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Holiday Romance - A Lover's Guide

A Lover’s Guide – The Best Pants for Holiday Romance

We’re all familiar with the holiday romance fiction. The Shirley Valentine-type love story where a disenfranchised single (or sometimes not so single) woman takes a trip to a far-flung holiday destination and hooks up with the swarthy man of her dreams.

Well it’s not always fiction – I kid you not. I attended the wedding of two ‘holiday romancers’ just a couple of weeks ago. Three years after my single lady friend decided on a last-minute break to Turkey. She met the man of her dreams on the beach there. A group of us stood in slightly chillier Devon one Saturday in June, to witness their vows.

Now, I’m a naturally suspicious type, but I certainly didn’t smell a rat when it came to my friend’s nuptials. Still, we’ve all read the horrifying newspaper stories of women just a couple of years shy of a semi-permanent pew in God’s waiting room, truly believing that some musclebound twenty-something cruising the beach bars and restaurants is sincerely interested in anything other than her bank balance or immigration status. Conversely, Aubrey Plaza look-alike college girls rarely seek out retired gentlemen – even if they do look like Robert DeNiro. (See Dirty Grandpa – 2016: the Golden Raspberry award nominated, yet funniest, holiday romance movie ever.)

Then there are the rather convenient romances, where Debbie from Durham meets Darren from Darlington. What begins as a passionate fortnight in Fuerteventura can easily continue – courtesy of a few reasonably priced journeys on the TransPennine Express.

Your Holiday Romance

Whatever your scenario, if you are kind of hoping to set passions aflame during your holiday in the sun, then a little preparation is probably worthwhile. Pretty high on the list of course is underwear and maybe beach outer-wear. What makes the holiday version of you feel sexy? (Because believe me there is a holiday version of you, who can throw caution to the wind a little more easily than when you’re back home). What assets would you like to enhance or draw attention to? If a holiday romance does occur on day one of your two weeks in Torremolinos, then do you have the lingerie and swimwear to back it up?

Here’s a handy top ten list of holiday romance essentials:

1. Cute 2 Piece

Flower Print Off Shoulder Bikini

Flower Print Off Shoulder Bikini by Mapale at Sparkling Strawberry

If you’re really in the mood for flirting and frolicking, then a lovely bikini set is a bit of a must. You could choose something itsy bitsy and opt for a red-hot triangle bikini ensemble or even a sexy halter neck option. Or perhaps you could demonstrate your hippy chick side with something a bit more flowing and floral on the top half. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of retro styles, then the sky’s the limit these days when it comes to 40s/50s and 60s inspired bikini sets that truly enhance gorgeous curves in all the right places.

2. Stunning Swimsuit

Blue and White Striped Belted Swimsuit

Blue and White Striped Belted Swimsuit by Belsira at Sparkling Strawberry

Forget what you think you know, a 1-piece swimsuit can be anything but boring. Take a look at knot-fronted or cut-out styles if you’d still prefer to show a bit more flesh. There are also some fun lace-up and strappy options that will set more than a few pulses racing. As with bikinis, there are loads of retro swimsuit styles available now. They’re definitely my preference, as I think the cuts are just so flattering on many body types.

3. Naughty Knickers

Cage Back Blue Lace Panty

Cage Back Blue Lace Panty by Seven ’til Midnight at Sparkling Strawberry

Unless you’re visiting from the 1900s, then let’s be honest – your holiday romance will probably involve a breaching of the knicker-line. So make sure you’re ready. There are of course some amazing lingerie sets available, but a couple of pairs of just sensuously lovely naughty knickers are such a valuable addition to your suitcase. These are the kind of pants that you can stroll around apartment/hotel room/villa in and perhaps offer more than a flash to the object of your holiday affections. Sometimes a bit of decent bum coverage can be very alluring with the right panties, so take a look at panties and boy shorts that have a titillating twist. A fun pair of good old fashioned frilly knickers is also worth consideration – and the same goes for French knickers as well. Of course, the knicker world is your oyster, so if you want to go the whole hog with a pair of crotchless panties, there are some fantastically sexy options available.

4. Day to Day Sexy

White Floral Mesh Strappy Thong

White Floral Mesh Strappy Thong by Seven ‘Til Midnight at Sparkling Strawberry

Whether you’re wearing a pretty floaty dress, shorts or cute cut-off trousers, when you’re out an about on holiday, a few thongs are damn handy. Pack a couple of seamless thongs, to compliment any outfit (at least one black and one white pair). They also look super sexy if that afternoon at a bar in your capri pants morphs into an evening of red hot pleasure back at your hotel. A couple of pairs of thongs with a bit of a lace frill are also worth the investment.

5. Wham Bam Bustiers and Corsets

Black Wet Look Bustier

Black Wet Look Choker Padlock Bustier by Lolitta at Sparkling Strawberry

Yes, I know you have a weight limit for this holiday suitcase but make sure you spare a bit of room for a knock-out lingerie set. The type is up to you, but as a fan of all things retro, I don’t think it gets much sexier than the good old fashioned bustier or corset set with panties. You can stick to the traditional and ravishing black, although if all your summer outfits are lighter in colour, there are some beautiful options in white, pink and silver. Lace is, for me, always a vote winner, but if you’re open to experimentation, then you may want to discover the wonderful world of wet look.

6. First Date Daring Dress

Cut Out White Seamless Mini Dress

Cut Out White Seamless Mini Dress by Chilirose at Sparkling Strawberry

Ok, let’s be honest, a first date during a holiday romance may actually mean the evening after the evening before (if you catch my drift). But if you’ve already left a super sexy impression on your holiday beau then maybe an amazing daring dress will just cement this deal. Particularly suitable if you’re in a ‘clubby’ destination, you really increase the temperature with a stretch knit or crochet mini number, or perhaps even a cut-out or lace-up option.

7. Your Beautiful Boobs

Simply Irresistible Strappy Bra Set

Simply Irresistible Strappy Bra Set by Seven ‘Til Midnight at Sparkling Strawberry

Another holiday staple is the lovely bra set (i.e. a bra and matching pants). It underlines your classy side. Something you’ll always feel comfortable in. The world is really your oyster when it comes to bra set styles, colours and materials. You know what works for you, so make sure you take along something that’s a real humdinger!

8. Sexy Sleeper

Pink Microfibre and Lace Babydoll

Pink Microfibre and Lace Babydoll by Coquette at Sparkling Strawberry

Yes, I know, the whole point of a holiday romance is not getting a huge amount of sleep. But you’ve got to get a few zzz’s in at some point. And why let the side down when you do? It’s worth packing some sexy sleepwear: a beautiful chemise or babydoll that helps you look like the angel of his dreams as you catch up on some much-needed rest.

9. Fantasy Free-for-All

Poisoned Apple Fantasy Princess Lingerie Set

Poisoned Apple Fantasy Princess Lingerie Set by Mapale at Sparkling Strawberry

So, now you’ve most definitely paired up with your holiday romance. He’s not going anywhere, apart from on a budget airline back to the UK in about ten days’ time, so let the games begin. If you’re a truly organised capsule packer, you may consider something a little more interesting than raunchy lingerie for your suitcase – how about something a little more fantastical? If you and your holiday love interest have decided on a night in during your holiday, why not surprise them with a fantasy costume? You don’t have to take it too seriously – in fact the whole point is to show your fun side. You could pick up a sexy fairy-tale creation, or maybe go for a naughty version of a traditional uniform? Come on, you’re on holiday! It’s time to throw caution to the wind and what better time to experiment outside your comfort zone?

10. Last Night Together

Opaque and Sheer Black Bustier Set

Opaque and Sheer Black Bustier Set by Avanua at Sparkling Strawberry

You want to make an impression, right? Well let’s leave your holiday other half with an image to remember. Cami-garter sets are both erotic and arousing and make a definite statement about a holiday romancer who’s prepared for passion. Traditional black is always a goer, but you could always try something a little different. Maybe black with a vibrant coloured edging, or a hot pink or royal blue?

One thing’s for certain – he’ll be hot for you and blue when you’ve gone, so maybe that ticket on the TransPennine express will be an expense your holiday beau is more than prepared to make. And if the distance between you is any greater, then either you’ll find a way to make it work, or you’ll always smile at the memories of a holiday romance where you truly gave it your sensuous best.

About the Author Isla Torsten

Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.

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