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Mapale world cup bodysuits 2018

How To Score Big at the World Cup

If you’re ‘football crazy, football mad’ you’ll need no reminder that the World Cup 2018 is about to kick off. If, however, you’re like me and you’d rather be plucking your eyelashes out than watching a football match – even if it is sexy men in shorts – you’ll be dying for a distraction. Whatever your penchant for soccer, good old Sparkling Strawberry have launched a new range of World Cup bodysuits from Mapale to really perk things up a bit.

World Cup Bodysuits

This ‘team’ of outfits includes 11 bountiful bodysuits; 10 each representing a different country, plus one raunchy ref suit – because everyone needs a flash of a red card every now and again. From amorous Argentina to flirtatious France, these outfits all feature low scooping necklines and backs, sporty tank straps in country colours. What better way to fly the flag of your football team than to display it proudly on a sexy bodysuit?

Celebrate a win and display your colours in the bedroom for a bit of post-match debriefing (quite literally). Or why not, distract your partner during the match by parading your team colours in front of the tele. Who knows what fun you’ll have in half time, especially with the easily accessible crotch fastenings!

Raunchy Ref Bodysuit

Raunchy Ref Bodysuit

No foul play please!

Come-hither Colombia Bodysuit

Come-hither Colombia

Explain that off-side rule to me one more time!

Moreish Mexico Bodysuit

Moreish Mexico

Can we plan for some extra time?

Amorous Argentina World Cup Bodysuit
Amorous Argentina

And what exactly is the problem with “hand ball”?

Bountiful Brazil Bodysuit

Bountiful Brazil

See you on the touch line!

Flirtatious France World Cup Bodysuit

Flirtatious France

Wow, vous avez de très bonnes compétences de tête.

Arousing America - Usa World Cup Bodysuit

Arousing America

Your balls are the wrong shape, but I’m ready for a touchdown when you are!

Germany World Cup Bodysuit

Gorgeous Germany

Das war kein Abseits! Aber wenn du den Ball zurückhaben willst, komm und hol es dir.

Russia World Cup Bodysuit

Risqué Russia

Thank heavens for half time!

Australia world cup bodysuit

Alluring Australia

Kick off?  I’ll toss you for it!

England World Cup Bodysuit
Enchanting England

And last (let’s hope not) but not least, England. Always prepared to accept a penalty for her misconduct.

The only trouble is, with outfits that look as good as this – you’ll be scoring so frequently you’ll want a World Cup bodysuit for every match. When you put it this way, perhaps I do like football after all.

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