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happy New Year 2019

Love, Life and Lingerie – New Year Resolutions for 2019

Here we are, the end of another year and looking to the exciting times ahead, ever hopeful that this next year will be every bit as good – if not better – than the one just gone. But what will it include? Will the stars align, and fate be kind? Can we take matters into our own hands and do something (no matter how small) to turn 2019 into the year of all years?

That’s where a little New Year’s resolution comes in. Those all-too-often broken promises we make in earnest with the bongs of Big Ben, but by February they’re sealed firmly in the dustiest – never to be seen again – corners of our minds. We challenge ourselves to lose weight, get fit, find love – it’s all just too big, too bold, and far too vague to ever achieve.

New Year Resolutions

Not this year.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be massive, unattainable challenges where we are automatically set to fail. We might as well start our year saying, “what’s the point?”.

And there is a point. A massive, you-sized point.

What are the little achievable promises you can task yourself in 2019? Let’s set ourselves up to achieve, smile and be – well everything that’s fabulous!

So from love, to life – and even the best bit – lingerie, here are some of my favourite New Year’s resolutions you can think about to make your 2019 even more special…


Happy Couple?

There’s no need for complacency… Whether your heart’s still all a flutter with your new love, or you’ve been in a relationship for a while, why not look to make more of your love life in 2019?

Happy Couple

  • Make time for each other – regularly. Date night seems so cliché, but it works. Time for the two of you is a must, especially in today’s busy busy world. It doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant (although if you can, why not?). Anything from a homemade dinner sans TV or a night with a bottle of vino and card games, through to a night down the pub or at the cinema cosying up over a large tub of popcorn – book time in your busy schedules and stick to it. Sure, work is important – but not as important as your happiness – right?

Single & Ready to Mingle?

If 2018 has ended without a love in your life, perhaps that’s fate’s way of telling you to love yourself a bit more…

being pampered

  • Give yourself some ‘me time’. Having a regular date with yourself could be just as enjoyable, if not more so, than having a date with someone else. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, simply going for a walk to ponder life, or saying no to a boozy do down the pub with your mates in place of a glass of your favourite tipple and a hot, steamy bubble bath could do the trick. Alternatively, you could spend the money you would be spending on dates on yourself instead. Why not go for regular pampering sessions to make you feel super relaxed, confident and sexy – so when the right person does come along, you’re ready to pounce! Ultimately though, it’s about you feeling fabulous, single or not…


I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed at how fast time goes by. Before you know it, the Christmas decorations are back up, the kids are a year older and I still haven’t gotten around to starting that diet I meant to begin back in January. Ho Hum, as they say – “life goes on”!

stop and think

Woah there time… let’s stop and reflect a minute…

The one thing we know we can’t do is stop time, we’re not Dr Who afterall. So, if we can’t stop time, then let’s make the most of the life that we do have, whilst we have it. Look back at the last year for a minute. What are the simple things that you can change in your life that will have a massive impact, on you and others?

Time to set yourself a daily challenge. Here are three of my faves…

  1. Try not to shout as much. Do you over-react to the kids or family members more than you should? Be more conscious of your reaction on a daily basis.
  2. Take the stairs. Always taking the lift at work? Go on, take the stairs instead. It doesn’t have to be all the time, just start with once a day and build it up. If you work on the top floor and the stairs are too much to handle, get the lift to a couple of floors below yours and walk the rest of the way.
  3. Start regular breathing exercises. Who’d have thought that breathing could be so hard? We do it all the time and yet we never spend any time thinking about it. Instead of clearing your emails at lunchtime, why not download a mindfulness app and spend just 5 or 10 minutes on some relaxation and breathing techniques. It’ll help reduce stress, anxiety and generally make you feel better about yourself.

Note to self: sign up to at least one of these New Year resolutions myself in 2019…


Love and life are massive deals, but – oh and it’s a big but (not ‘butt’ – they are never big, bouncy maybe, definitely bountiful – but never big) – where would we be without a little luxury, lavishness and … lingerie!!

It’s a proven fact, adding a little luxurious lingerie could really add the spice of life. Why should we have to put up with a load of period pants when we could have sexy silk instead? It’s not about who sees them (although it can be), it’s about giving a sense of confidence and swagger – about feeling fabulous – and SEXY.

Wine Red Velvet and Lace Strappy Teddy

One of life’s little luxuries

Lingerie is one of life’s little luxuries that shouldn’t be ignored. It makes us feel good inside and out. What’s more, in a recent survey conducted by Sparkling Strawberry, almost half of us find sexy lingerie a real turn on. With the right lingerie, its true – you hold all the power!

Why not commit to purchasing one item of lingerie that you wouldn’t buy normally? It may sound like a costly promise, but it doesn’t have to be. Companies such as Sparkling Strawberry have a fantastic selection of lingerie that won’t break the bank – you’ll soon be building a collection of exotic items for you – and your partner if you have one – to enjoy.

And believe me, you will definitely enjoy! Time to commit, promise – and best of all go sexy lingerie shopping!

Happy New Year all, let’s make it a good one!

About the Author Maggie Emstone

Maggie doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you enhance your assets. A serial underwear shopper, with several top drawers to prove it, Maggie is a positive fountain of knowledge when it comes to your undies…