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Lingerie buying guide - buying lingerie to wear for your partner - Dreamgirl Lingerie

Lingerie Buying Guide Part 3 – Buying Lingerie To Wear For Your Partner

We all know how to buy a bra set, we wear them every day. But they aren’t exactly the sexiest of things are they (I say whilst sitting here in my comfortable black plunge bra and panties under my jeans and top). Sometimes lingerie is more lack-lustre than luxury, it serves a purpose. It holds the bits that need holding with the vain hope of creating a more feminine shape under your clothes. This lingerie buying guide will help you choose the perfect lingerie to wear for your partner.

So now for the fun stuff. The bit when the feminine feline takes over and we can control the jock strap. In one quick instant, we can turn from frumpy to flamboyant faster than Wonder Woman can don her corset and latex boots. We are the lingerie super heroes, and we are in control of our destiny – in the bedroom at least.

So how exactly do we know what our partners will like between the sheets? What will make us look and feel fantastic, and more importantly turn both you and your partner on? Well here’s a quick guide on bedazzling your bedroom buddy with lingerie to die for…

1. Size:
Use a great rule of thumb – if in doubt, size it out! It is so important when you are choosing lingerie to look good on you, that you make sure the outfit fits well so don’t force your sizes. Us ladies love to think of ourselves as a couple of inches smaller here and larger there, but it simply (and unfortunately) isn’t the case. Most decent websites will come with a size guide for their lingerie. If unsure, take the time to look at the guide and measure yourself to get the best fit. If you’re between sizes, then possibly think about upgrading (I don’t like up-sizing – I’m not a house) to a larger size. You can be sure that your partner will always notice the little fidgets as you try to readjust a misplaced strap or thong, and the one thing you don’t want is to be uncomfortable. If it feels uncomfortable for you, it will probably look it too.

2. Style:
Hey beautiful, let’s look at your best bits! Know your shape and love it – because your partner does. Find something that will flatter you, making you feel sexy and confident. There is nothing sexier than being confident in your own skin (and a gorgeous bit of lingerie of course!). There is little point choosing an outfit based on what you think your other half would like to see, if it isn’t what you will be happy in. Ultimately, they are after the after same thing as you – for you to look sexy, and for them to get excited looking at you looking sexy.

If your end result is very much about what happens when the garment comes off, then make sure it isn’t too difficult to get there. Attempting to take off a complicated item can be such a mood killer, so don’t assume your partner knows how to unbuckle, unzip or untie if it has taken you ages to figure out how to get it on. Even better, choose something you can take off easily yourself – there is no greater foreplay than watching a woman undress.

3. Colour:
There is no greater colour for accentuating your body in all the right places than black. Black can take you from Mrs Frump to Catwoman in a nanosecond. But there are so many other colour options available too. If you are of a slightly fuller figure, or you’re a little conscious of some areas, perhaps avoid going for the white or paler options unless you are really confident in your own skin. Red has that certain sexy shock factor, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t usually like to wear bright colours, perhaps avoid them if you don’t want to feel like you’re dressed up as like a Christmas Elf when your main aim is to be a sexy minx (I’m not saying don’t dress up like a Christmas Elf – that is a great deal of fun too – check out the Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide and you’ll see what I mean!). Have fun finding something that is right for you, and that you think your partner will like.

4. Fabric and Material:
Oh, where to even start!? From wet look and latex through to fishnet, sheer and chiffon, there is so much available for the material girl. If you are more of a Safe Susan than an Adventurous Amy, perhaps avoid something more dramatic and choose garments that flow, with sheer materials and cut outs to flaunt your wares. However, if you really want to push the boat out and have a lot of fun, then you can’t really get sexier than a fishnet or wet look can you? Have fun hunting and take the time to find your perfect garment. The choice really is yours!

5. Occasion:
Are you buying to put a little spice into life, or is it for something special or a festive treat? Whatever your lingerie lustings are for, there really is something for any occasion. Think about what your purchase intention is, and design your shopping around that. If you are buying something for your first reveal, your shopping basket would look a lot different to a bridal outfit. And then there’s that Festive Christmas Elf again – there are so many fun fantasy lingerie sets available for all the best party periods; from Valentine’s Day to Halloween and Christmas, you can design your whole fantasy wear around the best times of the year and play to the max!

Ultimately have fun with your shopping experience. Websites such as Sparkling Strawberry (www.sparklingstrawberry.com) enable you to take the time in choosing the right outfit for you and your partner without feeling uncomfortable in a shop. You can size, select, read reviews and make the most of your purchase experience, all from the comfort of your home. What can be more intimate than that?

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