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Stockings and Stilettos - High Heels in the Bedroom

Stockings and Stilettos – How To Wear High Heels In The Bedroom

You wouldn’t naturally assume that footwear could be so desirable yet slipping into a sexy stiletto is probably one of the easiest ways to turn your partner on in the bedroom. Adding some sexy stockings or some gorgeous erotic lingerie can increase the desire even further. Wearing high heels in bed is a dead cert when it comes to making your partner pulsate whilst panting for more. It can re-enact so many sexual fantasies; sex with the boss, daring with a dominatrix, or the stranger at the bar with legs that go on forever. Bringing stilettos into the bedroom enlivens those fantasies for an entirely erotic encounter.

A little bit of history…

Named after the Stiletto dagger – a deadly weapon with a slim blade and needle-like point – the shoe has been around for almost 100 years, although the exact date and precisely who invented the first stiletto is still widely debated. One of the first known pictorial references is in the early 1900s, worn by the Parisian singer and actress Mistinguett.

Mistinguett in heels

Once the highest paid female entertainer of her time, her risqué routines captivated Paris, and then the world. She was known for her flamboyance, insuring her legs for 500,000 francs! At the foot – a sassy stiletto no doubt.

As time passed, trends have dictated the width and size of a heel, yet the stiletto remains resolute in its popularity, possibly more because of its erotic connotations rather than its practicality as a shoe. Afterall, what femme fatale would be complete without one?

Bettie Page wearing stockings and stilettos

The sex appeal of Stockings and Stilettos became fully embedded in our collective psyche in the 1940s and 1950s with the widely circulated photos of Bettie Page. Her style has become legendary and is still much copied today.

But why is a stiletto so sexy?

Practically speaking, the stiletto makes you look and feel sexier. It elongates your legs, makes you taller and generally gives you a perky posture that exudes confidence. We’re all visual creatures, and the stiletto is a perfect way to sex up your look.

woman teasing with red stilettos

Yet it can be so much more than just a high heel. It holds wildly erotic connotations too, that slightly illicit sexy side we all hold within our deepest desires. It can become an instrument of scandalous pleasure when you tease it over his skin.

Wearing stilettos to bed…

You may think you’ll feel a bit daft lying there naked with nothing but a stiletto, but sex in stilettos is definitely a must-have erotic night-time experience. This fantasy inspired turn on is part fatal attraction with a side of salacious intent. It’s so naughty and scandalous, even a touch domineering. It will certainly produce the desired effect in your partner, but just how do you introduce a sexy stiletto to the bedroom?

Straight to the Point

You may wonder, when your shoes are usually the first item to come off in foreplay, why you would bother to put them back on again? Ultimately sex with a stiletto is just like regular sex, with the addition of sensually sharp pointy things at the end of your legs. But it is so much more. The addition of a sultry stiletto in the bedroom can change the dynamics between you and your partner exponentially. You hold all the power.

wearing black stilettos

Lying there naked with nothing but a pair of stilettos on is an incredibly sexy experience. Enter into an alter-personality, become more daring with how you act and talk, even try a little domination. The one thing is for sure, the glimpse of a stiletto whilst in the act will certainly elevate the passion between you.

Triple-S Combo – Stockings, Suspenders & Stilettos

There is only one thing more sexy than stockings neatly nestled in sultry suspenders – finishing it with a pair of very high stilettos. But just because you are dressed doesn’t mean you need to undress. Far from it. A little play time with your partner whilst leaving some of your clothes on can feel spontaneous and exciting.

stockings suspenders and stilettos

Why not go preened and prepped on date night with your triple-S combo (stockings, suspenders, stilettos) at the ready. When you’re back home, hitch up your skirt a little to reveal what has been waiting and reap the rewards. Leaving them on during the fun to increase the erotic encounter. Believe me – you will both love it.

If you’re not used to wearing them then check our blog on How to Wear Stockings and Suspenders.

The Fantasy

Everyone loves a little roleplay every now and again. But just because you love a fantasy doesn’t mean you have to get costumed up. Something as simple as a stiletto will do.

woman in stilettos at a bar

Try starting your fantasy at the bar. Arrive a little early for your date (or if you are arriving together, ask your partner to wait outside for 5 minutes) and pop yourself on a bar stool, legs neatly crossed, stilettos poised. When your partner arrives, be the sultry stranger waiting to be seduced. Fishnet stockings are a great way to complete the look.  You can even stay in character as your partner takes you to bed – unless you can’t wait that long of course!

stockings and stilettos in the kitchen

If you don’t want to create your fantasy outside the home, why not sit waiting for him on the bed, or even in the kitchen, stilettos on. Maybe even with a mysterious mask or a fantasy role play outfit to add an extra erotic boost. Have fun talking dirty and taking control.

Dare to be Seen

We’re all visual people, wearing stilettos in bed is visually stimulating. Why not elevate the eroticism even more and do it in front of a mirror? Your place or mine, home or hotel, a full-length mirror can really spice things up.

eye catching stilettos

There is a certain voyeuristic nature that lies in all of us. Watching yourselves in bed only increases that hedonistic sensual pleasure. It’s a massive turn on. But a mirror plus sexy stiletto – well that’s a killer combo. For a moment, you might just feel like you’re being pleasured by a stranger, its definitely one way to change things up a bit.

The best bit…

All this being said, one of the best bits about wearing high heels to bed isn’t the act itself – but your partner’s reaction to seeing you in those high heels next time you wear them out of the house. You’ll know for sure that he is remembering the fun that was had the last time you wore them, so don’t let him forget!


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