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Couple sharing bathroom

Love, Life and Bathrooms – Do You Share?

When it comes to relationships, sharing is most definitely caring – but just how much is too much? In days gone by it was just about acceptable to share a newspaper over the breakfast table. Bathroom habits and bodily functions were a definite no-go zone. Not so much these days it seems, with a new survey conducted by Soak.com revealing that us Brits are willing to share much more than breakfast with our partners. No more is the bathroom a place of sanctuary and solitary confinement. It’s now more a social setting where anything and everything goes.

A Romantic Bath – Together

The vast majority of Britons feel very at home in the bathroom with their other halves. The more romantic of us – over 80% in fact – have shared a bath with their loved one (‘quelle surprise’ I hear you say). But a whopping 72% of us would also happily allow their partner to use the toilet while they were bathing. Bathrooms are no barrier to conversation either with 81% of people happily having a chat with their partner whilst they’re on the loo.

couple in bath

Me Time or We Time?

A representative from Soak.com, said: “In the past, a lot of people might have seen the bathroom as a sanctuary and the chance to escape their loved one for a while and enjoy some precious ‘me’ time.

“It seems that is not the case anymore. We were very surprised that the results were as centred on sharing as they were. But it’s fantastic to see people making the most of their time in the bathroom with their partner as it’s such a significant room in any property.”

couple in bath with laundry

It seems like another lifetime when bathroom habits were kept strictly confidential. In the days of sharing, the bathroom truly seems to be where it’s at. Love me, love my loo.

We’re not so sure that damp underwear strung over the bath adds much to the ambience. But, if you must, at least ensure that it some nice sexy lingerie. And would you share your underwear? Well that’s another story for another day!


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