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How To Look Your Best In Strappy Lingerie

2018 was the year of the strap – straps for detail, strappy effects, or just strappy all over. Strappy lingerie became the essence of all things fashionable and fabulous in the lingerie world and isn’t set to lose its place as princess of provocation any time soon. So, here’s some tips on how to wear strappy lingerie – from choosing the right style to making sure you’re wearing it to best effect.

If you haven’t taken your place in the strappy kingdom yet – you should. Why not check out my blog on being bold in Strappy Lingerie for a great selection to get your temptations tingling. But before you buy – indeed even if you’ve bought already – there are some pitfalls of wearing straps that you must take caution to avoid; ill-fitting garments, lumps and bulges and twisted straps to name but a few.

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If you’re serious about strappy – what are the steps you can take to ensure you look flawless and fabulous rather than foul and flabby?

Choosing Strappy Lingerie…

Choices Choices

Ok it’s time to be honest with yourself. Think about your body for a minute – stand in front of a mirror if you need to. What do you like and dislike? What parts of your body do you want to flaunt, and what do you want to hide? There is no point looking at an amazing array of strappy lingerie, choosing your fave and then clicking to buy before you’ve even thought of what it will look like on. I could choose the sexiest little strappy number out there, but if I don’t consider my larger than average boobs and bum – it could look much less ‘hot’ and much more ‘not’!

Shredded Opaque Cut Out Teddy

Think about your assets that you like best versus the ones you’re not so keen on. There is so much choice of strappy lingerie out there that you can easily find a garment to suit your body shape, size and best bits. Don’t like your bum? Look for things like a babydoll or chemise. Want to flash some flesh? A strappy cami or bra set could be right up your street.

Size Matters

Another honest moment here… What size are you? I mean really? If you are going to purchase some strappy lingerie there is no point whatsoever in thinking/hoping/believing you’re a size 10 when you’re really a 14. When it comes to strappy – size matters. If it doesn’t fit properly there is nowhere to hide. Too big, the straps will fall loose and lose their sexy effect. Too small and you’ll have bulges and bumps galore – a complete turn off.

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Choosing Sizes

So, when you’re choosing your lingerie, check and double check the sizing. Have a look on the brand’s size chart, measure yourself if you have to, but make sure you get it right. Worst comes to worst, order two online (one slightly larger than the other), try both on and send one back. If you buy from reputable companies like Sparkling Strawberry, you will be able to try things on as just as you can in a shop and return anything you don’t like – as long as you have only tried it on (no wearing on date night before returning thank you!).

Get the sizing right, and the rest is simple…

How To Wear Strappy Lingerie

Picture Perfect Placement

You’ve bought your amazing strappy number, now what do you do with it? Well try it on for a start! But some of these things can be more tricky than others. A strappy bra is a piece of cake when it comes to popping it on your pert peaches. But donning a bodystocking is a completely different matter – especially when it is made entirely of straps. (If you’re a real newbie to putting on a bodystocking – check out my blog on how to do it here.)

perfectly strappy lingerie

Don’t Rush

Taking these things off is far easier than taking putting them on , thank goodness, so by taking the time to get it right – you’ll reap the rewards when your partner is ripping it off you later! Once you have put your lingerie on, it’s time for the tweaking. Work around each and every strap – you may have one or you may have several. Make sure each strap is in line with the lingerie and that it is sitting well on your skin. It should be lying flat to your body without bulging or twisting. Check the alignment of the straps, look in the mirror – are you happy with what you see. If everything is picture perfect – you’re ready to rock!

Sheer Lace Strappy Black Bra Set

Timing is Everything

Apart from the seriously strappy hard core amongst us – there is a time and place for everything. There is little point wearing a strappy little bodice under your work clothes to the office when no one is going to see it. You may feel sexy, but quite frankly you’ll lack the comfort and support that other lingerie could offer you. Wearing a strappy little number out to a club (who says it has to be underwear!?) or on a date night – now that’s a different matter. A flash of flesh can seriously up the sexy stakes – so cash in on them.

Black Bandage Strappy Neck Corset

Small or large, strappy is for everyone and is seriously worth a try. Why not start looking to find your strappy little number and give it a go? You may be pleasantly surprised!

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