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Bum Shape

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Lingerie for your Bum Shape [Infographic]

When it comes to bottoms, we’re all different. From pert and peachy to flat and boyish, we all have our own bugs to bear when it comes to our derrieres, but there is no reason why we can’t just put it all out there and celebrate our curves. It’s time to get bonkers about our booties and this guide to the best lingerie for your bum shape will help you make the most of yours.

Apparently when it comes to bums, it’s all about bone structure. The placement of your pelvis and hips have as much to do with your bum shape as how much fat you are carrying, and your muscle tone. Much like choosing the right bra for your boob shape (and if you want to know more about that here’s a great article and infographic on boob shapes and bras), taking the time to figure out your own bottom shape can really help you to choose the best underwear style for you and make the most of that perky behind.

The Best Lingerie For Your Bum Shape

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Lingerie for your Bum Shape (Text Version)

Although we like to think of ourselves as utterly fabulous and unique, in fact there are 4 different shapes that everyone’s lovely bums can be categorised into:

1. Square Bum

If you look at your bum in the mirror, and your hip bones and outer thighs run straight down without much of a curve – then you’re a square bum chum. Some say boyish, others say flat – but this neat little booty is far from that.

For lingerie that would suit your shape – go for things like boy shorts, bikini briefs, tangas and thongs. Just stay away from anything frilly or with elasticated leg holes. Your lean figure won’t appreciate these styles and you’ll probably end up feeling uncomfortable and unshapely.

2. V-Shape

If you’re carrying a little more chub round the tum and less round the bum, then you could be a classic V-Shape. This is where the top of the bum has width from the hips but the base of the bum lacks a little volume and is seen to be less full and rounded.

Classic knickers such as briefs, bikinis, hipsters and boy shorts will help you here. They will balance out your bottom and make you look more rounded in the cheek. Remember, no one wants a saggy bottom – so stay away from any high cut leg holes.

3. Round Butt

Fondly referred to as the ‘bubble butt’ that’s a pretty accurate description of this lovely rounded bum shape. This is a perky derriere with has lots of volume in the cheeks. Think about the queen of twerk herself and you can’t go too far wrong.

Your gorgeous bum takes a bit of covering, so go for garments with stretch. Tangas and thongs suit you well to let those perky cheeks roam free – but briefs and boy shorts with stretch will give you comfort. Pants with a central back seam are also great to contour that gorgeous behind. ‘Stretchability’ is your new buzz word – so avoid anything without it!

4. Heart Shape

Also known as ‘Pear Shape’ or ‘A-Shape’, this beautiful buttock is thought to be one of the most womanly derrieres. With a tapered waistline, these bottoms are wider below the hips, due a rounded cheek bottom and fuller thighs.

Make the most of that gorgeous booty, so look for briefs with high cut leg holes, tangas or thongs too. Bikinis and shorts give a comfort factor, especially in stretchy lace or seamless styles. You don’t want any knicker with elasticated seems and leg holes – your bountiful bottom shouldn’t feel hemmed in!

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