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Lingerie Buying Guide Part 1 – Buying Lingerie For Yourself

It’s the ultimate ‘me time’ – buying beautiful lingerie for yourself – but when do you get the chance to do it? With today’s hectic lifestyles, an afternoon out at the shops, replenishing what can sometimes be dwindling underwear stock is a bit of a pipe-dream for many of us. Hooray for the internet – the explosion of online retailers in the past couple of decades means you can literally have the very best of the high street at your fingertips as you settle down for a cosy cuppa, or cheeky Chianti after a long day. But how much do any of us know about what really suits us and how to choose lingerie for those very special occasions? This lingerie buying guide for women will help.

1) Size:
You need to be comfortable in your gorgeous new lingerie, so sizing is important. Also, bear in mind that you may (for a few minutes perhaps!) be wearing clothes on top of your lingerie, so you need to feel fabulous! Don’t be tempted to go for a size below what you usually wear – picking panties out of posteriors is never a good look! Look at the size of a favourite bra, top or sexy dress and base your decision on that. Remember, lingerie can make you feel very body confident, so you don’t need to worry about squeezing yourself into the wrong size.

2) Style:
What do you love about yourself? Do you want to show off your bootilicious beauty? Do you have a curvy area you want to understate or overstate? If you’d rather just show a hint of buxom backside and let your top half do the talking, then maybe a beautiful babydoll creation is the thing for you. If you’d like to ramp up your ravishing rack, then a balconette design will suit you well. If you’re curvy all over and not afraid to show it, then welcome to the wonderful world of bodystockings and lingerie dresses. Of course, these designs are just the tip of a very enticing iceberg – explore, have fun and find what’s perfect for you!

3) Colour:
Are you an old-school lingerie lovely? Do you want to look like a siren of the silver screen? Well black may be the way to go. It’s classic look – where style icon meets sexy seductress and whatever your size, shape or skin tone, black can create that powerful and gorgeous image. If in doubt, get back to black. But maybe you’re after that jaw-dropping sexy off the scale look and want every part of you to really be seen? This is where a statement colour, like devil-may-care red, or even a mind-blowing green or bedazzling blue can really set you apart in the lingerie crowd.

4) Material and Fabric:
Oh, you are going to have so much fun with the amazing variety of different materials and fabrics that lingerie can offer you! Think you know about fishnet? Well, think a bit further than stockings – if you’re really going for the full on ‘hello world, like what you see?’ then why not pour yourself into a bigger fishnet creation, like a bodystocking? Lace lingerie is a real must have for the demur/not really demur amongst you – if you fancy a hint of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’, then a plethora of lace material patterns can cover some of your charms, while leaving others cheekily exposed. Sheer mesh is also marvellous for really showing off your beautiful body, essentially painting an exquisite coloured material on to your amazing assets. But if you’re feeling very very naughty, then don’t stop at traditional fabrics, it’s time to embrace some of the amazing new materials that the boffins have created for your pleasure: wet look fabrics, for instance are taking the lingerie world by storm.

5) Occasion:
What kind of big day are you planning? Is it the ultimate big day, a wedding? Well even the most blushing bride can wear something beautifully cheeky beneath their dream dress. You could keep it subtle with a cute garter, or up the ante with a full-on garter belt. And of course, many wedding dresses require a bit of structure underneath and so the world of corsets, basques and bustiers opens up to you. These may not be an everyday item in your wardrobe so make sure you have masses of fun, choosing some dreamy lingerie.
Or is this simply the day where you throw caution to the wind and va va voom your inner vamp – in this case head for fantasy wear, or a bit of burlesque. You might also be someone who doesn’t mind giving the world a quick flash of what’s underneath. A superb bra underneath a low-cut dress may be worthy of a bit of revealing – whether it’s a bit of bra strap or the top of a frilly cup – who says you should show all? Sometimes less can be more.
Perhaps you’re planning the ‘big reveal’ to that special someone for the first time? Well make sure you’re feeling comfortable if you’re going to be wearing a layer of clothing on top of your lingerie – no super small sizes for the sake of it – remember, it’s going to look fabulous anyway.
If you want to show off your body’s best bits from the get-go and have the body confidence to match, then how about some lingerie-style outerwear – an alluring dress in a risqué fabric like sheer mesh or wet look would most definitely turn heads towards you.
And then there’s your day to day lingerie. Well anything goes – who says you can’t be wearing a racy creation beneath your office outfit or school pick-up togs? Just remember comfort on these occasions – as fun as some risqué lingerie is, will you really feel comfortable sitting at parent’s evening with a host of extra straps, ribbons and zippers hiding beneath the surface? If the answer’s yes, then obviously go for it!

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Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.

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