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Roleplay - French Maid

The Truth About Roleplay – How To Free Your Naughty Side

There’s a reason why 50 Shades of Grey was a blockbuster hit in book and film form. There’s also a reason why adult fantasy outfits and uniforms are hugely popular. Many of us just love a bit of roleplay.

One of the most simple and enjoyable ways to experience roleplay is with a trusted partner. If it’s their cup of tea too, you can have great fun and a very sexy experience. So, if you’ve never indulged in this imaginative pursuit before, here are a few roleplay pointers…

Types of Roleplay

Roleplaying organisations have sprung up online that let you indulge your fantasies with other role-players. They let you pretend to be whoever you want, either online, by text or message. There’s also endless possibilities for roleplay in the gaming world. Then there’s roleplay in the physical world. Any of these can, to varying extents, include raunchy, erotic or sexual elements. There can be cross over between these modes of roleplay too. In this article, we’re going to talk about roleplay in the physical world with romantic, sensual and sexual elements. Let’s call it “adult roleplay” for short.

roleplay police woman

Adult Roleplay

Roleplay is essentially about playing. If you and your partner are comfortable with each other and wish to inject some spice, fun and fantasy into your romantic, physical and emotional love-life, then roleplay is a brilliant tool. The best kind of roleplay involves leaving your inhibitions at the door. Concoct a fantasy scenario where one or both of you play different characters. Think naughty nurse, sexy fairy, raunchy versions of characters from history or comic books, buxom bunny girls, sultry scientists or even bad cop and prissy maid (remember American Pie – The Wedding).

Roleplay - discipline

The beauty of roleplay is that you can come up with whatever scenario you want. The purpose is more often than not to indulge in sexual fantasies. But the process has a lot more to it than that.

How do I instigate Roleplay?

If you’ve never indulged in roleplay before, you may be a little bashful about suddenly introducing an epic fantasy tale into the bedroom. You may even be a little worried about frightening the life out of your other half. The good news is that if you’re in a relationship in the first place, then you’ll be instigating roleplay with someone who’s a bit of a fan. They’re unlikely to be utterly mortified – they’ll probably be completely delighted.

Instigating Roleplay

If you’re concerned, then you could try the slow burn approach. Maybe just introduce an element of your fantasy at any one time. For instance, if you want to play a sexy boss, seducing a co-worker, then maybe test the waters initially by wearing your sexiest suit (with a few buttons undone) and giving your partner your best ‘come hither’ signals. If that goes well, then maybe next time you can come up with a bit of boss-related dialogue, and add some other costume elements on different occasions.

And how do you stop it? Simple – before you start, agree a “safe word” that either of you can use to stop the roleplay. You’ve all seen the Amsterdam scene from 2004 fim Eurotrip, right?

What Role Should I Play?

This is the absolute beauty of roleplay – the world is your oyster. This is about your fantasies. You can be whoever you want, however unlikely your choice may seem in your day to day life. Sexy Queen Gwendoline, the vampy monarch with a penchant for flirty courtiers may not be the first image that pops into someone’s mind when they spot you in a supermarket aisle on a Tuesday afternoon, but at 10 o’clock on a Tuesday night, with the right mood music, incense burning, candles lit, a super sultry outfit and a twinkle in your eye, who’s to say you’re not the raunchiest royal in the neighbourhood?

Green fairy Roleplay

Some people go for absolute fantasy. Others prefer a twist on their day to day lives with some fantastical elements thrown in. If you spend your 9-5 in a call centre handling insurance claims, then you may want to create a fun fantasy that involves slightly more va va voom than a chat about a no-claims bonus (but by all means include the insurance chat if that fits with your fantasy version of yourself!)

Let’s Talk Props and Outfits

Romantic roleplaying is about finding new connections with your partner and having a fun time in the process. You may want to test the waters, costume-wise, with items you already have in your wardrobe. But dressing up is such great fun and so many amazing character costumes and outfits are available, you may find you want to give one a whirl.

roleplay props 1

Uniforms (nurses, doctors, policemen, cheerleaders, air hostesses etc) are certainly all-time roleplaying favourites and if you browse the Sparkling Strawberry roleplay fantasy wear collection or bodystockings for example then you’ll definitely find something with a super sexy twist, as opposed to a full, authentic uniform (this is not a fancy dress party – it’s romantic roleplay!).

Vampire Roleplay

There are also lots of seasonal costumes to choose from sexy Santa to vampy Halloween looks. Then there are more fantastical outfits, like fairies, mermaids, superheroes and super-villains. And don’t forget fun themes that take you back in time – the wild west for instance, or even ancient civilisations (Greek goddesses or sexy Spartans).

roleplay props 2

Choosing and using the right props can help set the scene, add credibility and really enhance your experience. Think about your fantasy and imagine your roleplay scenario and list the props you need. Popular props include blindfolds, handcuffs or restraints, whips and spanking devices and wigs. Remember to think about the room too – furnishings, lighting, fragrance, etc.

roleplay lace mask

Roleplay Location

Your bedroom may be the best place to feel most comfortable as you experiment with roleplay. When you feel confident, think about the best location to match your roleplay fantasy. Other rooms in your home may be better suited to your scenario or a hotel room on holiday or naughty weekend! Other locations, even outdoors or in public places may be perfect to act out part of your fantasy scenario. Maybe your fantasy starts in a restaurant, on a beach, on a train journey, in the office, etc. Be careful not to do anything that breaks any local or national laws – wherever you are. And don’t frighten the horses.

(The UK Government’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office website gives foreign travel advice including local laws and customs).

Roleplay Location

Good to Go!

The only thing left to do is dive straight in! Romantic roleplay is a super fun way to enhance your relationship. Frankly – if it’s crossed your mind to read this guide in the first place, I’d hazard a guess that it’s something you should perhaps try! “Tout est possible.”

Roleplay fantasy

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