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Sheer lingerie babydoll

How To Be A Temptress In Sheer Lingerie

Sheer lingerie – it’s a bit like marmite. Some love it, some… well not so much. But I believe sheer lingerie is only really disliked by the people who haven’t given it a go. It can be sheer ecstasy when you find the right piece. It’s a perfectly subtle approach to seduction, giving you an almost naked look, but with the control factor that any decent lingerie provides.

Shopping for some sexy sheer lingerie can be unnerving for first timers. Like most lingerie, there are many different styles and levels of sheer you can adopt. So, whether you are just dipping your toe in the sheer pool or diving right in – there is something sensationally scant for everyone.

Sheer Lingerie, Sheer Luxury?

OK, so why is sheer lingerie so good then? Well dear reader, I’m glad you asked me that (ok, so I made you, but I know you were thinking it anyway). Sheer lingerie doesn’t just have to be about sensuality – there are many perfectly practical reasons why sheer is so positively peachy. It’s cooler for a start, and in the height of summer you might appreciate something more lightweight and breathable next to your skin than some of the typically heavier materials found in regular lingerie.

Plus Size Mesh Plum Babydoll

It is also great to give the appearance of being almost naked, without actually being naked. Undressed, but not undressed. It controls your wobbly bits, letting you focus your attentions on being the tantalising temptress. And when you have as many wobbly bits as I do, control is a really important thing!

Speaking of my wobbly bits – sheer lingerie isn’t just for Skinny Minnies with flawless figures. There are so many different shapes, styles and designs, including plus size lingerie too. You can opt for garments with opaque fabric sections or detailed lace patterns can really help to flatter your figure whilst enhancing your finest features.

Liberate your Temptress

Ultimately though, sheer is sheer. The word speaks for itself. It puts your figure on show, no matter how many opaque or lace pieces there are. You need a certain level of self-confidence to be able to wear sheer lingerie freely. But I would say rather than avoid it, liberate yourself. Step outside of your comfy bra and panty world and give it a go. It may just help you be more contented with your body and boost your confidence about your body image too.

Black Sheer Lace Long Gown

It doesn’t have to be exceptionally skimpy and scandalous though. Yes, it is super sexy, but it can also be soft and subtle too. Take the time to choose a piece that makes you feel most confident. Your temptress will thank you for it in the long run.

Start Subtly

Fuchsia Floral Trim Bra and Thong

Just because you have decided to try it, doesn’t mean you have to jump right in! Ease your way into sheer with something that you will be comfortable in. Try pieces that are more semi-sheer than entirely see-through, or perhaps think about layering sheer pieces over more opaque items to avoid showing too much skin until you’re ready… the fully transparent bodysuit can wait ‘til later!

A Casual Affair

Pleated Back Sheer Black Chemise

If you’re lingerie interests are more about comfort and cosiness than sensual and sexy, you may be uncertain about your pilgrimage to all things sheer. Yet, you can definitely find more simple pieces that are comfortable, and sexy too! Or, why not try a more casual form of seduction that you’ll be comfortable with – something as simple as one of his t-shirts with a knock out sexy pair of see-through panties peeking under the hem would really make it steamy.

Attention to detail

Black Embroidered Waist Halterneck Teddy

You might believe that detailing on sheer lingerie is pretty trivial, but those little frilly or sparkly bits aren’t just a way to make lingerie more expensive you know, they actually have a purpose. They can really make a difference to the look and feel of a garment. Details can change and enhance a piece of sheer lingerie from boring to beguiling, lacklustre to luxurious. They also help to add interest and draw attention to the most stimulating bits of your bod. So, when you’re choosing your lingerie, think about its embellishments as well as its style and fit.

Personal Preferences

Sheer Black Halter Backless Bodystocking

There’s a lot that can be said for choosing lingerie because you like the look of it, or you think it will work well with your body shape. The most important thing about lingerie hunting, is finding something that works for you and your personal preferences. The style and fit is massively important, from the scandalous and skimpy to the loose and flowing or feminine and fanciful. Whether you want to be daring and sexy, provocative and cheeky or feminine and romantic – it is all down to you.

Most importantly, be confident in your ‘sheer’ skin, have fun and try new things… You never know, you might like it!

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Maggie doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you enhance your assets. A serial underwear shopper, with several top drawers to prove it, Maggie is a positive fountain of knowledge when it comes to your undies…

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