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Exciting Holiday Nights on the Beach

The Best Tempting Lingerie For Really Exciting Holiday Nights

The great holiday pack – are you a suitcase wonder? (all essential items neatly stowed, at least 1 kg under the airline’s recommended weight, your best holiday lingerie safely packed and a unique, colourful suitcase strap neatly fastened around your luggage for quick identification on the carousel?) Or are you a ten tonne trundler? (a load of vaguely holiday related items hastily thrown into your bag at midnight on the night before you fly, essential toiletries completely forgotten and at least one household object accidentally stowed amongst your possessions – ok, just me then: I once took a lightbulb to New Zealand…)

Anyway, I do hope for your sake that you are the former. Even I have got a lot better at this packing lark over the years. Holiday lingerie is all about preparation. If you pause to think about the kind of holiday you’re expecting, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, visible pantie lines, ill-fitting cocktail dresses, over-stuffed suitcase and unglamorous laundry sessions over the hotel sink.

What kind of holiday are you planning

What type of holiday are you planning?

The kind of holiday you’re going on will of course inform the underwear and lingerie you pack. If you’re trekking around Mongolia for a fortnight, then frankly 14 pairs of your stretchiest grey comfies and a couple of t-shirt bras will suffice. However, if your holiday consists of relaxing, treats, warm weather, a beach or pool and the odd posh night out, then you need to pack accordingly. So let’s just assume that you are packing for sunnier climes and if your break is actually taking in the Norwegian fjords in December, then plenty of these tips will work for you, but maybe leave your beach smock and thong at home.

A holiday of many parts?

Your average summer holiday away consists of doing different things. You may have predominately beach and pool days. You may be doing lots of exploring or simply go on the odd outing. It’s likely you’ll head out for dinner more than once. Possibly spending some evenings relaxing on a balcony too. So let’s make sure we’re ready for those eventualities…

  1. Day or night, you’ll probably be wearing a fair bit of floaty, slightly see-throughy clothing, so make sure your underwear is colour-appropriate. Sheer and white is a good staple choice for a knickers and bra set, but a lace combo in a light colour would also be fab.
  2. If shorts or cut-off trousers are on the agenda, then think about that panty line – you may not be bumping into the neighbours, but let’s try to retain some standards. For a fortnight’s trip, I’d recommend a minimum of three pretty thongs (again think about colour) amongst your holiday knickers. Alternatively you may be a fan of all things seamless, but again, the rule of three probably applies.
  3. If you’re packing a killer outfit for a wonderful date night out on the tiles (or perhaps you’re planning on meeting someone new on said tiles…) then you’re going to need the underwear to back it up. A gorgeous bra set with 2-3 pairs of matching knickers would be perfect, or if you’re corset of bustier girl, again try to take multiple matching bottom halves. You may choose to recycle your killer outfit, or you may be packing two or three of them, but unless your underwear is totally unsuited, I’d suggest using the same bra/bustier with different knickers for each.
  4. Do you need control wear? You may well find you feel a little more comfortable about showing off some extra curves in the relaxing atmosphere of a holiday, but if you are someone who likes to feel the back up of a good old pair of control knickers, then remember to make room for them in the suitcase – even for that special night out if you’re donning a cocktail dress that requires a little ‘trussing’ underneath.
  5. Remember, that date night’s not over when you get back to the comfort of your hotel room/villa. Maybe a little lingerie surprise would be a good idea if you’re planning to arouse and captivate your partner after hours. This could potentially be your pretty, matching bra set or corset and knickers, but if you’re a little more experimental do bear in mind that strappy bodystockings, or perhaps a fantasy costume (bunny girl, anyone?) really doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase.
  6. One other thing to bear in mind in your preparation is the fact that you may not end up wearing any lingerie on certain days. If you’re planning on a beach or pool holiday, you may have days that begin and end with swimwear, so don’t over-pack the lingerie.
  7. Finally, the holiday expedition. That control wear, or even pretty thong may start to feel a trifle uncomfortable if you attempt to climb the Acropolis in it, so make sure some good old comfies are included in your suitcase (and that you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t easily show a panty line).

What lingerie will you pack

The best holiday lingerie.

So, to the all important packing list. Let’s assume you’ve answered ‘yes’, to most of the scenarios listed above. Let’s also assume that you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to a special sunny place for a fortnight. Here’s a handy guide to what you should take:

  • Light-coloured comfortable knickers or thongs for your daytime activities.
  • Bras to suit your planned daytime t-shirts, dresses, vest tops, etc.
  • Some super comfy ‘anything goes’ knickers, for expeditions/travelling/slouching.
  • A knock-out ‘special night’ bra/bustier etc. with (preferably) three matching pairs of knickers.
  • Control underwear for that clingy summer dress.
  • Sports bra for those serious expeditions.
  • Something naughty and fun for those long summer nights (see below)

The best tempting lingerie for really exciting holiday nights…

Holidays can be a great time to try new experiences and also a time to re-connect with your partner. Don’t have a partner? Then a holiday romance may be on the cards. Either way, a selection of sexy lingerie is good to have at hand. With suitcase space being precious and an element of surprise being a great way to both break the ice and build up excitement, I’ve selected 7 nights worth of lingerie surprises that you can fit in a toiletries bag. I’ve focused on inexpensive items that won’t mind being squeezed into a small space and that will cetainly lead to holiday nights to remember. Some could be worn under your evening outfit. Some could inspire a little naughty role play. After a couple of nights, your partner will be wondering what’s coming next and wild with antici……..                   pation.

…and 7 nights of lingerie surprises you can fit in a toiletries bag…


7 nights of sexy lingerie to fit in a toiletries bag

You can find these items here….

Suspender Bodysocking
Blue Bra Set
French Maid Outfit
Red Lace Top Babydoll
Midnight Affair Pink Lace Camigarter Set
High Neck Teddy
White Net Mini Dress

Happy holidays and try not to pack a lightbulb…

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Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.

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