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DIY Halloween Costumes 2017

DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Stand Out

Let’s face it, the Brits used to be a bit rubbish at Halloween. Back in the day, the girls tended to be draped in some variation of a flammable witch’s dress, whereas boys found themselves adorned with a corner shop monster mask. Bob’s your uncle, trick or treating here I come! But October 31st is now a far slicker operation. Us grown-ups embrace All Hallows Eve with events, parties and costumes and the ever-powerful influence of American traditions means your Halloween costume is just as likely to be kinky as it is scary. The options out there are pretty limitless. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fun you can have making your own DIY Halloween costumes.

DIY Halloween Costumes

The beauty – and fun – of the modern-day Halloween outfit is you can be as imaginative, or not, as you want – and still get amazing results. There are those amongst us (not me, by the way!) who love nothing more than crafting a homemade Halloween costume from scratch and turning up at a Halloween party in a total original. Others (yes me!) prefer to seek out ‘off the peg’ costumes, that still have that wow factor, but with a little less energy needed in the preparation stage.

DIY Halloween Cat Costume

So which way do you go? Let’s take a look at easy ways to accomplish a DIY Halloween costume to blow the socks off Dracula and Morticia as they chat around the haunted punch bowl…

1) Make up marvels…

Sometimes, you can get away with minimal costume effort if you go all out on the makeup. Some well-applied Kohl pencil over a really pale foundation and a fun design around the mouth can look ghoulish and stunning [image with ‘sewn up lips, red roses in hair and black eye makeup.] And there are lots of variations on this theme, including different coloured bases for a truly witchy or monstrous/alien look.

Halloween Make-up half face

Ghoulish Halloween Makeup

2) Accessorise to the hilt…

With the odd extra flourish here and there, you may not need to go all out on an outfit, but simply choose the right accessories to give a spooky and/or sexy twist to a simple outfit. How about a sizzling lace theme, with a cat-like mask and gloves to match?


Cat Mask by Coquette

Sparkling Strawberry offer a very cool ‘Day of the Dead’ headband that could be all you need for a ghoulish look. A sexy witch’s hat, perched jauntily on top of a bouffy blow-dry makes a statement, as does a flash (or more than a flash) of Halloween-themed tights or stockings. Talking of blow-drys – if you don’t have the time/inclination or hair for that challenge, then simply don a Halloween-style wig. You’ll find some fabulous Halloween accessories in the Halloween sections of most costumier/online retailers and you can have your pick of available wigs – whether it’s ‘Halloweeny’ or not is up to you. Gothic and Steampunk jewellery and accessories can be a great way to complete your look.

Bleeding Heart Necklace

3) Little Black Dress…

Hello, old friend… There really are very few occasions in your life (maybe a swimming gala) when the good old little black dress won’t come into its own. If you are accessorising, or concentrating on your make-up, then the little black dress may be the only clothing item you also need to think about. Of course, your LBD can be super sexy and due to its colour, you’re ticking a slightly gothic/spooky Halloween box. Think full length dress for sophisticted vamp or sinister witch and you shortest LBD for a slutty Halloweeen look. Oh, and if you have a deep red dress, that will work too.

Halloween Little Black Dresss

4) Sexy seamstress…

I really do admire you, if you have the time and inclination to make a full-on knock-out Halloween outfit from scratch. But if you’re talented enough for the challenge, good on you. The world’s your oyster when it comes to inspiration. You may go for something on the spooky side – think skeleton jump suits, 18th century guillotine victims (you’ll need the pre-requisite papier maché head for this one!), and scary sexy witch (slashed material, hint of stocking top anyone?) or something totally out there.

Homemade Halloween Costume

If you’re heading for the full on sexy route, how about a swat-team siren? All you need is a sexy black one-piece swimsuit, some lovely patterned stocking or tights, a fake firearm and a black cap with the word ‘SWAT’ stitched on in white. Hotpants and corsets can also be used instead of the swimsuit. Alternatively, you could attempt a sexy gothy ghost – white tights, red stilettos, black hot pants, black fitted jacked, black wig and standout make up (white base, massive black eyes and blood red lips).

5) Utilise your lingerie…

If you really want to make a truly sexy Halloween impression, without spending too much time sewing/prepping, then how about using your lovely lingerie as the basis for your costume? Black stockings, teamed with a black bustier or cami-garter set, with a cutesy witch’s hat to finish off the look would certainly be a head turner. If you’d rather not parade this sexy look at a busy party, you could always save this it as an after-hours treat for your nearest and dearest.

Lingerie Halloween Witch

Are you feeling a bit more ready for Halloween? You may choose to make this a very private and intimate ‘Halloween for two’ or perhaps your outfit is being prepared as the showstopper for your very own Halloween extravaganza. Whatever the spooky or sexy scenario, remember the only rule when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume is ‘have lots of fun’.

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