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how to wear stockings and suspenders

How to Wear Stockings and Suspenders

For centuries, we have chosen the humble stocking to dress, cover, and warm our lovely legs. But since the invention of nylon and other man made materials in the earlier part of the 20th Century, a whole new world of reveal was born for lingerie. Today, stockings provide both a mixture of function and purpose, mixed effortlessly with sexy connotations leaving the viewer entranced and wanting. But just what is it about the stocking that makes it so sexy? When and where should we wear them? And if we do decide that stockings and suspenders should feature in our top drawer of lingerie must-haves – how on earth do we put them on? Read on to learn how to wear suspenders and how to attach suspenders to stockings.

Why and when to wear stockings?

For many, the best bit about stockings is the visual reveal, the perfect perusal before perky pleasures. Imagine you are given the most amazing present but it is handed to you unwrapped. Great. You can enjoy the present, thank you very much, but where is the anticipation, the excitement? Now imagine that same present exquisitely wrapped; glistening paper, sumptuous bows, perfect detailing. The care and attention taken to make that present look so beautiful makes it all-the-more special. And what is inside the present is an absolute treat, and it is even more pleasurable because you have taken time to anticipate what is inside. In such a visual world where instant gratification is a must – fast food this – speed of service that – taking time to look, feel, unwrap is such a sexy luxury.

festive stockings and suspenders

But us ladies need not worry about our wares and when to wear them. You can find sexy stockings to suit any occasion. There is a vast array of stockings to choose from, including more classic sheer with lace tops, or more racy patterned or fishnet stockings with suspenders. Whilst some of us prefer to opt for the easier wearing tights, many of us still select a sultry stocking whether it be for comfort, for style or for sheer sexiness. From workplace to boudoir, from shopping to clubbing – the stocking is nothing to hide whenever, or wherever you choose to wear them.

Types of stocking

Primarily, there are two different types of stocking:

Hold Ups –

Stockings with elasticated tops or silicone strips to hold the garment onto the leg without the need of further support to hold them up.

Suspender Stockings –

You need a suspender belt or straps on your corset to hold these beauties or they will end up round your ankles.

First things first – some FAQs

Whilst the sultry suspender stocking looks like it could be quite a pickle to put on, it actually couldn’t be simpler – when you know how. It is also incredibly comfortable and secure when attached correctly, using a suspender belt or corset with straps. But first things first, let’s cover three of the most commonly asked questions:

Where should the suspender belt sit?

On your waist will be more comfortable and secure than on your hips. Most suspender belts will be adjustable so you can find a comfortable position.

Should you wear your knickers under or over the suspenders?

This is down to personal preference based on how you prioritise comfort versus accessibility. For comfort, wear your knickers under the suspender straps. This means that the straps will sit comfortably and move naturally with you as you wear them. If you prefer to be able remove your knickers easily while leaving your suspender belt attached to your stockings, e.g. to powder your nose or for some more interesting activities, then wear your knickers over the suspender straps. Of course, you could go commando and enjoy the best of both worlds. (Further entertaining words of wisdom on this matter can be found at Mumsnet)

Should you sit or stand to attach the suspender belt?

Again, this is down to your personal preference and we suggest you try both until you find the way that suits you. Sitting down to fasten your suspender belt to your stockings can be more comfortable and you may be able to see what you’re doing better. Whichever way you choose, you need to stand up and sit down to check that your stockings are perfectly placed at a natural and comfortable height for you.

Now we have covered some basics – here’s how to simply secure your stocking…

How to attach suspenders to stockings

1. Put on your stockings

With the suspender belt in place, pull up each stocking to around about the right place on your thigh. Ensure that the lower part of the leg is pulled tight.

put on your stockings

2. Open each strap fastening on your suspender belt.

There are usually four straps on a suspender belt but some may have more for style or added security. To open the fastening, simply slide the rubber nub up and out of the large hole in the clasp.

3. Position the stocking in the fastening.

Starting with the front two straps, place the thicker part of the stocking top (If it has one) over the rubber nub at the bottom part of the fastening (the round protruding bobbled rubber part).

slide suspender clip under stocking

4. Close the fastening

Place the larger part of the top fastening (the large hole) over the rubber nub and stocking. Slide it up to secure the stocking around the nub.

close the clip

5. Attach the back (and side) fastenings

Proceed with the two straps at the back. (You may need to lift a cheek to get the right angle of attachment!) If you have more than four straps, continue to fasten the other straps once the four main fastenings have been secured.

stocking clips

6. Check and adjust

Stand up and sit down to check that the stockings and suspenders are comfortable. Are the stockings are as far up your leg as you want and the corresponding straps are matching lengths on both legs? Adjust the straps as necessary.

And ta-da! You’re good to go. Perfectly fitted stockings that will stay up all day and night, unless you don’t want them too! Happy fitting!

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