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woman holding whip

Fun In The Bedroom With Exciting Accessories

A cake may look and taste great, but when decorated perfectly with glistening adornments and pretty pipework that cake becomes all the more delicious, irresistible even. Imagine having that cake and eating it. Imagine that cake is you, or your partner – now that’s where the fun begins. I’m not saying that you should smother yourself in icing and little silver balls (although if that is what you fancy then who am I to stop you), but why not have a little fun with something more than lingerie –the world of exciting accessories.

black bob style wig

Why not bejazzle yourself with satin gloves or a sexy choker, or become enchantingly mysterious with a mask or a wig? Or choose an accessory for you and your partner to enjoy together, such as a strappy handcuff or riding crop. Quite simply, it’s about fun, frolics and anything frivolous. How much or little you want to adorn is up to you, but you can be sure it will be a lot of fun trying out something new.

Fingerless Fun…

A slip of a glove can change a style from simple to sultry in a second. From a sexy satin glove with a luxurious bra and panty set, to a sleek wet look lace up with a matching bodysuit. Who knew you could completely change up your style – and intent – with something so simple. Take care to match the right glove to the outfit – a dainty lacy thing would be pretty pointless next to a black wet look corset.

Black Satin Lace Top Gloves

This pair of Black Satin Lace Top Gloves from Obsessive would look utterly seductive paired with a sexy bra and knicker set or sultry teddy.

Black Wet Look Lace Up Gloves

Or how about these Black Wet Look Lace Up Gloves from Irall to finish of that wet look bodysuit or cut out corset and panties?

Mysterious Masks

Luxurious and elegant, a mask adds an element of eroticism and mystery to any item of lingerie. Whether lying on the bed in wait, or taking control from the top, become someone else whilst hidden behind lace, or flaunt your wares with diamantes and sparkles. One thing is for sure, this little amuse-bouche of clandestine delight is utterly beguiling to behold as well as to peruse.

Mysterious Crystal Eye Mask

This Mysterious Crystal Eye Mask from Chilrose is sexy and sultry with its sparkling diamante detailing and satin ribbon ties.

Black Eyelash Lace Mask

Or this Black Eyelash Lace Mask from 7 Heaven – sultry and sophisticated in lace with a satin ribbon tie back.

Wigs of Wonderment…

Become your alter ego and act the part with a change of hairstyle or colour. One day you can choose to become someone else and have an illicit affair with a more natural-looking wig. Another day go all out and become a comic book character or historical heroine. There are so many styles to try.

Deep Aurburn Sienna Wig

This deliciously Deep Aurburn Sienna Wig from Fever would make for a super-hot lover between the sheets when paired with an erotic bodice and stocking set.

Deviant Doll Blue and Pink Wig

Ever fancied yourself as a naughty girl? Be all powerful and dominate your minions in this blue and pink “Deviant Doll” wig from Leg Avenue.

So Pussy Galore…

Everyone wants to play a bond girl sometimes. Popping on a big furry legwarmer with a sassy bodysuit or a slip of a panty is just a bit of fun and a nod to becoming your very own Pussy Galore in the boudoir! All you need to find is your Bond villain and let the battle commence…

Black & White Stripy Furry Leg Warmers

These Black & White Stripy Furry Leg Warmers from Leg Avenue are so much fun with contrasting black horizontal stripe.

Experience Together…

Accessories are a lot more fun when there is someone to share them with. Even better, someone to experience them with. Experiential accessories are about sharing pleasure, together. It’s a touch of 50 shades meets dominatrix with a sprinkle of scandalous sass. But while it can all be a lot of fun, there some things to consider before you start decorating your own red room.

woman in mask 2


If whips and crops tickle your fancy, make sure you go soft at first. Don’t deep dive straight into a riding crop before you have tried out a handcuff or two. Check your partner is happy to play around with you. The last thing you want is them running for the hills before you’ve had chance to chain them up. Finally, although it is all a bit of fun, perhaps start thinking about whether you want to include a safe word into the bedroom, just in case things get all a bit too heated

Red Cord Whip

This Red Cord Whip from Chilrose is utterly immoral with its red rubber cords, bead detailing and hoop handle.


Faux Leather Handcuffs

These Faux Leather Handcuffs from Seven Heaven are a great starter for ten with buckle closure and detachable adjoining chain.


Soft Black Feather Tickler

This Soft Black Feather Tickler from Obsessive with a black satin ribbon would make a great pairing with the eye mask for super soft and seductive sensations.


Black Studded Crop

Or how about this Black Studded Crop from Obsessive?  It’s small silver studs detailing the end can really inflict pain or pleasure.

Willing to have your cake – and eat it? Go on, give it a go. Bejazzle yourself and have fun in the process…

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