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faux suspender stockings

How To Look Sexy And Be Comfortable In Suspender Tights

Stockings or tights, tights or stockings… it is a question I’ve often deliberated – even blogged about. There are so many lovely benefits to both, but which is better? This is not a new question. We all know stockings have been around forever, but since the invention of tights our luscious legs have had a preference one way or another. Personally, I like the comfort and fit of a tight, but stockings are undeniably sexy in a way that tights can never be… or can they?

Best of Both…

Not so long ago, one brilliant person (not me I am sorry to say) sat down and thought, “why can’t I have the best of both?” and invented the faux stocking, or suspender tight if you would rather. Simply put, they are tights that look like stockings. They still have all the functionality of tights and no need for a garter belt. But they have additional detailing around the top of the leg to make it look like stocking tops from a distance.

What’s more, it seems that it’s not just me who likes the best of both. From Rihanna and Alexa Chung, to Ellie Goulding and Little Mix, everyone is joining the suspender tight trend and its popularity isn’t set to diminish anytime soon.

Suspender tights offers you classic comfort with a side of sexy and can easily be dressed up, or down depending on the occasion. Wear with a longer skirt at the office to appear classically opaque or combine with a short dress after hours for a sexy and flirtatious style.

Try it for yourself…

So, if you’re tempted to try a suspender tight for yourself, which are the best styles to go for?

Classically Nude

Faux Suspender Stocking Nude Tights

These Faux Suspender Stocking Nude Tights from Passion offer a classically elegant style to the suspender tight, with nude 20 denier sheer material and a detailed faux suspender belt and garter pattern. Beautiful to wear at the office, or for a more formal occasion.

Make a Statement

Black Faux Garterbelt Top Tights

Or how about these Black Faux Garter belt Top Tights from Leg Avenue? Absolutely on trend, they are great to wear with a short skirt and boots. The opaque black spandex tights can be worn casual or to impress with their faux suspender and garter belt top.

Sassy Straps

Nude and Black Faux Suspender Tights

Lingerie is all about the strappy look at the moment. So, why not try these Nude and Black Faux Suspender Tights from Ballerina. Opaque black from the knee with a nude tight at the thigh, detailed with an embossed floral pattern and faux suspender print.

Beautifully Burlesque

Faux Suspender and Floral Embroidered Tights

Fancy dressing it up a bit? These sexy Faux Suspender and Floral Embroidered Tights from Ballerina will certainly grab attention. The faux suspender design and floral embroidered thigh detail is luxuriously extravagant and feminine. Contrast that with a modern striped detail at the top.

Wedding Essential

Faux Stockings White Floral Lace Tights

If the wedding bells are ringing, then look no further than these elegant Faux Stockings White Floral Lace Tights from Ballerina. They’re a perfect bridal accompaniment. The subtle floral lace print at the top and around the thighs create a beautifully feminine false stocking effect. Just add your something blue…

If, like me, you always want the sexiness of a stocking, but just can’t get away from the ease of a tight – perhaps its time you went ‘faux’ and tried the suspender stocking!? What have you got to lose?

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