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first date nerves

Exciting First Date? No Pressure! You have 4.2 seconds to impress.

If you’re looking for love this Valentines, then the first four seconds with your prospective partner appears to be the most important. This is according to new research conducted by Carphone Warehouse. Long gone are the days of twirling your hair as you romantically sip on a glass of Sauvignon whilst your date stumbles for words to impress. Lengthy (and sometimes arduous) first dates are a thing of the past. Over a third of us Brits are using dating sites and apps to find a mate. And it seems that all we need is a measly 4 seconds to decide if we find someone attractive. No pressure there then – as if first date nerves weren’t bad enough!

First date wishlist

Out of 2,000 people polled in the UK, just what do we look for in a date?

  1. On pole position was a good personality, with 93% of respondents saying it was the most important factor.
  2. A good sense of humour came second with 90%
  3. And then physical attraction at 71%

Its what’s on the inside that counts – or is it?

With these answers in mind, you would think it would take a lot longer than 4.2 seconds to form a first impression on your potential partner. How can you see if someone has a good personality or a sense of humour in less time than it takes to tie a shoe lace? Especially through all the first date nerves. Apparently, it’s all down to the process of relationship formation. Whilst online or app-based dating is playing a massive part in how we meet a date, how we go about choosing a possible mate remains pretty much the same as it always has.

Whether you spot someone in a bar, or on a bus – versus seeing their photo on a dating app, you are still checking out their physical appearance without interaction first. So, although us Brits say its what’s on the inside that counts, the truth of the matter is – we will never find out what’s on the inside if we don’t find the outside pleasurable in the first place.

After we’ve met, then the importance of physical features begins to diminish. That’s when the fun of personalities really begins.

How to impress

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Good luck!

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