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Halloween Story - Wanda and Calaveros

Magic Wanda – A Surprising Halloween Romance And Passion

It was a promising evening to celebrate Halloween: the darkening sky with its dark clouds loomed darkly over the town. There was a full moon in the sky, and as the nights were drawing in and outside activities were limited, there were increasing full moons indoors as well. On such a night, Halloween romance was just a spell away.

Wanda was finishing her costume for the party. She was of a traditional bent in such matters and always made her own; that was part of the fun. She was a creative and practical person and enjoyed sewing on the nipple tassels to her skeleton costume: you can take traditionalism too far.

Magic Wanda

When all was ready she wriggled into her costume. It was made using garments she already had, and some of them she seemed to have grown out of, a little. There were black leggings painted with leg bones, and she eased these up over her sumptuous limbs, executing equally sumptuous wiggles to get the tight lycra over her callipygous bunnage. Eventually they were in position (the leggings…the bunnage was already perfectly positioned) and she started on the upper coverages.

She had found a skinny black top which she had also painted with spine and ribs, and shoulders and arm bones. However, Wanda was not herself skinny, and her wiggles became more urgent as she writhed into the top. She finally got her arms in and pulled the top down over the bustage department. Finally containment was achieved and she was ready. She looked in the cheval mirror to see the full effect, and privately congratulated herself on the details. There would be many skeletons and lots of sexy Halloween costumes at the party she thought, but hers would be the only one with a thong and nipple tassels.

Wanda is Halloween ready

The Reveal

The party was already underway when she arrived, the costume concealed within an overcoat for maximum surprise. The reveal was all she could have hoped for, and more than some other attendees had ever dreamed of.

She removed the coat with a flourish which set the tassels into little twirls, mesmerising at least one observer. Calaveros was Mexican, and although he had lived in England for several years, this was the first invitation he had received to a Hallowe’en party. It was the nearest thing to a Day of the Dead celebration, so he was thrilled. He was thrilled with the invitation, but then he found himself thrilled all over again as Wanda emerged rotatingly from her winter coat, her intriguing nipulations spinning enticingly before his eyes.

Once the tassels had calmed down (but Calaveros had not) he took in the rest of the view. Calaveros approved of the skeletonian style, and the little painted-on thong with its sequinned decoration, was particularly enthralling. He was glad she had not gone as far as wearing a skull headdress as she was lavishly pretty. He approved the unusual treatment of the ribbage, and also the way that the painted and tasselled top was barely coping with its containment duties. His eyes wandered over Wanda hungrily – though he would be the first to admit that normally this would be doomed to disappointment with a skeleton, in this case his appetite was enhanced as he noted the paradoxical fleshiness.

Something Stirrs

Calaveros had come dressed as a ghost mummy (in a nod to the English traditions) and his baggy sheets and bandages fortunately concealed the fact there was considerable evidence of boning beneath. Wanda smiled winsomely at him, and selfconciously twiddled a strand of hair. She had actually noticed the stirrings within the ghost costume and was interested to know more of the person within.

“Hello” she said. Sometimes traditional openers were the best. “I’m Wanda”
“Wanda?” he replied
“Yes” she said “Magic Wanda”
He laughed, and the ghost costume flapped around him.
“Would you like a drink?” he asked
She nodded eagerly, and he ushered her, with his ghostly ushing arms, towards the bar.
“They are serving Hallowe’en cocktails. Would you like one?”

Wanda looked at the chalkboard, on which were listed:
Black Widow
Witches Hat
Smokin’ Skulls Shot
Black Devil Martini
None of them sounded very inviting

“I‘d really prefer a Slow Comfortable Screw” she replied, looking into his eyes meaningfully
Calaveros stepped closer to her, so that her nipple tassels tickled his forearm, where it poked out of the costume. The tickle went southwards and causing further misalignment of his bindings.

“A couple of beers first though?” he whispered in her ear, noticing how soft and warm were the bumps of her skeleton in the chesty area.
“Do you think you have a ghost of a chance with me?” she asked
Calaveros smiled “I feel it in my bones”
After a moment he added “Well, in my bone, anyway”
Wanda laughed, and, encouraged, he continued
“Would you like to snuggle between my sheets?”
Wanda smiled, and leaned gently against him
“You’re quite….soft…for a skeleton”
She was standing very close to him, and replied “You’re quite hard, for a ghost”

Halloween Romance

Halloween Romance

Both conclusions seemed to be mutually agreeable, and it was not long before the conversation had both moved to somewhere more private, and embarked on a different and more magical route. So it was that Calaveros was able to take her on a thrilling broomstick ride, aided by the magic Wanda.
It seemed as though, on this cold autumn night, she was the one to warm his bone, and Calaveros proved beyond doubt that ghosts are in fact extremely substantial. Wanda found this knowledge satisfying, and her cauldron was thoroughly stirred. Calaveros didn’t mind the damp patches on his sheet at all.

There were fireworks, and who can say whether they were outside, or within…..

Happy Halloween

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