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Image of woman choosing between lingerie style fads

4 Lingerie Style Fads That Should Have Never Taken Off

We’ve all made our fair share of fashion faux-pas over the years, whether you were the proud (or not so proud, depending on how you look at it) owner of a glorious perm, or had a brief dalliance with the dreaded velour tracksuit. Whatever your style mistake was, you weren’t alone. In fact, even celebrities with their armies of style assistants and PR consultants made these errors, some even started them in the first place. Even lingerie has had its own experience in the style fad limelight, so to help you avoid mistakes with your undergarments, we’re taking a look at the lingerie style fads that should have never appeared in the first place.

1. Ill-fitting bras

This is one of the biggest problems for women in the underwear department. Wearing underwear that doesn’t fit isn’t only unflattering but also incredibly uncomfortable. But is this a style fad or simply an innocent mistake?

Image of woman stuffing a bra

Well the majority of cases do indeed come from women that are simply mistakenly buying the wrong size bra for their bust, but for some buying a bra that’s too big is a fashion statement, leaving enough room in the cup to allow for some stealthy padding. Of course, this style fad is usually left behind once the early teenage years have passed but if you’re still a fan of this method of enhancement then we urge you to stop now! Whatever size your bust is, is perfect for you.

2. Exposed G-strings

This lingerie style fad is really one that should have never seen the light. The exposed G-string is a fashion faux pas that brings the late 90’s to early 2000’s personal style of Christina Aguilera to mind. And just to clarify, that is not a good thing. Worn high on the hips with low slung jeans and preferably with a smattering of diamante, the exposed g-string was a sight for sore eyes.

Image of woman with exposed g-string

3. VPL

This lingerie style fad isn’t as widely observed as it once was, and that’s only a good thing. Now, seamless and ‘invisible underwear’, as well as strapless and backless bras are widespread, meaning having your underwear on show is no longer an unavoidable side effect of wearing lingerie.

So if you are wearing something tight or clothes made from a thin material, then you should be partnering this outfit with well fitting underwear that doesn’t leave an impression on your outfit. This means wearing thongs or g-strings with tight dresses and trousers, instead of the generic ‘brief’ style knickers.

4. Constricting corsets

Image of lingerie style fad of corset

Last but not least is an item of lingerie that has recently been touted by celebs across the board as the ideal way to shrink your waist. It involves wearing a corset either under or over your clothes, and even during a workout, in the hunt for the supposedly perfect hourglass figure. Corsets are a beautiful style statement in the bedroom but we don’t agree with them being worn so tight that the wearer feels that their waist is being constrained. In fact doing so can cause harm to your organs and make it hard to breathe says Dr. Christopher Ochner, weight loss expert at Mount Sinai Hospital, so like some of the other lingerie style fads on this list, keep this for the boudoir.

What other lingerie style fads do you think need to disappear? Let us know in the comments section. 

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Leigh is a writer for Sparkling Strawberry with a penchant for fancy dress and a love of all things lacy.

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