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Buying Lingerie for your partner

Lingerie Buying Guide Part 2 – Buying Lingerie For Your Partner

No longer do we have to have to feel awkward perusing bra sets in high street shops. Lingerie shopping can be so much more personal, and enjoyable than that. With a plethora of fantastic online retailers specifically developed for servicing the ‘underworld’, we need not see people hiding behind g-strings in the underwear section of a shop whilst staring witlessly at mannequins. When done right, buying lingerie for your partner can be extremely rewarding – both for you and for them! But when it comes to purchasing perky pleasures for another – where do you even start? This lingerie buying guide for men lists 5 simple things you should consider for the perfect procurement…

1) Size:
The easiest way to determine any size of clothing or underwear for your partner is to simply look at what she is currently wearing. We’re not saying you stop and check as you’re undressing her, especially if you are having a bit of fun between the sheets. A swift glance at her lingerie drawer when she’s out of the room should tell you all you need to know. Check labels in bras, knickers, bodies and any undergarments you are interested in, but beware of the pitfalls. Each garment may be sized slightly differently dependant on style. If you’re unsure, best to have a good look through and take an average, or possibly the bigger size (without the risk of upsetting her!!). If she is a 34B in some styles and a 32C in others, best opt for the 34B as you don’t want her to be uncomfortable in the back.

2) Style:
For regular (by regular we mean ‘safe’) lingerie purchases, it’s probably best to stick to what you know, and what you know is what is in her drawer already. There is no point going out to buy an amazing peep hole bra set with thong if all she wears is panties and balconettes… If she doesn’t have a bodystocking or camigarter in her collection, best not to choose one now if you want her to like your gift and wear it regularly.

However, if excitement and entertainment is your thing, then the world is your oyster, or bottom drawer in this instance. Decide on the type of garment that you think you and your partner would like best. What do you like to see your partner wearing? What turns you on? But ultimately, what will make her feel sexy and be comfortable enough for her to wear more than once? If she is comfortable with her body (a lights on kinda gal) then more risqué options such as bodices, corsets, camigarters or sheer body stockings could be a fantastic choice. But if she is a little more body-conscious (lights off please) then perhaps choose something cutesier whilst still showing that sexy side… camisoles, playsuits, teddies or fuller covering bodystockings are a great choice.

Ultimately, remember this purchase is not about you. It is for her. When you buy a regular gift for your partner you will always buy something you think they would like. Lingerie is no different. You may get enjoyment out of seeing her in it, but you want her to enjoy the experience at the same time, so all the while ask yourself, “would she like this?”, “can I see her wearing it?”. If you purchase with your partner in mind you really can’t go wrong. But if in doubt, “two’s company” – why not buy her a cutesier garment and a racier one to try out too.

3) Colour:
Whilst you think this is probably one of the simplest decisions to make in the world of lingerie purchasing – it is also the easiest to get wrong. All too often us gals must grin and bear it whilst our partners look proud as punch as we open their beloved present, all to find that we can’t stand the colour or pattern. You should already have a good idea about her clothing colour pallete from the lingerie she wears on a regular basis. If she is a muted muse (darks and pales) then opt for practical over powerful. If, however she is more of a bright beauty (showing a selection of colours in her wears) then feel free to open the lingerie rainbow spectrum and have some fun. There is no harm in pushing the boat out a little when it comes to buying for your beloved, we just don’t recommend you turning that boat upside down if you want to avoid the moment capsizing.

4) Fabric and Material:
How many materials can there be? Surely, it’s all cotton and silk, right? Wrong! The world of lingerie has never been more diverse, or more fun! But just exactly what fabric or material should you choose for your gal? This question relates back to point 2 rather a lot – know what your partner likes, and more importantly what she dislikes. If she is a natural cotton and silk lady then there is little point buying her something that is 90% nylon and spandex, she won’t feel comfortable and it just won’t get worn. Now the regular lass isn’t averse to a little lycra or elastane here or there, so feel free to have some fun, but don’t go all out latex if she has never tried it before! By all means have fun with your lingerie purchase, but think about the end goal (no we don’t mean that!) … to make her feel sexy, and comfortable. If she is body conscious, perhaps avoid the fishnet.

5) Occasion:
Day or night, work or play, fun or fantasy – the one thing you can guarantee is that your partner will be wearing lingerie (unless wearing lingerie isn’t her thing in which case you probably need to stop reading now). The only thing you need to decide is, for which occasion are you buying. Is it for everyday comfort with a touch of sexiness? Home-time lounge wear? Festive fantasies? Or serious fun after dark? The answer to this question will naturally lead you towards your end choice! Whatever the occasion, there is lingerie to suit and a plethora of places to point you in the right direction. Somewhere like Sparkling Strawberry (www.sparklingstrawberry.com) is the perfect pit-stop for your one stop underwear shop. From frills and frocks to fun and fantasies, the selection is endless.

Once you have taken the time to choose your special gift – present it with passion! We’re not just talking frills and bows here, add an element of surprise! Why not leave the gift on a pillow for your partner to find on their return from work, with a little message from you to get the mood going before you have even arrived home? Or have some fun with a little festive treasure hunt around the Christmas tree when all is quiet in the house. The possibilities, like your lingerie, are endless…

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