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How to Look Sexy in 2018

2018 may be the year of the Dog, but for some it’s still about how to look sexy. In the good old days, being sexy was about how you dressed, with short skirts and tight tops – not to mention a smoky eye or some vampish lippy. Being sexy these days is far less about looks, and much more about us. Attractiveness comes from within, and true sexiness lies within the eye of the beholder. With major companies deciding to leave their models un-airbrushed to show real beauty, there is no better time to celebrate our differences. Confidence is sexy, it’s time to enjoy it.

If you’re after some confidence boosting, sex-lifting advice on how to increase your score on the scale of seductiveness, then look no further. Here are some brilliant tips for how to look sexy in 2018…

Upbeat your Attitude

Before we get onto looks, its time to look within. Expressing an upbeat attitude to life can enhance your personal charisma and have a positive effect on how people see you. Express your emotions, smile, maintain eye contact, and employ a little good old PMA (positive mental attitude) to really boost your sex appeal.

Invest in Good Hair Days

Ever noticed when you’re ill how your hair feels limp and lack-lustre? Or when you’re having a bad hair day nothing seems to go right? Believe it or not, how your hair looks can greatly affect your mood. Find time to blow dry your hair in the mornings, or invest in a blow-dry service before a night out – it won’t just lift your roots, but lift your spirits too.

bad hair day

Indulge in the Little Things

It’s amazing how the little things can play such a massive part in making us look and feel sexy. Just like having a blow dry, a manicure or pedicure can work wonders. Invest in a new lip gloss or hand bag. Wear heels – not only will the added height make you feel more empowered, they will help to make your legs look longer and more luscious – who doesn’t want that!? I’m not saying go and blow a whole month’s wages on looking fab, but investing a little in yourself can work magic.

woman in red lipstick

Forget the Flash

Unlike the rules of the yesteryear, sexy doesn’t have to mean flashing your boobs or legs everywhere you go. Unless you’re in the bedroom, showing a load of skin doesn’t always equal sexy. Far from it – it can often translate to “trying too hard”. It is much better to know your own body, figure out how best to show off the best bits and make the most of it. Forget less is more, sometimes more is more! However, if you ever fancy undoing it a little with that extra button on your blouse – go for it, a little care-free attitude to dressing certainly helps attract the looks.

woman in office

Play it Up

Talking about understanding your own body, its time to look in the mirror. What features do you like about yourself, what are the things that people notice about you? Making the most of your best bits can really boost your confidence, and make you look stunningly sexy at the same time. From a simple swipe of a luscious lippy, to swapping the baggy jeans for skinnies – there are so many little things you can do to make a massive difference on how you feel, and how others see you.

Be Relaxed

When you feel you are trying too hard, you probably are. Sexiness shouldn’t have to be time consuming, or a rigorous daily routine. Sure, effort in = sexiness out. But focus your energy on being yourself and interacting with people rather than what you look like. Vanity is not sexy. I’m not saying don’t put the effort in for that all-important date or party, there are always times when a little rigour is required!

Woman relaxed and smiling

Try Some Sexy Lingerie

There is no denying, a little sexy lingerie can really help boost your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter if the only person who sees it is you. Sexy lingerie doesn’t have to be tacky, but there is no denying – having an amazing lingerie set under your clothes will put a spring in your step and give you that all important air of confidence. Valentine’s Day is comig up fast and is a perefect excuse to try out some sexy new red lingerie.

woman in red lingerie

But Don’t Forget your Panty-Line

Visible Panty Lines are never sexy and do not belong to your “how to look sexy” checklist. Look to seamless styles or thongs or even go commando to avoid the dreaded VPL.

Pyjamas are for Sleeping

I love pyjamas, those oh-so-cosy pieces of loveliness that give you a hug of comfort after a long day. But pyjamas don’t really score when it comes to looking sexy. Why not swap out the comfies for some truly sexy sleepwear, like a teddy, camisole or negligee. Falling asleep sexy will help you feel sexy when you wake – or better still, stop you sleeping at all if you partner sees you in your new get up!

woman on bed in sexy sleepwear

Touch More

All too often we rely on other senses to boost our sexiness. How we look, how we smell – but what about how we touch? I’m not saying be inappropriate here, but a simple stroke of the arm, a hand to the back or shoulder – these subtle signals are a great way to attract attention when you’re socialising with someone you fancy.

woman kissing man on neck

Get the Ball Rolling

One of the sexiest things is to actually have sex. The more of it you have, the more sexy you feel. Initiating sex with your partner will show them that you enjoy sex and you find them sexy. This simple act in itself can be one of the biggest turn-ons. when it comes to how to look sexy, confidence is crucial and practice builds confidence. Give it a go.

And Leave the Lights On

You may already be a ‘lights on’ kinda person, in which case – woohoo go you! But if you’re not, why not keep the lights on once in a while? It may feel funny or unnatural at first, but it also makes it feel more spontaneous, which is super sexy in itself. Not only this, you can take time to really see each other – another super sexy boost for your bedroom antics.

in bed with the lights on

Try Something New

From going to a restaurant you’ve never been to, to signing up to an art class, or investing in a little role-play fantasy wear for the bedroom – variety is the spice of life, and something new can certainly enhance your mood and help a person feel sexier.

woman in art class

Be Yourself

With all this in mind, the most important thing you can do is be yourself. As a wise man once sang, “Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur”. Confidence is sexy. Its time to be confident in your own skin and shine as the wonderful person you are.

About the Author Maggie Emstone

Maggie doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you enhance your assets. A serial underwear shopper, with several top drawers to prove it, Maggie is a positive fountain of knowledge when it comes to your undies…