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sexy halloween makeup ideas - skeleton

Halloween Makeup Ideas – How to do a Sexy Yet Scary Look

Halloween: the time of all things dark and ghoulish. Time for avantgarde costumes and eerie outfits. But what outfit would be complete without the perfect scary Halloween makeup? Imagine a witch without a wart or that classic green skin, or a clown without that face – it just wouldn’t be the same. During October, Halloween makeup ideas are everywhere so we’re going to focus on how to create a sexy yet scary look.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

If, like me, you have realised it is now mid-October and you are running out of time to organise that amazing Halloween costume – have no fear – makeup is here! There are many ways you can turn an everyday outfit into the perfect Halloween ensemble with the right make up if you know how. Makeup is the must-have Halloween accessory for young and old, men and women alike.

halloween spider web makeup

This year, there are some fantastic Halloween makeup ideas that can really grab your imagination. From the deathly, to the downright sexy, makeup is the key to perfecting these looks. Here, we’ll look at 5 of the most popular makeup themes of this year. You might also like to take a look at our sexy halloween costumes and the hundreds of ideas on our Halloween makeup ideas Pinterest Board. But first, some tips for how to create that sexy yet scary spooktastic look…

Top Halloween makeup tips to achieve the sexy yet scary look

halloween forest makup

1. Take your time

You can do scary as quick as you like. Mistakes and crudely applied makeup will just add to the gruesomeness. If you look scary then people won’t look too close. Sexy takes more time and care. The makeup you use to accentuate your best features needs to be as good as you can get it.

2. Practice

Practice at least a week before. You can experiment and find the best look by trial and error. You will also allow time to get those things you didn’t know you needed before you started. And time how long you need to allow yourself to do it for real on the day.

3. Accentuate the sexy

For the sexy part of your look, use stronger, bolder colours that you would normally (unless of course you’re doing pale). In contrast to the scary part, it will not look overdone. Don’t be afraid to really accentuate the sexy part.

4. Staying Power

If you want your make up to stay fresh all night, be sure to use a primer that is suitable for your skin type underneath your makeup. Then once your look is complete, finish off with a setting spray or set with a loose powder for longevity! There’s nothing sexy about your make up or face paint rubbing off! If you’re using halloween face paints, stay away from grease based face paint, unless you have a setting powder for them, these will just smudge and make your sexy look, scary – and not in a good way! Choose water based face paints, as they are easy to apply and easy to remove and last well – so perfect if you’re going to be out all night! Use a waterproof mascara. Look for long lasting makeup, as this is your best bet at your make up staying all night… or day!

5. Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Be careful and always follow the instructions. By law, you should only be sold cosmetic contact lenses “under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner, a registered optometrist or a registered dispensing optician.” This leaflet from the General Optical Council explaines why.

6. Play the part

Get into the role. If you’re being a vampire; act the part. Move gracefully, look calm and serious and focus on your victims as if you’re about to take a bite.


halloween skeleton make up

It’s a good old classic Halloween look that never fails to impress. Simply match any black outfit with a killer skeleton look and you will always have a winner.

In reality, the skeleton look is deceivingly simple. It is all about the contrast between black and white face paint – to paint the bone structure – then have fun with the shadowing using a dark eye shadow to brush around all the black areas. You can decide how much or how little of your body you want to cover.

Black and White Halloween Skeleton Makeup

If you’re a newbie to the skeleton face painting world, or you simply fancy another dimension to your look – why not go for a half and half look – where sexy glamourpuss meets creepy skeleton.


sexy halloween makeup - vampire

There is little else that screams Halloween louder than a sexy vampire. But this look is one of the easiest Halloween makeup ideas to achieve. It is perfect for the less advanced makeup artists amongst us, although you can really go to town with that fake blood!

To really perfect the look, you need pale skin – so taking the time to find a very pale foundation, or even white face paint will really pay dividends here. Other than that, all you need is your regular makeup, and fake blood – and lots of it. But whatever you do, go overboard on that eye makeup – sultry and smoky are a must. A blood red lipstick will also help you to add the vamp to your vampire, so be sure to invest in a good one.

vampire's kiss

A pair of good fangs and some gothic jewellery will finish the look nicely. This easy Halloween makeup is not necessarily too scary to look at but adopt a serious, menacing, hungry demeanor and your victims will soon be scared.

Doll Face

sexy halloween make up ideas - doll face

Some love them, some hate them – but no one can deny that with a little panache, you can really make a doll’s face scary. From a shattered doll face, to the all-out creepy ventriloquist doll – this look is a perfect pairing with a cutesy dress to really shock and impress.

For Halloween doll makep, all you need is your regular makeup for a base (although again white face paint can always be used to give a pale porcelain look to your skin), plus bright shades of eye makeup such as pinks, oranges and blues, together with coloured eyeliners to draw in the facial features. White eyeliner can help make your eyes look bigger, and black eyeliner is a must. Finish off with a bright lipstick to make the lips pop and your scary doll look is complete.

broken doll face

If you decide you want to be a shattered doll, add a massive crack or hole using black eyeliner over a part of your face (or several if you’re really broken!). For a ventriloquist look, simply shade your lower lip with white and black to make your top teeth, and draw in your mouth below. Utterly freaky.

Day of the Dead – Sugar Skull

sexy halloween makeup- day of the dead

If you want something a little more other-worldly, then look no further than the Día de Muertos sugar skull theme. Simply translated as ‘Day of the Dead’, this Mexican festival starts on the very same day as Halloween. This intricate Day of the Dead makeup style resembling the decorated sugar skulls from the festival have become massively popular over recent years.

This look is not for the faint hearted. If you aren’t sure of your makeup skills level – perhaps stick to something a little more basic. Enhance your makeup with stitched lips and sunken eyes – not forgetting the must-have flower accessories of course.

Halloween Sugar kull makeup

For a simple look and an easy Day of the Dead Halloween makeup, stick to a monotone feel using white or black with beaded or flower accessories. But if you want to make your sugar skull even sweeter – add a touch of colour using purple, reds, or even pinks and oranges around the eyes and lips.


sexy halloween makeup ideas - zombie

No Halloween would be complete without a Zombie wondering the streets, would it? From Night of the Living Dead, to Shaun of the Dead – zombies have captured our imaginations for decades, and as such this ghostly look has become synonymous with all things horror.

zombie makeup

For us makeup geeks however, the look couldn’t be simpler. It is a bit like crossing the vampire makeup with the skeleton makeup. For a fast, easy Halloween makeup, try white skin, black detailing and shading, with a combination of red for blood shot eyes. For extra detail, a little blood around the mouth or some black veins popping out of your skin will really take your zombie to the next level. And if you are lucky enough to have any white contact lenses in your collection – they’re a zombie’s best friend!

I hope you found these Halloween makeup ideas and tips useful. If you need more help then check out more of the many Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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