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Lace Over Satin Corset by Coquette

Your Guide to Daring with your Derriere

Who would have thought that the 2010s would be all about the arse? I mean, historically women’s behinds have been worshipped in different clothing forms (think 19th century bustles and skirt supports), but a lot of fashion forms in the past few decades have tended towards the skinny, flattened and boyish. Well not any more – our bottoms are most certainly getting their own back. Even the solemnity of the wedding ceremony has succumbed to bum baring bridesmaids trend.

Partly thanks to a raft of expanded and extraordinary celebrity behinds (yes, a certain K Kardashian is leading this trend), the ‘junk in the trunk’ is most definitely back on the agenda when it comes to worshiping the female form. Not only that but we have a craze for bum baring dresses, moon shots and cheeky exploits – the more exotic the location, the better.

Here’s the deal – are we just about at the end of the expose line when it comes to what’s acceptable in the bottom-revealing stakes or are we at the start of a rear end renaissance? Either way, it’s time to take the opportunity to flaunt those curves for all they’re worth in the most seriously sexy lingerie or dresses that you can find. So far, in the 2010s, everyone’s bonkers for the booty.

Here’s a handy list of lovely lingerie and dress ideas that will really help you dare with your derriere…

1) The thong

Bum Baring Thong

Strappy Lace Purple Thong by Seven ’til Midnight at Sparkling Strawberry

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – the thong’s been around for a good while now, but there are some beautiful examples out there that make the thong not just practical, but also pretty sexy. Perfect for those outfits where a visible pantie line would not be welcomed, thongs these days come if every material under the sun from lovely lace to microfibre and mesh.

2) Simply sexy knickers

Bum Baring Sexy Knickers

Wine Red Lattice Back Lace Panty by Seven ’til Midnight at Sparkling Strawberry

Now thongs, g-strings and panties covered in other sections here definitely qualify as sexy. So what makes a sexy pair of knickers for your desirous derriere? Well crotchless is sometimes super sexy and incredibly daring and cage back or front designs also fit that bill. Simply sexy can also mean fairly traditional, bottom-covering styles in sexy satin or sheer fabrics, or with additions like frills or bows. Simply sexy works on all derrieres, as there’s a style that suits all bottoms.

3) Miss frilly knickers

Bum Baring Frilly Knickers

White Frilly Knickers by Coquette at Sparkling Strawberry

There’s just something incredibly fun and sexy about a pair of frilly knickers. If you’re not quite as willing to let the fresh air run over your butt cheeks as our friends Kim or Chloe, then maybe a bit of a frill is your way to achieve a sexy, daring derriere, without catching a chill. The beauty of a pair of frilly knickers is they don’t concentrate on the shape of the behind (and we all come in different ones, don’t we?) they just truly celebrate being sexy and truly having fun with your lingerie.

4) It’s a bodystocking, baby

Bum Baring Bodystocking

Bottomless Black Net Bodystocking by Saresia at Sparkling Strawberry

If you’ve never worn a bodystocking, then it may be worth reading up on them before plunging straight in (the art of putting them on needs a little bit of prep in itself), but sizzling hot bodystockings can certain take derriere-worship to a whole new level. Available in just about every sexy material going, most body stockings go the extra sexy mile, with a crotchless element. You really will be entering the world of the celebrity derriere if you decide to include one of these in your wardrobe.

5) A daring reveal

Bum Baring Lingerie

Bottomless Black Satin Chemise Lingerie by Escante at Sparkling Strawberry

Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes, so why not try the ultimate reveal – your fantastic derriere exposed? You can buy all sorts of items that allow for your ravishing rump to be fully on show. Sexy chemises with a cut out detail around the bottom are one daring option. They are revealing and racy in all the right places.

6) There’s the rump

Bum Baring Dress

Wet Look Bum Baring Dress by Demoniq at Sparkling Strawberry

You may have the beautiful behind and the va va voom to hit the clubs in something totally revealing – a scintillatingly sexy cut out dress. There’s no getting around it, these red hot options are not for the shrinking violet, but you could always try out one of these creations in the privacy of your own home, to be viewed only by that special someone. Brands like Demoniq and Lolitta are masters – or should I say mistresses of such creations. There are even cheeky options that look – from the front – like a long-sleeved and long-hemmed creation, only to reveal your lovely behind in all its glory when you turn around.

7) Bottomless bra and panties

Bum Baring Bra and Panty Set

Bum Baring Bra and Panty Set by Mapale at Sparkling Strawberry

It’s always nice to have matching underwear, but that doesn’t mean your choice of bra and pants has to be too demure. If you’re willing to walk on the wild side, you could even go for a wet look style with a cut out bottom. We are truly into 50 shades territory with this wonderful creation, but if it’s your cup of tea it’s a really fun option.

8) Neigh!

Bum Baring Sexy Pony Dress

Black Wet Look Sexy Pony Dress Set by Lolitta at Sparkling Strawberry

This is all about having fun, after all and if you have the sense of humour to match your adventurous lingerie taste, then you could try dressing up your behind and looking damn sexy at the same time. One option is this crazy and sexy pony dress (whoever thought that up?). It leaves little to the imagination and will undoubtedly set pulses racing. Maybe not one to wear in front of your mother in law, but in the right company, it would go down a storm.

9) The good old fashioned

Retro Lingerie Set

Retro Lingerie Set by Leg Avenue at Sparkling Strawberry

Why not celebrate the good old fashioned panty, girdle or panty-girdle? There are so many sexy pairs of retro knickers and lingerie sets available. They’ll give you that sexy confidence with your derriere, without putting that booty too much on show. Of course, there’s always the option to do that with cut-out varieties, or even see-through or lace-up versions. Your derriere can be anything but boring.

10) Bum Baring Bridesmaids

Bum Baring Bridesmaids Knickers

White Bow Back Panty Set by Demoniq at Sparkling Strawberry

Popular a while ago and still an excellent opportunity for cheeky exploits and moon shots, is the craze for bridesmaids to bare their bottoms for the wedding album. I’ve seen a few of these make the national press and bum baring bridesmaids are not always a pretty sight. So if you want your posterior captured for posterity – think Google Images – then we suggest a tasteful arrangement befitting a wedding celebration. Perhaps a sliver of lace or a satin bow. You’ll still get a lot of exposure but at least you’ll look classy.

11) The Bum Baring Dress

This is an update on 26 October 2017. The bum baring craze is about to get a lot hotter with some new designer dresses from Saresia. This plunging neckline wet look dress with a flared hemline looks daring enough from the front. But, turning to the back view reveals a tastefull drop shaped cutout, baring just enough bum to induce gasps of awe and disbelief. Stunning!

Black Wet Look Plunge Dress

12) The Bum Baring Skirt

Again by Saresia, this wet look bum baring skirt looks like a fairly conventional, yet hot, knee length skirt from the front. The back however, looks considerably more daring. The chains not only help keep the bum baring aperture in shape but also enhance the naughtiness of the skirt – not to mention your bum.

Chain Cut Out Bum Baring Skirt

No ifs, no butts, our backsides are simply very alluring and are there to be celebrated. Decorate your beautiful bottom in the knickers, panties and outfits that you’re comfortable with. From bum baring bridesmaids to cheeky exploits on the red carpet or for a special night out, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that however far you dare in the expose stakes, you will certainly not be alone! Right, Kim?

Carpe derrière!

About the Author Isla Torsten

Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.