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How to Become a Superior Seductress

Seductress – it’s a word that conjures up so much in the mind. All too often we imagine a seductress as someone who is stunningly beautiful, the epitome of all things sexy and alluring. We need to be wary of any seductress who comes within 50 feet of our partners, or they will become ensnared in their seducing superpowers and run off together into the sunset never to be seen again. We have a few seduction tips for you to become a superior seductress yourself – without any need for superpowers or powerful seduction spells.

A seductress, quite simply, is someone who seduces someone, enticing them into sexual activity. But before you run to the top drawer to pull out your handcuffs and blindfold wanting to seduce ‘em like it’s hot – it isn’t as 50-Shades as that.

Unfortunately for some, but fortunately for us – the art of being a seductress is far more achievable than superpowers, supermodel stature and super sexiness. There’s no magic ways to seduce a man or woman. Sure, there are things that we can do to help in the looks department, but in the majority, alluring sensuality is far more about brains and personality.

So, how to seduce someone? Here’s our seduction tips to become a superior seductress?

1. Become a Queen of Curiosity

Unlike the days of yesteryear when a woman was frowned upon if she showed her intelligence, today our wily ways are far more fascinating than feared. Show off your personality and wit with intelligent banter and great communication. But leave them wanting more with the amount you reveal, blabber less and listen more.

2. Sexiness in Equal Measure

Never feel like that hottie across the club is unattainable. Never be tempted to think, “what can they possibly see in me?” and think more, “why shouldn’t they be interested in me?”

Don’t be fazed by a person’s beauty or charisma. Who knows what they are thinking and feeling on the inside. Have the confidence to meet them face to face, not as your superior, but as your equal. At the very least you might walk away after having a great chat, but what if the chance you take becomes that little bit more?

3. Engage

The power of engaging with people is a force to be reckoned with. To become a seductress, you need to care about others. Be charming to both men and women, engage with everyone around you. Stay true to yourself and find connections with people based on who you are.

4. True Sexiness Comes from Within

Sexiness is not – and should never be – just about what you look like. A true seductress should have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that cannot be captured in a photograph. Think of it the other way round for a minute – how often have you seen a guy who is “punching above his weight”? Maybe it is less about the weight and height of punching, and more about what comes from the inside. The ultimate powers to wield over your partner is a sense of humour and an air of confidence, not a perfect physique – whatever that means.

5. It’s My Life

Just because you have ensnared your perfect partner with your wily prowess and intelligent banter, don’t think for a minute that this is their ticket to take over your life. Most seductresses in history have their own independent interests. So, have your cake and eat it. Career, hobbies, social life – it’s your life, so live it.

Becoming a seductress is as much about ensnaring the love of your life as it is about enhancing your own. It’s time to allow yourself to fall in love with you again.

About the Author Maggie Emstone

Maggie doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you enhance your assets. A serial underwear shopper, with several top drawers to prove it, Maggie is a positive fountain of knowledge when it comes to your undies…

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