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Sexy Selfie - startled pouty look

Sexy Selfies and Perfecting Your Pout

Admit it, we’ve all done it. From the “I look great” holiday musing to the “slightly tipsy” night out, taking selfies is a modern day social ‘mediassential’. But a selfie can be so much more than a smiley “hey look at me”; it can also be the first step in a late night virtual flirting sesh, regardless of the partner or how long you’ve known them. This “how to take a sexy selfie” guide will help you find your perfect pouty pose without frightening the horses.

Sexy selfies can be a lot of fun, both to send and receive. But unless we have a body kindred to a supermodel, it isn’t always the best idea. Here are some top tips to taking the ultimate sexy selfie…

Sexy Selfie - the perfect pout

Perfect Your Pout

Time to get up close and personal – with yourself – specifically your face. Practice facial expressions in the mirror or grab some practice selfies to see how it looks on camera. Do you know your best side? If not, it’s time to find out, and try altering the angle to see what you like best. Consider the total picture, where is your hair? Can you use it to accentuate a part of your face or neck? Lastly, think about your lips – what are they doing? Slightly parted lips are a great flirty signal, but don’t part them too much or you’ll look gormless rather than gorgeous. You know what they say – practice makes perfect!

Sexy Selfie - lingerie

Dress Up or Dress Down

You can really have fun when it comes to thinking about what you are going to wear for your sexy selfie. This is your opportunity to show your sensual side, so let it out and go wild. Think about what makes you feel sexy. Is it your partner’s t-shirt and a pair of pretty panties? Then why not? If you want to push the boat out a little more with sexy lingerie such as a bra and panty set, basque or teddy – get out some options and see what you like best. If, however you want all out fun with some fantasy wear or leather – bring it on. You are creating your own world of sexiness, so feel comfortable in your skin and go for it. But whatever you do, make sure you like the look of yourself – the sexier you feel, the more you will express your inner sexiness on the outside too.

Sexy selfies don’t have to be nude, but if you do choose the show-all option, it’s probably best to use the ‘show all except your face’ tactic, to protect your privacy in the long term and avoid any of those unwanted scenarios of private images going public.

Sexy Selfie - seeting the scene

Set the Scene

Number one scene setting for sexy selfies is the bedroom, that’s a given. It’s where the magic happens. But there can be so many other parts of your home that can add a little fun to your picture too. Try to find somewhere that has enough space for you to ‘do your thang’. Why not walk around your home and see if any ideas come to mind? Take a few practice shots to find the perfect position.

If you’re really serious in your sexy selfie hobby, it might be worthwhile cheating a little and purchasing a flexible tripod that can fit to your phone or camera. Make sure whatever you are using has an auto-timer too – you don’t want the stereotypical outstretched arm in the forefront of your picture ruining the scene do you? Also, if a mirror isn’t readily available, it’s probably a good idea to prop up a small mirror behind the camera so you can check you have your practiced pose ready to go at the flash!

Sexy Selfie with a strawbeery prop

Strike That Pose

Speaking of poses, have you thought of yours? Are you going to be lying down wistfully, pinky finger seductively poised, or standing up with sexy prowess as you command that “come and get me” attitude. If you decide on the more horizontal approach, think about making the most of your assets. A slight lean could help to highlight a bust or a waist, where as a little lifting at the hips could help to avoid any unwanted flab flashing around your waist and will make for a delightful derriere. Props can be a good idea too, especially if it’s something your mouth can play with.


Getting the light just right can be the key to a successful selfie. Natural light is preferable, so think of windows and the time of day to capture your best naughty side. If not, try to dim the lights to add a touch of the sensual to your photos. Test pictures with or without flash, and check them for unwanted shadows to your face or body.

Sexy Selfie in blue

“Appsolutely” Fabulous

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to use a photo app to perfect your pic. Black and white can always add a retro sexy slant, but other filters can be used to enhance lighting, soften and blur for romantic effect, or just simply to remove a pimple or three, to make sure you are happy with your finished masterpiece.

All that’s left to do is, click, send and reap the rewards. Happy flashing.

“Let your body go with the flow.
You’ve got to Vogue, Vogue, Vogue.”

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Maggie doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping you enhance your assets. A serial underwear shopper, with several top drawers to prove it, Maggie is a positive fountain of knowledge when it comes to your undies…

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