a must. But if you choose a dress that’s tight fitting around your thighs then a garter might spoil the look.

And finally, do I just need one set of lingerie for the wedding day?

This is a question only you can answer. Are you changing for the evening do? If so, a change of lingerie might be necessary. Whatever the number of outfits, there is no reason why you can’t choose something for the dress and then choose a sexy little number to slip into for the wedding night. After all, when it comes to big reveals, this is traditionally the ultimate one!

In summary, whatever wedding day lingerie you choose, remember to select a style with your dress in mind. Try on your underwear before the day, preferably for a dress fitting or two. Make sure it works under your gown, and make sure it works for you. Style is something, but comfort is everything when it comes to making your day the picture of perfection.

Good luck, happy hunting and “Here Comes The Bride”…

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