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Top 10 Role Play Ideas

Role Play Ideas – The Exciting, Sexy Top 10 You’ll Love

Every healthy romantic relationship requires a certain amount of fuel injection once in a while. Of course, your options are pretty limitless. It can be as extravagant as a surprise trip, an amazing piece of jewellery or a gorgeous set of lingerie; or perhaps you prefer the simplicity of a heartfelt letter, or a home cooked meal. There are, however, many romantic pairings who enjoy delving into the naughty, cheeky, sexy, arousing and sometimes quite hilarious world of roleplaying. Let’s look at the nation’s top 10 favourite role play ideas and adult dress up games.

If you’ve had a particularly mundane week of work, responsibility and daily grind, then the exotic world of adult role play can be a wonderful antidote. If you’ve not tried it then you don’t know what you’re missing!

A word to the wise – although I’m not delving into anything dark or dangerous in the following roleplay ideas list, we all have different comfort zones and expectations. So before indulging in even the fluffiest romantic roleplay, you may want to agree a little phrase or even one word that tells your partner you wish to exit (or even “Sexit” – but more of that later) the scenario…

Top Ten Role Play Ideas

1) Doctor/Nurse:

This medical-themed role play scenario can work in so many ways and is a perfect excuse to dress up in a sexy role play outfit. Either partner can take on the role of the doctor or nurse. One classic plot features a relatively immobile patient being visited by the sexy medical professional of their dreams. The doctor/nurse can be very stern and initially professional in their dealings (if you ever felt a calling to tread the boards, this is your big moment), but the scenario can gradually descend into something of a sexual nature. Begin with temperature and pulse-taking, then send the pulse racing with ‘accidental’ brushes of erogenous zones and your roleplay scenario will flow from there. And of course there’s nothing to stop you coming up with a doctor AND nurse scenario.

role play ideas - nurse

2) Strangers:

Think Brief Encounter but a slightly dirtier version. This roleplay idea really gives you a chance to use your imagination. You can decide to be ANYONE and your partner can decide to be ANYONE – quite an aphrodisiac. Many plots are possible, but how about sticking to the Brief Encounter idea, with two strangers on a train. Knees could touch under a shared table, then the brush of a hand becomes a surreptitious leg massage. Or perhaps eyes lock across a crowded carriage and a cheeky cross of the legs in a short skirt reveals some red hot lingerie.

Role Play Ideas - Stranger

As you both make your way to the buffet car, one participant guides you both into an empty private compartment (ok, the facilities are far better than a modern train, but let’s use our imaginations). As you both begin peeling off your clothes, the train conductor tries to open the door, but your throes of passion must continue until you both emerge, flushed and a little dishevelled, back into the train corridor.

3) Maid/Butler:

This is one of the many power versus subservient role play ideas and can be played out in many different ways. You could have a sex-starved lady of the manor being served breakfast in her bedroom by the new, young butler of her dreams. But unlike the other servants, the confident butler is interested in more than buttering your toast. A below stairs tryst between the butler and a scullery maid could also float your boat. The most popular costume for this scenario is a French Maid.

Role Play Ideas - French Maid

4) Call Girl/Stripper:

This is another classic roleplay scenario and has hundreds of variations. You could don your finest and sexiest lingerie for the stripper scenario. Perhaps you spot one customer who you’d prefer to perform for alone – but you’ll need to break the rules in order to fulfil this desire. But once it’s just the two of you, an intimate striptease for one could be performed, where no boundaries remain uncrossed.

Role Play Ideas - Stripper or Call Girl

5) Masseuse:

There are no rules about which partner plays which character in this scenario. One of you is the masseuse and the other is the client. It could be the masseuse who begins to cross boundaries. Or perhaps the customer who reveals themselves a little more fully than was expected. The whole point of this roleplay idea is to heighten the sexual tension. Expectation will whip up your hottest desires.

Role Play Ideas - Masseuse

6) Model/Photographer:

What photography shoot would you like to roleplay? You may want to start this one steaming and sexy and play out a lingerie shoot that ends in a red hot encounter. Or you could begin with something a little more demure – with more clothes peeled off as the shoot becomes ever more unprofessional.

Role Play Ideas - Model and Photographer

7) Dominant/Submissive:

If one partner loves being told off and the other one is equally happy to be the dominant punishment giver, then this is the scenario for you. This is definitely the time to use some of your best ’50 Shades’ outfits and accessories. Someone has been very very naughty and they need to be punished – spanked even. With the sexual arousal heightening throughout this punishment, the result is pretty inevitable. This is one of the most versatile of the roleplay ideas. There are so many variations of characters, scenarios and means of punishment. Bondage is often and can easily be worked into this one – if you’ve been naughty enough!

Role Play Ideas - Dominatrix

8) Someone Off Limits:

This could be someone you know, or both know – but beware. If you start imagining up people who are actually real, make sure you partner is also happy for them to be brought into the scenario. You don’t want romantic roleplay going sour. The off limits person could be an authority figure, or perhaps a vicar, or a guard. Whatever the character, this scenario is all about the off limits person being totally enticed by your sexual wiles and abandoning their authority in a frenzy of passion. You can of course let this roleplay be a really slow-burn. Sometimes taking a while to reach your ‘conclusion’ can be a very satisfying thing.

Role Play Ideas - Someone Off Limits

9) Personal Trainer:

From sweaty exercise over a gym ball to sweaty sexual encounters, the hot and heavy personal trainer scenario is a fun roleplaying idea. This scenario can run in several ways. The amorous personal trainer could make the first moves under the guise of re-aligning your lunge. Or the flirty client could really set this one in motion, with flashes of cleavage and ‘accidental’ physical contact. Before long the tension explodes to the next level.

Role Play Ideas - Personal Trainer

10) Sexit – The EU Withdrawal Method:

Not one of the classic role play ideas, but perhaps a scenario for the age? How about livening up a normally stale setting with a secret tryst at the European Parliament? You’ll need to have a sultry Brexiteer and a pro-EU sex God/Goddess for this scenario. If one of you can manage a great European accent, so much the better. Your two opposing politicians or officials could realise they are staying in the same hotel and meet one night in a quiet corridor.

This scenario is naturally and primarily one of tease and anticipation. It involves a long, slow, even tantric, progression towards an uncertain culmination. Will it end with both sides remaining as one or will it end in withdrawal, with exports under world trade rules? Needless to say, there will be cries of “I’m staying in” and “Oh no you’re not – we’re pulling out”. Before you know it, debate will have given way to desire as you ravish your opponent in a secret sexual encounter that no one can ever find out about – even if she did bring her twin sister along!

Role Play Ideas - Brexit


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