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how to have fun with naughty knickers

How to Have Fun with Naughty Knickers

From the ancient Greeks to Pippa Middleton, throughout history we have always been obsessed with a good bottom. Artists emphasise it, photographers enhance it, celebrities flash it. The bottom is as synonymous with all things cheeky as a peach is juicy . But, from the day Marilyn Monroe was photographed standing over that subway grate in her billowing white dress flashing a sneaky peek of a pristine knicker, our obsession has grown from not only a cheeky bum, but also the naughty knickers to wrap it in.

These days our wrapping options are limitless – briefs, hipsters, boyshorts, bikinis, tangas, thongs, g-strings… you name it, there is probably one of them out there to wrap your bountiful behind. Some naughty knickers are designed for purpose (after all, a g-string would never make a good period pant), others are designed purely for pleasure – meet the naughty knicker!

naughty knickers

Nice to Naughty – what’s your style?

From the tantalising crotchless thongs, to the tease-me-now touches on a gorgeously sexy knicker, there are so many different levels of daring when it comes to naughty underwear. Have fun doing a bit of window shopping – perhaps ‘screen shopping’ is a better descriptor – and look at the vast range of panties out there on websites such as Sparkling Strawberry.

But once you have found your premier panty of peachiness, how can you use it to your advantage? How can you have a little fun? Of course, there is the short skirt + sneaky peek as you bend over / reach up high, but isn’t that all a bit cliché?

Here are ten mischievous musings for having a little fun with a naughty knicker:

1. The Wicked Whisper

Have you ever dared to go on a date with no underwear on? Fun isn’t it? Whether it’s just simply knowing that you’re a naughty nudie, or the teasing whisper to your partner to reveal your raunchiness – the intimate knowledge that you share with your partner is nothing short of downright sexy.

Amourous Red Lace Open Thong

Now pop a naughty knicker on top of that image. How about an Amourous Red Lace Open Thong from Let’s Duck for example? That barely-there hint of racy red and the fact that you could open your legs in a flash to reveal a whole new world of wonderment.

All it takes is a little whisper to your date, “guess what I’m wearing”, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand – or somewhere else later if you’re really lucky.

2. The Taxi Flash

When you think of celebrities and their bottoms, the majority have been ‘papped’ when getting in or out of a taxi at a major celeb do. Why not learn a little from their cheekiness and take on your own voyeuristic version of a taxi flash?

Hot Red Jewel Lace Thong

Imagine your date is non-the-wiser to your naughty knicker. You’re wearing something like this Hot Red Jewel Lace Thong from Obsessive. Hidden underneath that LBD, you ‘accidentally’ (on purpose) flash just a bit too much as you exit the vehicle, giving your date a preview of what lies beneath. I guarantee the rest of the evening your date will be thinking how to get a second glimpse, and you’ll be the one pulling all the (g-)strings…

3. The Travellers Tease

You don’t have to be with your partner to leave them wanting. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “all good things come to those who wait”, then you’ll know that making your partner wait that little longer could be just the ticket for an erotic encounter on their return.

 Come Undone Crotchless Brazilian Panty

Why not buy a naughty knicker with the idea of hiding it into your partners suitcase or pocket as they go away? Something like this Come Undone Crotchless Brazilian Panty from Rene Rofe will certainly get imaginations running wild as they imagine your beautiful bod inside this black and lacy crotchless creation.

The fun comes on their return and you can slip the panty on to show them what it really looks like… It’s also a hell of a lot of fun waiting to find out where and when they discovered their ‘present’!

4. The Bedtime Flirtation

What do you wear when you go to bed? Do you prefer a naughty but nice negligee or a prim and proper pyjama? Have you ever thought about wearing underwear instead? Swap your nighty for a knicker and you’ll see your sex life lift exponentially.

Pink Heart Back Crotchless

A cheeky panty like this Pink Heart Back Crotchless design from Seven ‘til Midnight is perfect for a little night time arousal between the sheets. Cutesy enough to say, “I’m comfortable and my aim is sleeping” (wink wink), but totally erotic with its cutouts and crotchless design. You’ll know there will be very little sleeping with this number.

5. The Raunchy Restaurant

Forget When Harry Met Sally, this is your turn to surprise your partner over the dinner table. The element of surprise mixed with the sheer sensuality of your suggestiveness will have your date daring to inch their hands up your legs.

White Peek A Boo Bow G String

Wear your best, “come and get me” pants – something like this White Peek-a-Boo Bow G-String from Let’s Duck is perfect – it’s so small you can easily hide it in your hand. Simply slip your g-string off (in the toilets if you prefer a safe place, or under the table if you’re really daring) and pop them into your partner’s hands when they least expect it.

6. The Shameless Shower

If you’ve ever showered with your partner you’ll know it can be immensely exciting, the soapiness of two bodies entwining under hot water – it can get very steamy.

Open Back Heart White Lace Panty

Now add an Open Back Heart White Lace Panty from Dreamgirl. When your other half is in the shower, slip on these peachy pants with a gorgeous heart cutout detail and jump on in behind them. Have a lot of fun as they discover you and your wears under water.

7. The Perfect Pose

If you’re comfortable in your own skin, then this is a perfect bit of fun for you. Go a little further than purchasing some pants and why not book in for an erotic photoshoot? There are some great companies out there who will photograph you and your naughty knicker and turn you into a bewitching babe in picture format.

Black and Red Lace Up Back Shorty

Have fun choosing the right knicker for a photoshoot. Something that covers up just the right amount whilst leaving no room to the imagination. This Black and Red Lace Up Back Shorty from Escante would really focus in on all the right assets with its red satin ribbon lace up back.

Once you have your perfectly peachy picture, why not frame it and give it to your partner as a naughty-but-nice anniversary pressie? Or pop a copy into their wallet for them to find as they search for their credit card at the supermarket… Once they’ve seen your assets on show, they’ll surely be asking for a private encore at home.

8. The Removal Refusal

Forget getting naked for a minute, sometimes more is definitely more. If you’re feeling intimate with your partner, why not slip on a naughty knicker and refuse to take it off between the sheets. After all, crotchless was designed for a reason – use it to its full advantage!

Strappy Black Lace Crotchless Panty

Something like this Strappy Black Lace Crotchless Panty from Passion would be perfect for late night nuptials . Totally erotic, feminine and fanciful with a ‘come and get it’ crotchless front and back.

There’s no reason why you can’t combine many of these fun fancies for even more fun. A hint of a wicked whisper and a taxi flash before the removal refusal. It all plays to you holding the sexy power, so wield it well.

9. The Raunchy Roleplay

From French Maids to Naughty Nurses, there are so many knicker designs that work to a theme. You can really let your imagination run free and have some fun with a bit of raunchy roleplay.

Naughty Nurse Panty

Ooh Matron! Why not don a Naughty Nurse Panty from Escante to let your inner medic run wild? Even better, hide it under your date night attire and then let loose on his stethoscope when you’re back in the bedroom.

After all, you don’t have to have the full outfit to play the part. A themed thong will work wonderfully.

10. The Naughty Knicker Party

I’m not just talking a wayward version of a Tupperware party here. Those days of sitting in someone’s lounge as an all-too-smiley sales rep is telling you to pop a vibrator on your nose to ‘feel the sensation’ is a little bit dated / totally awks.

Purple Strappy Floral Skirted Thong

If you’re into more extravagant exhibitionism, search out a club that hosts erotic parties and head on over. You can always decide how much – or how little – you are going to wear when you get there. If getting it out in public isn’t quite your thing, but you still fancy flaunting yourself, why not host you own naughty knicker party at home? Something like this Purple Strappy Floral Skirted Thong from Seven ‘til Midnight would set the style a treat.

What’s even better – you’re in control of the dress code. So whether it’s a knickers-only affair, or you’ll let people wear a something on top – anything goes!

Time to get Naughty….

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