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How To Wear A Bodystocking

To a bodystocking virgin, it is not impossible to imagine this marvellous creation as an implement of lingerie torture, entrapping the wearer in a tangle of fishnet and lace whilst exposing our fine forms in the most unflattering of places. In fact, the bodystocking couldn’t be more different. With the right selection, this fabulous one-piece not only controls those unwanted bulges; it’s wonderful to wear under that LBD and is actually perfectly practical. It can be the most seductive of lingerie, subtly revealing and tempting your lover, offering a hint of skin through erotic and sheer materials. What’s not to love?

how to buy a bodystocking

How to buy a bodystocking

But just how do you go about purchasing the right bodystocking for you? And how on earth do you put it on to ensure you have the best fit for your comfort, whilst looking seriously sexy? This guide aims to give you a little insight into bodystockings, from shop rack to top rack (if you catch our drift…?)

dreamgirl-suspender-bodystockingMost bodystockings come in one size so when it comes to sizing, you can’t really go wrong. A lot of plus size styles are also available, so those with larger frames need not worry. Seriously, these beauties look good on almost anyone, but choosing the right material can have a big impact on the overall look, especially when you take into consideration your own body shape. If you are a newbie to the bodystocking, then maybe try something in a lace or sheer material, which will give you fabulous comfort whilst giving your partner a tempting glimpse of what lies beneath.

There are so many other things to consider too – colour, intact versus crotchless styles, peekaboo elements, sleeve length, open or closed back – and the majority is down to personal preference. Take your time doing your own research to figure out the styles you think you would prefer, window shop (it’s probably more like ‘screen shop’) to find the right bodystocking for you or your partner. Websites such as www.sparklingstrawberry.com have a wide range of bodystockings on offer from a variety of brands, so you can really take your time choosing the right garment.

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seven-til-midnight-plus-size-bodystockingHow to put on a bodystocking

But once the excitement of the purchase passes, and you find that perky parcel of possibility on your doorstep, full of feminine fancy – what on earth do you do with it? How do you get it from parcel to personage, from wardrobe to wearing? How do you actually put on a bodystocking?

Well, it couldn’t be more simple. Think of your bodystocking as a very large pair of tights, with the entry through the neck rather than the waist. But, just as any regular tights wearer will know – don’t just pop your foot in without prior preparation! To avoid entanglement, ladders or tears, it is super important to start from the feet and work your way up, even if you are entering from the top!

In 3 simple steps – here’s how to put on a bodystocking:

1) Working from the neckline, roll or scrunch up the bodystocking to gather the material in your hands until you find the feet and toes of the garment. Pop one foot in, and pull the leg up to about knee height, then repeat with the other foot, and pull that side up again until knee height.

Obsessive red bodystocking2) Now it’s wriggle time! Ensuring that the front of your bodystocking remains at the front (no twisting here!), pull the bodystocking upwards and over your bum and hips, just like a pair of tights, keeping tension in the material to avoid unnecessary sagging and wrinkles. If you have chosen a crotchless style, make sure that you have your cut out area positioned comfortably, it is so much harder going back and repositioning afterwards.

3) Once you are above your belly-button you are almost home and dry! Keep pulling the garment upwards, with tension and without twisting. Work your bodystocking up and over your breasts, then it is time to pop in those arms. Much like you would a leotard, gently slide one arm into the suit first before the other, then pull up and over your shoulders to fit the bodystocking around the neck.

Ta-Da! There you are – 3 simple steps to bodystocking perfection. All that’s left to do is enjoy. Whether it’s to wear under a slimline evening dress, or for that moment at the end of the evening when the dress comes off… One thing is for sure, both you and your partner will be in for a treat!

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