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naughty at Christmas

Sex Survey Reveals – We Love To Be Naughty At Christmas

What is it about a bit of chilly weather that stirs the loins and puts us in the mood for all things naughty but nice?

Well the weather outside is frightful but according to an exclusive Sparkling Strawberry sex survey, things get very frisky in the bedroom (and wherever else you like!) in the run up to Christmas. It appears to be a lot more fun being on Santa’s naughty list.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

More than a quarter of respondents to our survey told us they have the most sex in the month of December. That could be down to a combination of factors. I’m a Celebrity coming to an end or cheap way to warm up without pressing ‘boost’ on the boiler. Of course, it could be down to that good old festive party spirit!

couple at christmas

Our survey results also support the fact that more children are born towards the end of September or early October than at any other time of the year. This means that babies are most likely to be conceived around Christmas!

A good time to be on the Naughty List

Not only did respondents tell us when they had enjoyed the most sex, it turns out that that December sex fans are more likely to take more time over it and to go about it in rather naughty ways. 35 per cent of them revealed that they had had sex at work. So, if you feel like your business is going down the pan in the December, check the broom cupboard. 78% also revealed that they’ve had sex in a public place and 35% have been watched having sex.

naughty Miss Santa

And when it comes to the walk of shame, it seems these frisky festive types are well up for a one-night stand. 62% of them told us they had had one. Remember everyone, it’s always a good idea to head out for the evening in a coat that’s long enough to cover up your bum-grazing party frock when you’re sat amongst a gaggle of be-suited commuters on the No.37 to Peckham Rye at 8 o’clock the next morning.

Party Time

So what about some good old festive fun and fantasies on the big day itself? Well half of recipients said they have sex at Christmas. But even if it’s not on the 25th, it seems it’s ‘any excuse’ in the lead up, with more than one in three people telling us they had sex in December on or after a party.

Christmas Party

Party? Who needs a party? Make that a plain old night out. Over half of respondents told us they have had sex on or after a night out. So please don’t go to the trouble of finger food if you’re trying to lure your heart’s desire. It seems a couple down the pub will suffice.

Festive frolics

Despite the chilly days and nights, women in this group generally prefer to be either completely naked or to wear sexy, erotic or kinky lingerie. Many also like to start fully clothed or to wear role play outfits. It is also worth noting that 70% of respondents in this naughty list get turned on by Role Play and “Talking Dirty”.  And their top 3 sexual fantasies are:  1. Role Play, 2. Romantic Fantasy and 3. Having Sex In A Public Place!

Christmas in the kitchen

Festive definitely means frisky for a lot of us. Whether it’s the roaring log fires, the romance of a Christmas night out or party. Maybe even a last gasp attempt to introduce some fun stuff between the sheets before the old year burns out. Whatever the reason, it might just be worth being pampered and prepared for a bit of seasonal sex. As our exclusive statistics show, for many, it really is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Still wanting more?

Look out for more revealing insights from our survey coming soon.

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